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Thank you for the feedback, Andy. I didn't notice that one was worsted while the other was wollen. Not 100% sure I'll have them made up, but always been curious about the fabric and since I'm ordering some swatches from Fox, thought I'd order that one too.
For those of you who've tried the cricket whites from Fox, did you get the 290 or 370 grams? I know it depends on when one wants to wear them, but was hoping to hear some feedback (@Andy57?) on how they worked out as trousers.
No, they do not. Or at least not yet. I was told that they will be launching an online shop soon.
Nah, I don't need one, but I was just curious what people are having made up. I have several swatches of B&W herringbone and was thinking about having a SC made from the Moonbeam version, since it looks quite "smooth" vs. some of the Shetlands I've seen.
That was me and I certainly did not intend to derail the conversation. I suppose I was just thinking aloud. I have a couple of SCs that are made from 450g tweeds and hypothesized that 500g would be a bit too warm for me, but perhaps it is all just in my mind.I guess I need to pony up and get a 500g-er made and report back.
Nice and classic. Deets on the cloth please, since we are in the unfunded-liabilities-a-k-a-the-cloth-thread, after all.
^ Thank you. And I appreciate that your first post was to reply to my question. Welcome to the forum.
Anyone know who the gentleman on the right is? I like that the skinny blade of his tie is longer than the front blade in an unintentional, rather than photo-bombing, way, like you see these days on Instagram.
Does this happen to be the collared shirt you are referring to?
I assume you guys are not wearing the 500 gram coats in your offices, or?
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