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My insight for 2011 is really more of a conundrum that struck me when I was in American Tailors ( a few days after Christmas talking with one of the older Italian guys who run the store. This fellow is a Sicilian in his 50s, about 5' 10" in reasonable shape with white/grey hair. He was wearing an white Astor shirt, a pair of beautiful, light, slim flat-fronted navy wool pants without...
Gents, I have an existing Polo Ralph Lauren suit for which I would like to have a waistcoat made. I have a couple of three piece PRLs with lapelled waistcoats which fit me perfectly, after having a little of the fabric taken out from under the arms. I don't need MTM, I really just need an OTR waistcoat in the same material - Glen Urquhart. I know that Ralph Lauren offers a MTM service. However, I live in Melbourne, Australia and do not think that it is offered...
Thanks very much for all your replies. Very informative. I might post my design for comments at a later date. Regards, Clovis.
Colleagues, I have the rather pleasant obligation of redesigning the official tie of my regiment (a nice combination of three of my enduring interests - the military, clothes and hidebound tradition). I need to find a company that provides a customised tie service. I have had a look around on the internet and there are quiet a few, but I have no experience of their respective merits. I want something that is in a good quality, matt woven silk. Would be ordering around...
Dear hikari013, If this sale falls through, or you come across another one of these, please PM me or email me on I have been looking for a slim, navy RLP three piece for ages. Regards, Clovis.
I like the shirt. Can you elaborate on the measurement - is that the neck measurement? Thanks. Kind Regards, Clovis
What is the chest measurement on the PRL sweaters? 40"? Thanks, Kind Regards, Clovis.
Particularly, a DB pinstripe, or anything with a double breasted waistcoat. Kind Regards, Clovis.
In the unlikely event that this suit was sold to a forum member and they are looking to offload it, I would be wrapt to get my hands on it. Kind Regards, Clovis
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