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I've also been looking for camel hair for a blazer (or sportcoat; not sure which terminology is correct) and received a swatch from Huddersfield. Unfortunately, the cloth was very expensive (> £200/meter), so I was somewhat discouraged.
I saw your blazer in the Paone thread and learned about the Fox serge. The blazer looked wonderful at that stage - do you have any pics of the finished blazer, or is Paone still working on it?
Arno, thanks a lot for the explanation! I thought in general that worsted cloths were not recommended for blazers, but it seems the Fox Serge is indeed used for them. It's also quite heavy at 14/15 ounces.
Total noob question, but what exactly is "Fox Serge?" Someone posted a blazer made from it on another thread and I found it on the Fox Bros. website, but what makes it so special? Is it similar to hopsack and more importantly, should my next navy blazer be made from it?
Thanks for the pics! They actually look familiar (in hindsight, I most likely saw them on your website a while back).
Thanks for the tips!
Thanks for the feedback; I think I'll go with linen. BTW, did you ever post pics of your shirt-jacket? I read in the other thread that you had one (or perhaps several) made up.
Cross-post from the shirt-jacket thread: What's the consensus on shirt-jacket cloth? Benefits of linen vs. cotton?
I'm planning on getting a shirt jacket made up and thus thought I'd resurrect this thread. My shirtmaker suggested either heavy linen or heavy cotton for the shirt jacket - what are the pros/cons of each? I was fairly set on linen, but after the cotton suggestion, thought I'd ask here for some opinions.
Thanks. I tend to wear sport coats and trousers to work, so it will be more for other formal occasions. I'll ask for the barathea and sharkskin swatches as well, just so that I can compare them with the plain twills.
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