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Just got a reply back from Huddersfield Cloth: 1) they sure do reply to their web inquiries promptly, but 2) they only supply to wholesale trade. Bummer. We now need to convince Derek to organize a new fabric run in a brown large-scale houndstooth.
^ I suppose we all have different interpretations of colors, especially when we use words that are not exclusively reserved to describe colors. @lordsuperb, thanks for the tip. I'm gonna ask them for a swatch to see if it's truly a large-scale houndstooth IRL or it's just my monitor.
From The Armoury's tumblr: Large-scale houndstooth SC by Ring Jacket. It looks a lot like the LL stuff. I suppose the RJ fabrics are generally custom runs they commission themselves?
Thanks for the suggestions, guys, though now I am sort of regretting not ordering a suit length of the cloth.
^ OK, but off white and cream are quite similar, at least in my mind. What color would you guys consider these pents? Stone?
I know a few people are considering that and I like the look: But since I only have a SC length, let's not get sidetracked and focus on the current topic!!
Those are solid suggestions; thanks. I didn't really consider olive, though. Interesting. Do you think linen would be the way to go for that?
For those of you who are planning to make up the silk/linen special run from @dieworkwear as a sport coat, any ideas on what trousers to wear it with? I guess one of 50 shades of grey is the general recommendation, but any other ideas? I'm getting ready to order some fabric swatches and wondering what else to ask for besides grey.
For some reason, I also think of Breanish Tweed as "spongy." Is that the general consensus here?
Thanks. Weight as GSM makes the most sense to me and seems logical, but I found some Harris Tweed that was 72cm wide and at 280 grams seemed way too light. I guess in this case they are using g/m.
New Posts  All Forums: