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I like bic 4 for leather conditioner for bigger leather goods. I have used it on a few thrifted jackets. They also have a cleaner.
I use a few different cigar boxes that I lined with felt from Michaels crafts. Works well for my watch needs. Although now I need to get some winders for my automatic watches.
If it is casual.. penny loafers....Otherwise see that you can get for the money.
I know that you posted in the wrong section but... Dark jeans and a leather jacket. Just remember to match your shoes and belt. Personally I would go with nice brown boots. In a few years when you graduate you have to grow up and "high top sneakers" do not cut it. Just research in this section and you will see what you need to.
I would get shoe trees. They are a good deal in my mind with the "buy one get two free". Otherwise just sell the card. Depending on how much is on it, I would buy it. To purchase shoe trees and ceder hangers.
I have two pairs of shoes with toe and heel taps.Pro:They seem of of extended the length of the shoe. The heel is not very worn for how much they are worn.Con:They are loud on hard floors(at least mine are). My one pair of dexter shoes with toe/heel taps sound like a horse trotting in my mind. Although I do not mind too much.
I was going to say penny loafers. I have a nice older dexter loaders in Cordovan that I use.
Those places are hit or miss. There is one that I go to at the beach which is a small fishing community. Last summer I got some northface t-shirts (for the gym), a northface hoodie, and some glassware. I would say it is definitely worth a shot.
Very nice jacket. I am on the search for a similar jacket. I found one that was made by GAP but am still looking for a better quality one.Out of curiosity, was the photo taken at the park where you can watch airplanes off of 176 (dorsey road)?
I strive for every two weeks but sometimes wait 4 for it to get "seedy looking" as my mother calls it. My hair grows extremely fast.
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