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I dropped them an e-mail and this was their reply:Thank you for your interest but we are sorry, we sell not to private, if you are a private please look at our e-commerce site, you can buy on it our selected collection. Actually, I thought that I was browsing their e-commerce site when I filled out the contact form, so I didn't understand the reply, but when I went back to their website, it seems that indeed they sell some fabrics online, but obviously not all. The stuff...
I also have one, though my photos aren't nearly as nice as yours!
I suppose this was my point - the solaro suits you carry are cotton and not wool. I guess solaro is associated with warm weather, hence more offerings in cotton.
A bit off topic, but did you take those pics with an X100? I've seen some photos of you holding one and was curious. Thank you for the excellent coverage.
I suppose the Caccioppoli one is cotton, right? I thought about getting a Solaro suit made up for next summer, but would much prefer wool and was actually considering the one from Smiths. Or is it pointless to get Solaro in wool?
WM, thanks for sharing and the great write up! I did some googling and found the forum thread you referred to earlier: http://depiedencap.leforum.eu/t19843-Sartoria-Davide-Tofani.htm There are some nice photos of chalk markings on cloth (for some reason, "elicit" photos of chalked up cloth always gets a rise out of me!).
Totally off topic, but is that a Gerald Genta Jumping Hour? Don't think I've ever seen one "in the wild," so to say. Very nice!!
Thanks for the link - indeed, lots of nice stuff. It seems that not everything on the Gladson website is available on the Huddersfield website:https://shop.hfwltd.com/collection/34
^ Yeah, like that. Thanks!! Now I need to track down that VBC cloth...
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