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Any update for Orazio Luciano trunk show this year?
any chance of re-stocking the Liverano braces?
I tried to contact him once the week before June just to get an update so that I'll know how many more days or weeks to wait. As June came, that's when I repeatedly tried to contact him cuz I was getting worried about my orders. Even if the orders weren't ready, I would have appreciated a text or email to know the status.It is almost July now & no response at all.
I initially met Mike (Secret Armory) back in March 29 and was going to commission a shirt and trousers to try him out. Left a sample of each so he can copy the details I wanted (height of the collar, collar length, trouser details, etc.) Came back April 12 to get the samples I left cuz I needed them to wear to a wedding. He then informed me that it would take him until June to complete my order because he was doing suits for a wedding entourage. He did offer to return the...
Hi,Are they also capable of doing decent buttonholes for suit jackets? Have had a lot of bad experience with local shops & am afraid to have it done locally now.Best I've seen is the ones made by Cornells but too bad they don't accept alterations for clothes they didn't make.
Sounds great! looks like I'll be waiting for the Lorenzo's.Picked up a Lupo shirt and the fit & quality are excellent! Only problem is the difficulty taking them off
Could I also request for a pm of the AC shirts available? Coudln't find it on your web store?Thanks!
Anyone have the breakdown of the different lines/models for the suits and jackets? or are they all cut the same way? Interested in the recent pics I saw based on the Liverano cut.
just got a Tallarico umbrella during the sale and it arrived within the week using international shipping. Great job Shaya!
any help?
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