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It also reminds me that one doesn't see enough turn-back cuffs on things these days - though Thom Sweeney were tailoring a suit with turn-backs last time I went in there to pick up an order. I think there is a photo of Ian Fleming wearing one floating around somewhere.
Yes, I'm trying to. I actually feel a bit guilty wearing it - suppose it should be in a costume museum - when doing so inherently damages to the fur. Stil, it always puts me in a good mood and makes me think of Empire, and glory and class and things. It really is beautifully made and I intend to replace the lining and then save it for occassional use.
Feel it would detract from the integrity of the garment if I didn't at least shoot for replacing like to like. Also not sure one can get fake Astrakhan.
A few months ago I bought this bespoke Edwardian overcoat (4 December 1907) : (well car-coat really) because it reminded of a coat I had once seen the Prince of Wales sporting in a photo. Some random fellow even blogged about the coat a few months later: It's a real beauty and fits like a glove. I particularly like the slight A-line of...
Deets on the 3 piece?
I have just moved to London and am looking for a place to get my suits drycleaned and my shirts laundered close to work. I will be working around Bunhill Fields/Finsbury Circus and living in Highbury/Islington. If anyone could recommend a place where I can have my suits dry-cleaned and my shirts laundered that would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Clovis.
I smell a rat. A big rat. Sorry, I don't follow. Could one be more specific?
Thanks. Looking forward to it. What was the damage out of interest in pounds?
Any update on the boots Maessive? - I am looking at them for a pair of field boots for general riding.
Ditching my shoes for a pair of thirty dollar gumboots on the way to the Derby a few years ago convinced me that having a pair of these in the boot of the car is a wise investment. Not convinced that I would wear galoshes in the city though, they just look a bit silly I think.
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