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Yes, Caccioppoli. I asked them to send some cloth to my tailor in Hong Kong, but they asked for a VAT number; without one, they will not ship outside the EU. As I mentioned before, I believe you can order through NSM if you are based in the US. If you are located someplace else, I do not know. Perhaps some of the other members can comment.
Oh, that's a great umbrella! The maroon canopy looks very nice, too. How long is it?
€20/m from T.A.C.S. I also made a typo above: should be 620g weight.WRT Caccioppoli, their website is very outdated. They sometimes post on tumblr, but your best bet would be to call/e-mail them. I'm not sure where you are located, but AFAIK, they will not ship outside of the EU unless you have a VAT number. I think someone posted a while back that you can order through NSM, though.
I have Casentino swatches from both T.A.C.S. and Caccioppoli (another source for the stuff). They seem identical to me and are both the same weight (620g). I suspect that there is only one actual mill that produces the cloth - presumably T.A.C.S - since they seem to have the lowest price.
I actually visited them a couple of years back in Biella. They indeed do customs runs, but if I recall correctly, the minimum order was quite large. They are set up as a large, commercial mill providing cloth to clothing manufacturers.
Great posts, Ivan! Thank you very much for sharing.I especially liked this part of the article:Interesting to read that even back in the glory days of tailoring, there were people who went to such lengths to fulfill their clothing desires.
AFAIK, you can visit W.Bill and see the actual bolts of cloth (as opposed to the swatch books). I always wanted to visit, but they are only open weekdays, so no tweed-shopping-excursions-to-London for me!
^ I gave a lot of thought to the drape of the coats, but didn't consider the drape of the trousers with lighter weight cloth. Very good point.
Yeah, I was pretty set on the Lessers 13oz, then after converting to metric, thought that 400g seemed really heavyweight. Jeez, I have some lightweight tweeds which are around 320g. So I looked at the Lessers 11/12oz and eventually came across the 10oz CC. Thought that I might get some more use out of it.
Anyone have experience with Cru Classé cloth from Harrisons? It is 10oz and a mix of wool and cashmere. I am wondering how it makes up compared to H. Lesser 11/12oz.
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