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Just want to say thanks to the StyFoJapan crew for these amazing words and photos! Wish I was there. Planning a trip during winter though so all this is getting me even more excited . Dunno whether you guys have any plans to check out the Yohji flagship store, would be cool to see you guys in some of the denim pieces!
Hey guys! Unfortunately @Xeraphim I can't edit the front page any more. I will send a PM to the mods and see whether it is something that can be edited again. Damn shame about those videos. I was going to download all of them at one point, but then got caught up with other things. Oh well. Maybe we could try getting in touch with the YouTube user? Been a bit rough over here recently with some nonsense petrol scarcity or I would have definitely picked up a few things in...
Had to vote for quite a few peeps as well, but definitely worth it. Very good turnout and fits all around honestly. Thanks to those that voted for me as well!
Cheers! The interview was "An insider's cultural guide to Lagos" - http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2015/mar/23/insiders-cultural-guide-lagos-parties-church-afrobeat
Friend of mine was interviewed by The Guardian and he put up this photo of me from a while back. Thought I would throw it into the competition. Kuboraum x Julius YYPH SS05 (Wool/Silk) Can't remember t-shirt (could be CdG SHIRT) (Cotton) YYPH SS12 (Leather) YYPH SS11 (Ramie) CdGH+ SS13 (Canvas)
Full video of AW15!
Well, I guess I mean relatively . My bro is like 6ft 4in and I have a few friends and cousins that are about that height or at least mine. Not to mention I know like two or three guys that are 6' 6"/7" and one that is 7' 2". Makes me feel "averagely tall" a lot of the time hehe.
This collection is really amazing. Had a proper emotional reaction to it and I haven't even seen the video yet. Damn.So good to see that after all these years of working in the industry, the trouble with his company a few years back and then the buyout/rescue that he still has this much energy and creativity in him and his team.Just beautiful stuff.
Thanks for the comments and thumbs guys!Haha. Well, I am not that tall I don't think. 1.88m (6ft 2in).Yeah, the Levi's Red stuff is pretty good! Hope some of it makes it on to the secondary market at some point.
Thanks @FrankCowperwood. No, they don't match. The stripes are also black but look like a lighter shade due to the heavy nylon(?) fabric they are made from catching the light. Very similar to seatbelts or the straps on. The bottom of the shoes are closer to a gunmetal grey.
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