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Thanks. I tend to wear sport coats and trousers to work, so it will be more for other formal occasions. I'll ask for the barathea and sharkskin swatches as well, just so that I can compare them with the plain twills.
Thanks for the fast feedback guys. I asked for some swatches of Lesser from Harrisons and thought that I'd ask Huddersfield for the Minnis swatches, too. BTW, I also saw barathea in that collection. I take it that is just for formal wear? I guess for suiting it is either the the plain twills, sharkskin or birdseye?
Anyone have experience with the "Classic II" collection from Hardy Minnis? Specifically, I'm looking at their plain twills in solid colors.
I just sent them an e-mail asking for some swatches. Usually, they are fairly quick sending them off. Problem is that I could only really identify around 6 fabrics from the Lessers and Oyster collections that look like solid navy.
Thanks.When you say "Lesser 13oz," you mean Harrisons Lesser No. 303 13ozs as shown on their website, right? I take it that the different No.'s under that collection are just various weights?
Thanks. Any specific ones you recommend? Besides the pinstripes, I see a lot of herringbones and nailhead weaves (at least on their website).
I've subscribed to this thread for at least the past two years, but never seem to note down cloth suggestions posted by others, unless I happen to want to commission something similar. So, I gotta repeat a popular question: suggestions for a 13 oz. worsted navy cloth for a SB suit? I'd appreciate any cloth numbers from Harrisons or Huddersfield Fine Worsted, since I have experience ordering swatches from them. I've never ordered from Dugdale, but if they also sell to...
Oh, I see; I didn't consider the point about orientation. Thanks for the explanation.
Yeah, I noticed that on The Armoury tumblr too and hence am considering it.Is this really necessary? So it's possible that the other tailor may use the opposite side of the fabric as opposed to the first guy?
Any tips on what to look out for? I imagine with certain fabrics (i.e. cavalry twill) there is only one way to cut them, but is it actually possible to use different sides of the fabric?
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