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  It's just the lifestyle. If you party enough you're going to get laid, it's really that simple. 
Does anyone have information pertaining to stockists?
  I actually like the sound of this.
Here's measurements for the narrow fit in size 32:    W: 16.5 T: 12 K: 8.5 H: 8 I:  34 Fr: 10.3 Br: 15
You're just not getting value for your purchase any more. I have a hard time imagining anybody recommending the brand at this point. And, truthfully, unless you're dog-sledding, these types of parkas just get in the way.
I'd be surprised if the murdamurda's make it to sale season.
I just have a feeling that they won't be as popular this year.
Any sales out there for Small and Medium sized duffles? 
Just picked up a pair of Slight's from Les Etoffes in MTL. I couldn't be happier. We've had a pretty humid summer to date and I've been trying to jump of the heavy weight stuff for a while now. Initially I went in there hoping to buy the W+H straight raws but was pleasantly surprised when Diana suggested these instead. I'm interested to see how they hold up to consistent wear.   EDIT: I didn't think they would shrink with a wash. I guess I'll be looking to find a new...
Props. I'll be checking that out tomorrow.
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