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I have the same issue with my right pit. I have the strong over the counter products and it still does not help. My buddy and his mom both had a similar issue and got botox shots to their arm pits. It worked well for them and I may try it. My only issue is while at work I sweat everywhere upperbody so I am kind of out of luck there.
Dimples and outlined cheeks is what I really like about my girl. On other girls the biggest turn on is butt/lower back dimples. I do not know why but I love them.
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt my first thought when I read this was probably not what you meant I like the way you think.
For my family(Parents and brother) probably 200 a week. For just me which I buy most of my own food I would say $80-120 a week but I do eat out a few nights (girlfriend). Booze wise I spend atleast $100 a week if I goto the bar friday night it tends to be more.
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi Guy #1 says the water's coming in from the air vents on the walls (there are 3 air vents), and offers a $9900 price. I (using my special powers) negotiate him down to ~$3000, taking out all the bs add-ons. Guy #2 says the water's coming up through the concrete floor, and offers a $7900 estimate. Guy #3 says the water's coming in from the corners, where the floor meets the walls, and it's $6900, but if I decide to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rompson Aw darn, hoped it was something I could do myself. Thanks though. Get a metal pipe that is around the same size as your finger. Heat the nail with a blow torch. Then just slowly bend to fit the pipe. Depending on what kind of nail you use you can quench in oil or just let it cool some. make sure you wear thick leather gloves or cheap welding gloves from harbor freight.
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 Lol 2nd worst collection lmao Eh. I am a broke student who likes to spend most of his time outdoors. For my purpose it works perfectly. I am working on more dress shoes but thrifting for shoes has been slow.
3 pairs of dress shoes 2 pairs of cowboy boots (one pair is dressy though) 2 pairs of athletic shoes Redwing work boots 2 pairs of insulated winter hiking/hunting boots old Georga work boots which are now hiking boots old Carhart work boots 2 pairs of regular muck boots (One camo and one grey) 1 pair of 1000g insulated muck boots 2 pairs of flip flops 1 pair of camo knock off crocks somewhere I am trying to expend on the dress shoes though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Navi Yeah, god forbid you ever help someone here out by providing them with a nice item they might be otherwise unable to get, and most likely make some money for basically going to the post office! I understand helping another out. But I can not afford to spend money on clothes I may sell and will end up donating back in a year. I will admit I find tons of nice clothing between the two stores I go to. But I only...
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