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I'm looking forward to the same (but in size 40).
^ I like that A LOT.
Were these MTO or stocked? Classic or Linea Maestro?Thanks!
Jamison -- please tell us about what appears to be hand rolled edges on the newest ties...
Click on the link in Kamal's signature. That should do the trick.
+ 1Six-fold, navy, comes in two different sizes, made in Italy, ties an incredible knot... and just $85. It's one of my favorites as well.
The regular flap pockets were a big selling point for me. I'm not totally against patch, but given the fabrics and that they're unstructured, patch might have made them veer too far to the casual end of the SC spectrum.Just my two cents.
First guess: RainSecond guess: SimpsonDo I win a prize?
It looks like the summer blazer (navy) is available is size 38... http://www.howardyount.com/collections/spring-2012/products/summer-blazer
^^ Those AS Miller boots are impressive!
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