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tell me more
there is always the up coming JLP factory sale BTW- I did well out of EG but wont pass on any details as it is not in my interest.
what a jokeOne day I will show you mine-but don't show me yours if it is that small and puny
Looking at the start of the thread I don't understand why one would give such great compliments to someone just because he owns a large number of quality shoes since that may simply reflect that this person has money to waste and developed a taste for shoes I mean it takes '15 minutes' to learn about a few brand names and then if you have enough money you just buy the bloody things. Open the JLP catalog and order everything that looks half decent, move to EG repeat,...
RL outlet in Bicester -off the M40 a few miles from Oxford
now, I confess I myself think this
you guys have no empathy skills
I feel this impulse quite often. I know it is somewhat misplaced because that person may well just don't give a shit about the price/really want to buy there and now / whatever- but just last weekend I was going around Harrods in London and was watching people buying RLBL shirts for £220 when 40 miles away the same shirts cost around £45. Now I don't buy them period, (why bother when RLPL is £65) but damn an 80% mark up is a lot to swallow
I see bus loads of Japanese and now Chinese people wearing ill-fitting Burberry trench coats in London all the time so yes it is still pretty common
Ramalhoni? Are you kidding me? I know that everything made in Portugal or Spain has to adopt an Italianate name but going from ramalho to ramalhoni is a joke. There is no such surname in Italy. What's next Cavaconi? The prices are also funny Sr Ramalho I would suggest you try a little harder or else consider new career avenues
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