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Yes, I have a sample book as well as a pair of trousers made from the collection. Was interested in trying out something from Harrisons (if available), hence my question.
^ Thank you for the explanation! Apropos the post above, my tailor just sent me pics of my basted coat and I thought that I might be getting dual breast pockets.
I suppose this may not be the place to ask this, but why are there outlines for two breast pockets, when only one will actually be made up?
Anyone know if Harrisons carries cavalry twill in their collection? The closest I found was whipcord from Smith.
Ah, I see, that makes sense.
^ Thanks! Drapers is often recommended here and I had the impression that they were a mill. Since they do not produce their own cloth, I wonder why members make blanket statements about their cloth. For example, Caccioppoli carries a wide range of cloth (i.e. VBC, Loro Piana, etc.) plus their special runs, and certainly the feel and quality is not the same across their entire collection.
Does Drapers produce their own cloth, or are they just a merchant, à la Caccioppoli? Looks like the cloth above is made by "VBC," hence the question.
Yes, Caccioppoli. I asked them to send some cloth to my tailor in Hong Kong, but they asked for a VAT number; without one, they will not ship outside the EU. As I mentioned before, I believe you can order through NSM if you are based in the US. If you are located someplace else, I do not know. Perhaps some of the other members can comment.
Oh, that's a great umbrella! The maroon canopy looks very nice, too. How long is it?
€20/m from T.A.C.S. I also made a typo above: should be 620g weight.WRT Caccioppoli, their website is very outdated. They sometimes post on tumblr, but your best bet would be to call/e-mail them. I'm not sure where you are located, but AFAIK, they will not ship outside of the EU unless you have a VAT number. I think someone posted a while back that you can order through NSM, though.
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