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Oh, I see; I didn't consider the point about orientation. Thanks for the explanation.
Yeah, I noticed that on The Armoury tumblr too and hence am considering it.Is this really necessary? So it's possible that the other tailor may use the opposite side of the fabric as opposed to the first guy?
Any tips on what to look out for? I imagine with certain fabrics (i.e. cavalry twill) there is only one way to cut them, but is it actually possible to use different sides of the fabric?
Since this seems to be the general bespoke thread, I thought I would post this question here: Does anyone have experience with having two different tailors making the coat and trousers for a suit? The reason I ask is that I like the coat made by tailor #1, but much prefer the trousers of tailor #2. I will be providing the cloth to both tailors. Is this considered a bad idea? I thought I read an article someplace (perhaps ASW) where the author did this and T#1 cut the...
I think that green Donegal makes up quite nice, as well.
I was perusing the Marling & Evans website and one of the links forwarded me to the English Weaving Company: http://www.englishweavers.co.uk/ Any of you have experience ordering from them? I saw some interesting fabrics in their Zaccheus collection.
I recently saw something made up in a similar tone, but as an overcoat, and thought it looked badass: I'd also like a reddish SC and I'll have to check out those M&E fabrics myself!
I also like that green tweed from Fox and ordered myself a swatch earlier this year. Speaking of green tweeds, any ideas where I can find something like this? I think this is called a shepherd's check, right?
Even if they are on the same last? I really thought that the last was the driver...
To all you Carmina experts: I have a two-eyelet derby on the Rain last and just bought a pair of chukkas, also on the Rain last. Both are UK size 7 and they fit totally different. I had tried on another pair of chukkas on the Rain last last year and they fit my feet, but didn't buy them (I was looking for chukkas with Dainite soles). Anyways, when I was at the Carmina store earlier this year, I bought the two-eyelet derby. Even after wearing them for some time, they...
New Posts  All Forums: