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Wow! Sweet jacket!
Totally agree with Betty.
Must have.
Regarding Dore Dore...I recently ordered a pair for $25 shipped from KJ Beckett. But I think they're cheaper from socksfox. They should work out to about $17 a pair plus shipping ($6 per order for int'l). VAT is deducted by requesting so in the notes section during checkout.http://www.socksfox.com/men-business-socks-c-77_51.html?sort=3a&filter_id=13&y=10&x=10¤cy=USD
Just received my first order: dark havanna, nickel west end (satin finish), 1.25" width. The belt is impressive. And being able to choose a specific hole distance (I chose 3/4 inches apart) is really great. Thanks Dawn & Charlie!
^ sorry, was hungover when I typed that.
The fina is much more see-through relative to the grossa. If you like opaqueness, I'd recommend the fina; if you're not a fan of opaqueness, you should be comfortable with the grossa.
In addition to HY and epaulet (I highly recommend both), one other affiliate option to consider is ehaberdasher. I think they're a bit less expensive (but personally, I'd go with HY or epaulet).
Good job! When I placed my order, the element I actually had the hardest time choosing was lining color. NAMOR -- just curious... since you're the king of shell, have you had much experience with shell from Argentina? Some folks on the shoe damage/porn thread gave me a hard time when I mentioned my forthcoming shell shoes from Meermin.
Insane that these haven't sold yet.
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