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I just got a notification that my MTO shoes shipped and will arrive Monday. Below are the specs; I'll post pics when they arrive. - PTBs - Rui last -- modified (from wide to medium + narrow in the heel) - Dark brown shell - Double leather sole - Regular/formal welt (i.e., not storm)
These should be sold by now!
I posted this in the Carmina thread yesterday, but for folks who don't follow it, I thought I'd cross/double post here... MTO, Alcudia last, black calf (boxcalf), model 80214 (normally made on the Simpson last):
Yes, about 8 to 10 weeks.
Special order/MTO. I think you can basically order any model on any last. They normally only make a few models on the Alcudia last, and when I emailed with Betty several months ago, none of the stocked Alcudias (either web store or brick-mortar stores) were on a model I liked (she sent pics of about four different shoes), so I looked through all their models on other lasts and picked this one.
I just noticed a couple sweet 60/40's too, but in light blue. It's really hard not to kop several.
After a few months wait, here is my MTO order... It's Spoo's favorite model, but on the Alcudia last, rather than the Simpson last. I just prefer a toe shape that has some roundness to it, without much chisel or squarishness. To view my other Carmina shoes (Robert, Forest, and Alcudia; two brown, one black), here are some pics from a few months back -- http://www.styleforum.net/t/241469/carmina-shoe-p0rn/210#post_5237652. Alcudia, black calf (boxcalf), model...
Awesome Vanda!
dhl tracking says: "with delivery courier"
^ haha. Here's something... My MTO order was shipped yesterday. Hopefully they arrive tomorrow, so I can post pics this weekend.
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