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drinking at a cabin.
Food: City House, Catbird Seat, Kayne Prime, Pharmacy, Prince's Hot Chicken, Margot Cafe & Bar, Marche, Silly Goose, Monells, Eastland Cafe, Germantown Cafe, Burger UpDrinks: Yazoo Brewery, Patterson House, Holland House, Flying Saucer, 3 Crow Bar, Santa's Pub, 12th South Taproom, 308Coffee: Barista Parlor, Crema, Fido, Bongo Java, Frothy MonkeyShopping: Imogene + Willie, Peter Nappi, Billy Reid, UAL, Local Honey, Nordstrom, Pre to Post Modern, Katy K's Ranch Dressing (for...
Put scissors to some sweats with some rehash.
The sleeves on the UU rider and tees are a little big for me but everything else seems to fit fine. I like the neckline on the tees. Not bad for $12.90 on sale.
Trying to stay comfortable in the hot weather. [[SPOILER]]
Blacked out 3 eye docs.
Last chance to wear it before it gets too warm.
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