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Since you've got no stress and no work you have the chance to change your diet completely. You can skip fast food since you have enough time anyways. If you want you can experiment a bit with food and cooking. Before every day, or every week if you want, have your schedule ready, what to eat, when and have it ready in your fridge. Build it around your training schedule and around your plans. Start with a good breakfast, with eggs if you want, fruits and some oats. After 3...
Copenhagen, Kastrup, I've spent days there overall, most recently 8-9 hours a week ago. Its a really nice open, user-friendly airport with lots of things to do
Stella Artois
I made a club sandwich for me and my colleague. With artichokes, olives, mozzarella, tomatoes, salad, garlic, bacon and lamb inner thighs. Was really good
I'm from Scandinavia and I've spent a lot of time in Copenhagen. I'd take Copenhagen any time of the year. Its a really vibrant city with good food, good nightlife, nice girls and nice clubs. What more does a man want. Plus, the weather in the spring should be better in Copenhagen. Oslo is rather dull compared to Copenhagen.
you've got PM
Regardless of what we think is lame, old or new, we all know girls want us to call them. For them its like they feel we're more interested. Anyone can type a text message, or chat via computer.
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