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This fellow appears quite a bit on the Sartorialist, always smiling. I am fairly certain he has a shop inTokyo as I remember seeing a photo of him in front of it. Does anyone have any idea where it is and what his name is? I am guessing somewhere in Aoyoma or East of Harujuku. I have tried searching the Internet but cannot find any information about him. Thanks.
Excellent. Thank you. How much roughly would a blazer set you back?
I can highly recommend venturing to some of the off-the-tourist map suburbs. In particular Shimokitazawa and Nakameguro. In the former simply walk around the area to the East side of the station, but also check out Kate Coffee and Cafe Ex Libris when you want to put your feet up. Which are on the other side of the station. About two or three hours with a break for coffee is sufficient. In the later walk north along the East bank of the canal. Water cafe is on the canal...
Went to the HB sale. Came out with a pair of socks. I always get treated well there, though I find the attention of the Indian fellow who works downstairs rather cloying. It has been a long time since I bought anything there other than socks - generally when I go to the gym before work and realise that I have forgotten to bring any. I am likewise amazed that they remain in business, but assume there are enough people like my Dad who still doesn't use an ATM, to support...
I will be in Paris for a few months in March and was thinking of having a blazer made whilst there. Does anyone here have any experience with Cifonelli? And any idea of the kind of prices they charge for a MTM jacket? Are there any other tailors or small atteliers in Paris that can be recommended?
Any else here box. If so, how and how often do you train and where? Are you training for an amateur bout or just for fitness.
Sometimes, I see things on Ebay which are not in my size, but which I would have really liked to buy. Hopefully this thread will be a way for members to selflessly put other members members on notice that these garments exist so that they do not go gentle into that good night. (Please don't use it a way to push your own Ebay listings). To begin: 44R - New Sartoria Castangia Stroller - basically a less formal version of a morning suit with a black lounge jacket rather...
In my experience, Irene at made-to-measure alterations on the second floor of the GPO is faultless.
The only way to wear a bracelet properly is to give it to your gf.
What is the length and width of these shoes at their widest point. If memory serves they run small, almost by a half size.
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