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Placed an order for the Thorogood boots on the new site.
Cappelli uses different terminology. "unlined" on their website means untipped/rolled edges. By default, he uses an interlining, which he refers to as "padding" (although, you can ask him not to use padding/interlining with a custom order). I had a lengthy/awkward email exchange with Patrizio the one time I placed an order.
Great jacket (and price)!
Just ordered my first TS shirt.
Great deal!
Just my two cents, but I'd recommend ordering a couple grenadine swatch sets. If you order the grossa and prometeo, for example, you can probably ask David to also include the brown/burgundy/navy colors from the fina and piccola sets as well.Swatches have made a big positive impact with my orders.
^^ Why such a small order?
Awesome tie!
Maybe try emailing Kyle directly? I think he's just kyle@.Other folks here seem to have similar feedback about email responses. Reading this thread from several months back, it seemed like Taryn was brought on just focus on dealing with customers like us (i.e., MTO requests). Not sure what's up.
Sorry to dig up an old quote, but I have a somewhat related question. I'd like to use the Vibram cristy sole for my next pair of Rancourts. I've noticed that almost all examples of the cristy I've found online include a somewhat prominent midsole. My concern is that the cristy sole itself is already pushing the limits for how thick/high I'm comfortable with a shoe sole being.Is the typical leather midsole, used in combination with the cristy, necessary? And if so, am I...
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