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Maby he is making an archery target. People use old clothes, bags, rags, ect for the filling. I have one that I made out of old clothes and rags. They are referred to as "life time diy targets". You just replace the front material every season or so depending on how much you shoot. The fill lasts years if kept dry.For a decent sized target which will last years and years if cared for $150 (including wood ect) is very reasonable.
I am still in school, work, and live at home. I have an awesome relationship with my parents so this is not hurting it at all. I have been offered a good job in 3-4 months after I graduate, but I still will live at home until I am financially stable to be in the real world. I am putting no stress on my parents income as I have my own job and money. I help them (they are in their 60's) by doing yard work weekly. This includes climbing trees to prune them with chain...
I dipped and smoked from my high school years until about 6 months ago (I am 23). Overall I loved skoal but it started to form a hole in my lip.
I shower at night before I go to bed and in the morning when I wake up. In the morning I do the same as I did at night, but I also wash my face. My cat also loves me and insists on sleeping in my bed/ being with me whenever I am home. So that makes me feel like a shower is needed. Plus I sweat like an elephant.
I have had luck with North Face with all of my skiing clothing. I think that they can be stylish but not something that stands out.
If you go north a little to college park, md it is common and excepted. While I do not attend there but another school their bars always have nice (fucking hot in skimpy clothing) girls. In my part of md it is common as I attend the "college" bars. While there is no one main college. "Loud bars" all seem to be a chill place to get cheap drinks before going to "trendier" or more expensive bars.
I first noticed some gray hairs when I was 16. I am still mainly brown though. My brother has a small patch of gray and he is 18. My grand father was completely gray in his late 30's but had thick hair. I am just happy that my family grays instead of balds. Having thick hair (even gray) is better to me than balding. (I am 23 by the way)
Personally I like my old Gillette's. I am pretty sure the newest one I have is from the early 60's. Super speeds work great and are tame shavers. I like the feeling of using a (properly cleaned) razor that is 50+ years old. It makes me think that I am shaving more like my grandfathers. I second I have learned a wealth of information from there. Just do not think this way of shaving will be cheaper than using disposables or Mach III's. I went into...
Personally I am a 23 year old male who wears dress shoes or cowboy boots almost exclusively. I find dress shoes very comfortable once broken in if they are in the right size. While working I wear redwings but that is because I am on concrete 10 hours a day walking all except my 30min lunch.
If it is a shoe that I wear often and is comfortable then definitely resole. If I do not wear it often then I would probably toss it. Really comfortable dress shoes are hard to find for me. So when I find them I keep them.
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