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^ #1 and #3 have both been claimed. #2 is still available.
Hey there, I have three sets of swatches I'm offering up for free. One per person. US only. And please promise to forward on to another good home once you're done with them. 1) "New - Macclesfield Silk Print" -- I think there are 20 in the set; pics are not yet up on samhober.com. 2) Diamond Weave silk 3) Random grab bag -- I have about 20 assorted swatches, between 2 and 4 in the following categories: pin dot grenadine, cotton, linen, wool challis, cashmere,...
That Boglioli jacket is sweet!
Very awesome!Just curious... in terms of your leather choice, is this their regular brown calf (vegano)?I think my own MTO order is about 1 week away from completion.
Try the email address listed within their tumblr. http://meermin.tumblr.com/
I'm looking forward to the same (but in size 40).
^ I like that A LOT.
Were these MTO or stocked? Classic or Linea Maestro?Thanks!
Jamison -- please tell us about what appears to be hand rolled edges on the newest ties...
Click on the link in Kamal's signature. That should do the trick.
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