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Anyone have the breakdown of the different lines/models for the suits and jackets? or are they all cut the same way? Interested in the recent pics I saw based on the Liverano cut.
just got a Tallarico umbrella during the sale and it arrived within the week using international shipping. Great job Shaya!
any help?
Anyone can recommend a good alterations place in Hong Kong or maybe who The Armoury uses? Nothing major, just functioning jacket button cuffs or hemming of the pants length. Would rather get it right the first time then try out shops one by one.
Thanks for the quick response. Can you be more specific where that place is? Still new to Hong Kong.
A little off topic but would you know of a place in Hong Kong that sells suit buttons? Need to change some of my OTR suit buttons and doubt if tailors would sell just their buttons to me.
Would these have an inner lining similar to Swims or the material inside is the same as the outside?
For those who have a pair of Unlined Chukkas in the Leydon last, do you use a smaller sized shoe tree? When I try to put the same size shoe tree as the Chukka, I feel it getting stretched?
nice work! hope you can convince him to accept alterations from other people who aren't his clients or haven't had stuff made from him. I've tried numerous alterations/ tailors and they've all murdered my sleeves!
How's the lapel width? From pics I see on ebay, it looks skinny?
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