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We do not allow tolerance of 2 inches... That's ridiculous. That said... I'm not here to complain about how difficult it is to get the shirt to within 0.5... it is our job to solve those problem and deliver our product to the spec of the customer's request and if we can not do it, we should not be in business in the first place. I will make a statement, however, it is *very* difficult for any company to have smaller tolerance than 0.5 even if you do go to company that...
We're ready to actually compile a list of fabric that we will purchase for next season, and possibly work on a customer survey to help us narrow down our choices..
I just double checked and it seems to be working? Can you send us the url you're referring to?Thanks
Can you please try again and see if it's fixed? There was a programming error on our end when we did some upgrade to the system recently.Thanks
This is an interesting article.... http://www.fastcompany.com/1778416/customizationbrands-noodles I've always wonder if similar idea would work in fashion/clothing business.
We agree with you. One of the main reason why we are able to sell our product at lower prices is to manage our business risk and inventory. If we don't stock fabric we don't sell, our customers don't have to bear the hidden cost of those unsold inventory. In any case, those were business decisions that was made in the past and our size and our growth now dictate that we revisit those decisions. It will take time, however, for us to adjust our purchasing and inventory.We're...
Hi David,Pls PM us your MT account name and the tracking number of your package. We will contact China Post to see if they have your package.
This is mostly what we do already. The only issue is that the pattern files are CAD files which is not a format where we have the ability to *extract* measurement and store it in the database for our customers to see. What we can do, however, is to extract those measurement from the pattern file at the request of our customer.
In reality, someone can not change their body size if they are submitting body measurement. Your arm can't just all the sudden grow by 2 inches if you are really "measuring your body" and submitting those measurement. The proper way to do it, however, is to make the request by entering additional note or instruction so when we create the pattern, we know how to alter the pattern to your liking or simply to submit future shirt orders base on shirt measurement.It is almost...
hi can you please pm us the item or order number?
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