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Quote: Originally Posted by lwkeung Hello! I have a Timex Camper and wanted to know whether or not a NATO or zulu strap would fit on it. I am worried that I can loop the strap behind the watch. Thanks! You are good. Just make sure the strap is the right width.
I have a pair of redwing goretex #910's that I wear for work. They are awesome boots which do not kill my feet after walking on concrete all day, 10hrs +. I am definately going to buy another pair for hiking. The redwing store/outlet also has great service. My brother's duty boots came apart, not horrible but where the pull tab is to help getting them on, in 3 months of EMS use. He took them back to the store and they gave him a brand new pair, insted of repairing...
Either the late 1800's or early 1900's. Technology is great but I would much rather live in a society which has stronger family and social values.
A 2002 Nissan Frontier Pickup. Soon to be a 2011 Toyota Tacoma Pickup, or if gas stabalizes in price a 2011 Chevorlet Silverado.
Old Gran Dad Bonded whiskey.
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