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Obviously asking Chad would be most efficient, but I enjoy the "guess the fabric game," so here's my try.It looks a bit like P&H Glenroyal 44535 from HoE:
Just checked out Cerrato's Instagram and his stuff looks good. I think I recognized @WeakMonday in one of his posts.Anyone have recent experience with him?
Out of curiosity, if an event is "black tie," is it ever appropriate to wear a white/cream dinner jacket with black trousers? Or does this combo have a different name?
@minimalko, nice first post and welcome to the forum! Would you like to share some photos of your shoes with us?
I had this made up last year:Fairly happy with it, though only wore it a few times since I had it made mid-summer.
No, it is a clothing brush, but I realize that a lot of shoe brushes are also made of horsehair (have those too). I bought it in Japan, at Mitsukoshi, if memory serves.
Ah, but the question should be which model!
@stephenaf2003, thanks for sharing your pics. Did you have a custom last made followed by a test shoe, or did they just measure your feet and send you your shoes a few weeks later?
I was unsure of the pic you posted and played a bit of "Where's Waldo" trying to figure out if something was wrong, especially when it was prefaced by the sentence "Or whipping the upper to the insole." Sorry, I just don't understand what that means! I think I need to do some more research about shoemaking. It seems each time I see pictures or read descriptions about the various steps, it is hard for me to visualize the exact steps of creating the holdfast, welting,...
Please indulge a noob, but if I understand the above pic clearly, it shoes the upper sewn directly to the insole, which would make future replacement of the sole difficult, correct?Oh, this totally makes sense! Thank you for that. Seems like such a simple explanation, but it did not even occur to me when I pondered the differences.
New Posts  All Forums: