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To quote Groucho Marx, "I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member."
Is that a single-piece back? I thought single-piece backs were reserved for patterned fabric, to show the uninterrupted pattern in all its glory. Any reason you opted for it?BTW, everything looks wonderful! I noticed in your other posts that you were frowning - if I were you, I would have a big smile on my face!
@Belligero, great watch! Congrats. Did I remember correctly that you have a 116520 as well? Will it survive the culling?
Hmmm, of course when I read that article I was immediately intrigued, but you bring up a very valid point - how can they drop the price $10k? Case in point, the Sax-0-Mat movement. A few years ago ALS switched from the 3/4 rotor to a full rotor and decided to go with a platinum & gold-plated counterweight instead of the platinum & gold rotor in the original version. ALS claimed it was because the rotor would be too heavy, but a lot of purists screamed foul. I think I...
Isn't this just the perfect example of "unfunded liabilities?"
Despite the wild gesticulating that must have been going on between the two of you, I am glad to hear the experience was positive and the pents turned out well.
@Dino944, some great insights into the Lange 1 discussion and we share many of the same opinions, though you expressed yourself so much more eloquently. I thought that one of the 1815 models would be my first Lange, but I am getting draw back to the L1. Actually, I've liked it in the past, but sort of discounted it, since it is slightly out of my price range. Plus, if a watch has a date function, I would prefer it to be an automatic. I am such a fickle...
I asked this same question half-a-year or so ago. It certainly seems that Italian tailors prefer soft waist bands. Although a more rigid one can be made, I do not think it is something one could go back and alter easily, i.e. something you need to specify for your next pair of trousers. At least this was my experience.
Sounds like a nice experience! Wasn't sure if he spoke English, but from your post I gather you do not speak Italian, so I assume you conversed in English.
Yes, I know, but thanks for the heads up anyways. I guess renting a car is the best way to get to him?
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