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Great choices!Grenadines from L to R? dark navy fina, dark chocolate grossa, dark or slate blue grossa?
^ I'm the same size in AE PAs (7.5D) and Alcudia 6.5 is perfect for me.
Sorry to tease all those Simpson fans out there, but this pic is a good illustration of Alcudia's awesome shape (perfect for me in terms of both looks and fit). That's Simpson on the left and Alcudia on the right.Cheers.
Great suit!
Were these MTO?I'm don't recall seeing these before (this model on the Simpson). They look great btw.
Looks great to me. I'm jealous!
^ switching to a grey undershirt might be wise.
No, that's not typical. Those park aves sound way too big on you.Cheers.
Very tempting! Really nice ties.
Wow! Sweet jacket!
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