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Quote: Originally Posted by Kiwi Man This comment has taken me by surprise. I was once thinking of moving there, but considering how much crimes it has for a small univerisity town. It scared me away! The crime there is horrible. There are tons of prostitutes and crack addicts. My family has a house out in the country 30 miles south that I go to. So I randomly make trips to Salisbury. But would never want to live there.
Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer Pardon my cynicism, but I'd counsel against this. I used to believe this and have bought very nice Kiton, Alden, Crockett and Jones and Santoni stuff among others, assuming someone else would want it. Most of it is still sitting in my wardrobe. The stuff I have sold, I had to slash so much off the price it wasn't worth my while. People here only want it if you'll take thrift shop prices for it, and place no...
Demolished a trailer and a few trees with a bobcat. (It had to be demo'd due to a tree falling on it)
If I was smaller today I would have struck gold. I tried thrifting is Salisbury, MD. Saw tons of Borrelli shirts but all were too tight on me, Along with some other designers I recognised from this board. Looks like some guy lost weight and got rid of his collection. Plus some nice AE shoes that looked barely worn but they were size 9.5 and I am 11.5ee. But otherwise I got a Brooks Brothers dress shirt. A nice fitting Lacoste dress shirt made in France and a LL....
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog ITT: people inflating the amount of booze they can drink. Drinking an entire fifth of 40% Vodka? LOL. Nothing exaggerated. I party a lot and go hard. I will not lie and say I am just tipsy or something. No at that point is when the blackout happens. I can not do the same with whiskey though. Vodka for some reason I can stomach A LOT of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by norcaltransplant The intent of the reply was to emphasize the financial disconnect between your leftover cash/discretionary income and the debt load incurred by your new, "luxury" automobile. Stick with the Honda, Toyota, Hydundai next time around. He does make a good point. I HATE being in debt. I would first pay off the student debts or find a job that will. The interest on the car is not horrible but if it...
I have factory neoprene seats in my truck and I love them. But is something to look into.
Is it 3/4 wood flooring or is it the thin crap?
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES Anyway to utlize the leftovers? Recipes perhaps? Diced chicken, mayo, celery, a tiny bit of celry seed, a little bit of granulated garlic, spicy relish, and minced purple onion. I use ingredients to taste and mosttimes leave out the celery seed. Othertimes I all hot peppers or crystals hot sauce.
Beer fills me up. But last friday I had 20 budweisers at my buddys house and several mixed drinks at the bar ( pineapple and vodka). I was wasted. Liquor and wine I like much more. I can drink a fifth (750ml) in a night if it is vodka 80 proof whiskey too but, Whiskey sometime gets old with the taste to me. 100+ proof whiskey is what always gets me.
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