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Thanks for the feedback everyone!
I see. So, after they are back, you will be able to add them to your rotation.
^ Thanks for the feedback. Do you still wear your test pair?
I'm drafting an e-mail to Antonio, but I don't want to include too many questions, especially since some of you probably know the answer. WRT the test shoes, they are "fully functional" shoes, meaning I could continue to wear them after I receive the final pair, right? Of course there may be slight differences compared to the final shoes (in case of adjustments, etc.) but they are wearable, right? Also, I know that they need to be on the same last and same style, but is...
OK, I wasn't really sure, because I've asked Caccioppoli to ship outside the EU before and they will only do it with a VAT number. Hence I thought w/o VAT = trade.
[[SPOILER]] Is that cavalry twill also from Fox? I was looking for a similar cloth, but ended up going with Smith Woolens.
That's directly from the Harrisons price list. I may be wrong, but I thought that the trade price was just without VAT (presumably, a tailor would buy the cloth, have it made up and then sell the finished garment with tax).
£59/meter + 20% VAT
Tony M., thanks for the post. I will ask for a canvassed waistband next time around. Anyone know the Italian word for canvas? Is it something like "tela di cavallo?"
^ I understood from my tailor that gabardine cloth can get a bit shiny at the wear points (elbows, knees, etc.), thus I stayed away from it. Any truth to it?
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