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The comment was linked to a different model, but even for that model there is no mention of two types of leather being used: Scroll down to the bottom and read Igor's review. After reading it, I decided not to try any exotic leathers with CJ. Perhaps you could send them an e-mail and ask politely if your gloves will be 100% Carpincho?
I also have an order in progress with CJ for my first pair of bespoke gloves. It's already been a month and I hope they will be delivered soon.I certainly do not want to alarm you, but according to one of the reviews on their website they use Carprincho only on the backs of the gloves and the palm are made of capeskin. I hope that was only a one-off thing and yours turn out well.BTW I never heard of Paula Run Gloves and just did a search. I only saw one or two designs...
I ordered a similar length of green Donegal from Caccioppoli before and the number was 540157. But that was a couple of years ago. I know that they often have similar fabrics in subsequent years, but they tend to change the number. So the number you quoted above could be the "new" version of the green Donegal I have.You could also try sending them an e-mail with your pic and ask them what they think.
I don't have any Lovat Mill cloth books, but here is where I found the description with the Teflon coating:
Does anyone have experience with the Ettrick line of tweeds from Lovat? They are marketed as "sporting tweeds" and to be honest I thought it was just related to the cloth pattern, but then after some googling I found a merchant who carries the cloth and in the description it reads "With a Teflon showerproof coating." I wonder if a) the coating is only on one side of the fabric, so it's important how it's made up and b) if the coating comes off with time. The cloth is a...
Just received a message from Caccioppoli that their new website is up: You can now browse for fabrics, though the interface and photos could be improved, IMHO.
^ Nice; it looks similar to one posted on B&Tailor's tumblr: Do you happen to know the weight of the cloth? I would suspect it is at least 500 grams or more.
I also saw that and immediately saved the pic. I'd love to get my hands on a length of it.
WRT the brown fresco, is anyone following up on it? There was some chatter a few pages back about getting it launched and I haven't seen anything in the MTO section and was wondering if it was just some wishful tire kicking by us.I am not trying to be critical of anyone and imagine that organizing any sort of custom run or MTO is time consuming, so just asking what the status is.To be honest, I was secretly hoping that @dieworkwear would volunteer to organize a second run...
FWIW, I like the Bulgari Octo, though wished it didn't have a date window.
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