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Thanks for the heads up. I have been looking for new aviators and may have to pick this up. Although I like them a little more tinted.
I chew on toothpicks or mints. It is all about satisfying your oral fixation when the desire hits.
To work it is a 3-5 minute drive depending on how the traffic lights are treating me. To school it is upwards of 10 minutes. But sometimes 20 minutes to find parking.... go figure.
I have tried a few different electric razors over the years because I hoped they would be fast and efficient. They all left something to be desired and I now shave with a DE razor and enjoy the experience.
I dipped for years then started to smoke. Just a heads up.. A tin of dip nicotine wise is pretty much equal to 3 packs of cigs. While I go a pack of cigs a week plus 2 packs friday when I go out drinking. I was first off doing a tin of redman every 2 days.
Last week when I was at the beach they had a (96ish?) 3500 dually diesel 4x4 ram for $3,850. I did not look at miles or anything else because if I did I would have bought it. What you want is easily found. I know my 2002 nissan frontier v6 on a 4x4 frame but 4x2. with 125k miles I can get 5k easy. (I have taken it offroading with my buddies with 4x4's plus I have driven it in deep snow.) I learned deep snow from a stop I am screwed but as long as I have some forward...
Usable or just for looks? They have been on my house since I was a little kid. I remember putting them on and not being a big deal. But my parents also renovated/refinished the whole house, so they had some ability to do house work.
Medium rare. But after this thread I will try rare.
I only get my shoe trees from the thrift store. (Besides the few from my grandfather which are a little small). I have tons of wood trees but for my work boots I use a pair of plastic trees which are made VERY well. The plastic is thick and the metal is rigid. They in my mind feel better than the club room or nordstrom ceder trees I have in my dress shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Yes. I don't know how I missed this. Surely it is a zoning problem. Call City Hall; demand a hearing. That sounds like a huge problem to me. Basically they would realize that you have a house in an area that should not support homes. To me that sounds like more of a possibly headache than the origional issue.
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