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  It's just the lifestyle. If you party enough you're going to get laid, it's really that simple. 
Does anyone have information pertaining to stockists?
  I actually like the sound of this.
You're just not getting value for your purchase any more. I have a hard time imagining anybody recommending the brand at this point. And, truthfully, unless you're dog-sledding, these types of parkas just get in the way.
I'd be surprised if the murdamurda's make it to sale season.
I just have a feeling that they won't be as popular this year.
Any sales out there for Small and Medium sized duffles? 
Props. I'll be checking that out tomorrow.
No, not necessary.
Who's jeans are you talking about, anyway? The pair that the model wears most frequently are his own and I believe he is partial to some of the more slimmer cuts that SE carries. So…I'm not really sure if you are referring to him or just making a blanket statement about youth and denim.
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