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^ Thanks. Although, I meant to aim my question at the new indigo oxford shirts. TS' email this morning did a good job describing them.
I'd likely be interested in a brown, size L.
^^ regarding the indigo shirts, could you describe the fabric a bit more? Hand/feel, weight, etc.? Thanks! They look awesome.
I'm actually in the opposite boat. I'd like to order the new Navy Label as I need shirts with a slightly fuller cut (22" chest measurement), but... I'm also short (5' 7"), which means the shoulder/sleeve/length measurements are all a hair too long (assuming I don't tuck in the shirt).
^^ hmm... with my pair, which arrived a couple weeks ago, I didn't receive any shipping notification.
Someone shoud snag these. Really amazing deal!
Hey Mike,Does this mean ordering a navy tweed sportcoat in a custom size (short) is not an option?Thanks.
Wow! Many great shoes here (I'm tempted by the PTBs).
Placed an order for the Thorogood boots on the new site.
Cappelli uses different terminology. "unlined" on their website means untipped/rolled edges. By default, he uses an interlining, which he refers to as "padding" (although, you can ask him not to use padding/interlining with a custom order). I had a lengthy/awkward email exchange with Patrizio the one time I placed an order.
New Posts  All Forums: