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Well, I have been looking for some prints so maybe I might be able to oblige you at some point
It did! Hehe. More than adequate for the weather here.I also slept on those jeans. Made a choice between the jacket and a pair earlier and then was hoping to pick them up later in the sale. By the time I remembered to have a look, they were sold.
Yup, although it is actually more of a jacket. Huge fan of the collar shape as well.
Back to the tropics tomorrow! Happy I finally got to wear the SS coat - thanks again for that @sipang. JJVE Levi's Red Abasi Rosborough YYPH YYxDM Hope some others were able to pick up some of the Levi's Red pieces, they are really great. Some of my fave purchases of 2014.
Hope all you guys in the NE of the US are safe! Stephan Schneider Scarf JJVE Abasi Rosborough YYPH YYxDM
Just wanted to add that I have the same pair and I have no problems at all wearing them around in Lagos comfort-wise. The volume allows for air flow and 100 gabardine is light enough to be trans-seasonal for the most part. Of course, the cotton and linen versions they released that season are definitely lighter so any of them could work.
So good guys! Parker that outfit is great. Apologies for being scarce lately, I do a lot of lurking, but have been pretty busy lately and so have less time to post. Will endeavour to put up some pictures from some recent acquisitions soon!
And it looks like the collaboration between Aitor Throup and Flying Lotus continued!AT designed and produced a modular skull mask for FlyLo's "You're Dead" tour and it came out pretty cool I think.Full interview hereLooking forward to seeing the suit he designs for Flying Lotus as well.I am still saving up pennies so I can commission AT Studio to make something for me .
@kindofyoung No problem at all . Really happy you guys liked it and thanks for the kind words. Fok, I am sure we can find something for you if you ever come through Lagos
This was probably my favourite show of the season (closely followed by CĂ©line). The way they used the military references and how they used the stiffer fabrics to seemingly freeze the clothing in the wind (generated by the rotor blades of an attack helicopter maybe?) The detail shots are even better. So much attention to detail! The tiny feathers, the dead end (?) seams, the use of buckles! Just so confident. Good, good stuff. I have been paying attention to the brand on...
New Posts  All Forums: