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$50 SHIPPED - Continental US DRESS- Joseph and Feiss Express Custom Tailored CASUAL- BKE Old Navy Mossimo North Face (The only short sleeve of the bunch) That is less than $4 per shirt when shipping is taken into account.
These are some Florsheim Royal Imperials. Can anyone tell if they are made of shell just by looking?
Thanks for the AE's. Cheers.
Quote: Originally Posted by JamesX Alternatively you can be really brave and try to strip the color from the shoes and start from scratch. There are a few shoe re-dying threads on this forum. Maybe one of those would be of some help. This gives me a perfect excuse to play! I am, however, going to wait the few days mrjames suggested... And to HarleyBob: Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by kungapa Get some darker colour and work up a nice gradiant across the shoe - darker in front, lighter in the back. Something along these lines is my backup plan for now.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrjames ok, I think the leather is just over processed right now...even though the leather felt dry, it was saturated with chemicals I like your hypothesis. The only problem is that now I will have to find another pair to ruin in the interim!
I think it is pretty bad. I am certainly not mission critical code red OCD, but these are bad enough that I will not wear them in this condition. You are right--95% of the population wouldn't notice!
This is how I ruined a perfectly good pair of AEs... I went to polish them with Kiwi wax. The color was a bit darker than the shoe. When I added some water during the buffing phase, the shoes became variegated in color showing dark specks and splotches. I tried to clean it up with a really light colored Kiwi wax, but it didn't work. In fact, it got slightly worse. I used a leather cleaner I had for leather furniture, and that didn't work. I tried (after...
I am digging this thread! I think the next steps are (VERY GENERALLY): 1) remove as much dye as possible with acetone 2) dye with brown of your choice 3) creme/wax There are some really good threads about this procedure, but I am too lazy to go and find them...
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent Depends on how off the measurements are. If your essentially asking the tailor to recut the entire shirt, it begs the question of was it worth it? When the alterations cost approaches $50, your really pushing it and most certainly could have gotten a MTM for not much more. So, you'll have to ask yourself whether the quality of the OTR is so much better as to justify that cost. In addition, it is hard for the...
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