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I think that green Donegal makes up quite nice, as well.
I was perusing the Marling & Evans website and one of the links forwarded me to the English Weaving Company: http://www.englishweavers.co.uk/ Any of you have experience ordering from them? I saw some interesting fabrics in their Zaccheus collection.
I recently saw something made up in a similar tone, but as an overcoat, and thought it looked badass: I'd also like a reddish SC and I'll have to check out those M&E fabrics myself!
I also like that green tweed from Fox and ordered myself a swatch earlier this year. Speaking of green tweeds, any ideas where I can find something like this? I think this is called a shepherd's check, right?
Even if they are on the same last? I really thought that the last was the driver...
To all you Carmina experts: I have a two-eyelet derby on the Rain last and just bought a pair of chukkas, also on the Rain last. Both are UK size 7 and they fit totally different. I had tried on another pair of chukkas on the Rain last last year and they fit my feet, but didn't buy them (I was looking for chukkas with Dainite soles). Anyways, when I was at the Carmina store earlier this year, I bought the two-eyelet derby. Even after wearing them for some time, they...
I agree with what has been said about Harrisons' service. I too have called them up and they first sent photos, followed by swatches. I like to first peruse the site and narrow down my choices before asking them to send me stuff, instead of asking them to send me so many. Have any of you visited the W.Bill storeroom in London? I called them a few weeks back and was told I could just drop by, but alas, they aren't open on the weekends (I thought about a short...
Yes, I did that and you are quite right. The photos are fairly poor quality and sometimes the color description was more accurate than the image!Regarding P&H, am I the only one not too thrilled with Harrisons' website? It takes forever to load and I noticed that they deactivated some of the collections (i.e. Moonbeam) so you can no longer see swatch pics. Besides asking them for swatches, is there another website to browse what they have to offer?
Valid point. I find H&S a bit pricey, especially for odd trousers. I also wanted to try another mill for cavalry twill, as a basis for comparison.
I am looking for some cavalry twill in tan or beige. Any recommendations? I ordered a pair of trousers in H&S brown cavalry twill from my tailor and am quite happy with them, but since I will be going CMT this time around, I am looking for a different source. Huddersfield carries cavalry twill, but I have not found the exact shade I am after. Any other suggestions?
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