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Special order/MTO. I think you can basically order any model on any last. They normally only make a few models on the Alcudia last, and when I emailed with Betty several months ago, none of the stocked Alcudias (either web store or brick-mortar stores) were on a model I liked (she sent pics of about four different shoes), so I looked through all their models on other lasts and picked this one.
I just noticed a couple sweet 60/40's too, but in light blue. It's really hard not to kop several.
After a few months wait, here is my MTO order... It's Spoo's favorite model, but on the Alcudia last, rather than the Simpson last. I just prefer a toe shape that has some roundness to it, without much chisel or squarishness. To view my other Carmina shoes (Robert, Forest, and Alcudia; two brown, one black), here are some pics from a few months back -- http://www.styleforum.net/t/241469/carmina-shoe-p0rn/210#post_5237652. Alcudia, black calf (boxcalf), model...
Awesome Vanda!
dhl tracking says: "with delivery courier"
^ haha. Here's something... My MTO order was shipped yesterday. Hopefully they arrive tomorrow, so I can post pics this weekend.
Just curious...Why does the Olfe last include the word "asymmetric" within its name?
stitches -- I've purchased from everyone on your list (but one) and totally agree. I might also nominate Equus Leather and KW for being at the top of the list. KW for value and service. Equus for Charlie being as friendly/patient/responsive as David Hober. Other affiliates I've purchased from: VCH HY Epaulet ASW AFPOS Really, really great experiences all around.
^ those HY ties went quickly. There was also a Kent Wang six-fold, new, for just $22.
NAMOR -- if you think Pepe from Meermin has been great to deal, wait til you deal with Charlie from Equus. I've ordered just one belt from Equus, and the entire process with Charlie and Dawn could not have been more pleasant. Regarding nickel vs stainless steel, both are nice. The stainless steel is brighter/whiter in color. I chose nickel for my belt. Here's a comparison --...
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