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Seconded, about to make a permanent move to London and looking to pick up a few new suits.
I have seen some nice versions of this in the Caulaincourt attelier in Paris. They don't appear to be on their website though.
This thread was also legendary. Standards have slipped a bit since those days.
Apropos, recent comments regarding the poster once known as Foo. This post, for me, still rates as the greatest post on SF ever:
The two can't really be compared. First, a proper boxing regimen will require a weights, track-work and stretching. A proper boxing gym will have weights etc. Second, being fit is about 1% of what you will get out of boxing, albeit you will, if you train properly, become incredibly fit. Standing in the ring engulfed by that primordial moment when you are forced to be utterly self-reliant, with no-one to protect or help you, in pain, but holding yourself together by...
Apropos, being in need of a tailor. I would recommend Irene at Absolutely Altered on the second floor of the GPO. She is about as good as Melbourne gets. Avoid like the plague the alteration service in Church Street, Richmond used by PJ Johnstone - I can't remember the name, but if you sift through this thread it was discussed a few months back - recommended by a number of people on this thread. I had them hem three pairs of pants a few months ago when I couldn't be...
Will.i.n What does this mean? You post it often.
Oh and Spoo, thanks for your insights, especially in light of your present circumstances. When you get a moment, I would be really interested in you re-posting what you regard as your top three outfits.
No suit known to man, even when cringe-inducingly self-snapped in the dim, fluorescent chiaroscuro of a late-night LA club bathroom, will make anyone who uses the phrase "bite me" appear sophisticated or gentlemanly.
Dear Eng, Glad you enjoyed the concert, and more importantly than your mother did as well. If its any consolation, I went to a few classical concerts in Spain recently and things were only slightly better. Funnily enough I remember reading an entry in Count Harry Kessler's diary just after the First World War when he noted that he was shocked at a theatre performance in London that many of the men were wearing black tie rather than tails, and that some were even wearing...
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