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I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post in, but since it is frequented by tailors, I thought I would try asking: I am having an overcoat made and am pretty set on having turnback cuffs (w/o buttons). However, my tailor discouraged me from getting them, saying it takes too long to have them made up. I have a Brook Brothers overcoat with turnback cuffs and they indeed look a bit more complicated than normal cuffs, but I would think that creating working...
Thanks for the tip, though I should have been more specific: I prefer 100% wool, preferably around 300 grams or so.BTW, I cannot find the Mirage collection on Harrison's website. Any idea where I can see some samples online? Other than the pics posted by terrorsquad, I couldn't seem to find any.
I've been looking for a windowpane fabric like this: I asked the OP about the fabric, but he didn't have any details about it. I know there are some windowpane offerings in Harrison's Moonbeam collections, but do any of you have some other suggestions?
Did you get all of those samples from www.scotlandshop.com? I've been looking for a brown POW like in your photo and when I sent Lovat an e-mail a couple of months back, they said they didn't have anything similar in stock.
I thought they only sold through agents?
E. Thomas should also be added.
I'm sending in my Player's shoes for a recrafting. Unfortunately, AE does not offer Dainite soles as one of the options with the sole conversion, so I'm going with the "Toby mini-lug" rubber soles. There is a $10 surcharge for the sole conversion, making the grand total $135. I think B. Nelson includes shoe trees with their resoling, so I'd say the price is roughly the same.
IIt's a valid point, but I suppose I want to have mine recrafted since it seems such a waste to throw the entire shoe away when only the sole is worn out.
Thanks for the feedback! I'm leaning towards the Toby mini-lug, but hoping that it won't look too much like a hiking shoe.
Not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but I couldn't find a dedicated thread and didn't want to star a new one. I have a pair of suede Player's shoes that I need resoled, but with a rubber sole instead of the original leather one. I e-mailed AE and asked if I could get them resoled with Dainite soles, but that isn't one of the options (options are VIP rubber, V-tread rubber, Othello rubber, Toby mini-lug rubber). Has anyone done this before and any...
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