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I suppose this is sometimes the problem with SF - I read lots of posts and get excited about ordering cloth based on pics posted by other members. Then I need to do a reality check to see if 1) it even works with the rest of my wardrobe, and 2) I would actually wear it. At any rate, I still think the tobacco fresco would be good as a blazersuit and would probably wear it as separates more often than a suit.
^ Which tobacco fresco are you gauging interest in, the one organized by Slewfoot or the one organized more recently by dieworkwear? IIRC, they are both brown frescoes, but in slightly different shades. I thought Slewfoot's was a bit more reddish in tone.
^ Good to hear positive remarks about the Queen's Award flannels from Fox. I ordered some swatches and really like the colors and am considering them for next spring/summer for trousers.
I saw a similar colored gunclub from Ed, but I'm hesitating since it's 100% cashmere and 10oz., so it'd probably wear too warm for my intended use [as a summer SC].
Any info on the cloth? Looks a bit like the old Riviera, but don't think it is.
Interesting to hear. I've always got mine on the inside, so I have the option of going braceless. I suppose if I ever got fishback trousers, could make sense to try it your way.
^ Why the rear buttons on the outside? Any reason for that, or just personal preference?
Speaking of Fox, I recently ordered some swatches (including the cricket white I asked about) and a couple of the swatches were ginormous and mounted on A4-sized cards. Really nice, compared to the tiny bits of cloth some merchants/mills try to pass off as swatches.
Thank you for the feedback, Andy. I didn't notice that one was worsted while the other was wollen. Not 100% sure I'll have them made up, but always been curious about the fabric and since I'm ordering some swatches from Fox, thought I'd order that one too.
For those of you who've tried the cricket whites from Fox, did you get the 290 or 370 grams? I know it depends on when one wants to wear them, but was hoping to hear some feedback (@Andy57?) on how they worked out as trousers.
New Posts  All Forums: