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My pair of brown grain ECs arrived this week. They're fantastic. Fit is perfect. And the brown grain leather exceeded expectations (great shade of dark brown; muted grain pattern). Thanks watchidiot.
Done!For a future suede GMTO, here's what I'd like to see:- brown suede (any medium to dark brown shade)- blucher (you pick)- brown flat welt- mini lug sole (the one mimo doesn't like)
Me.I'm likely going to go in for the brown grain, but I'd do suede in a heartbeat. These seem 100% perfect, although I'd change the "light brown" to "medium brown" for the welt/edge specifications --
Theresa -- can you recommend a few medium to heavyweight flannel shirt fabrics (from either/both your new and existing fabrics)? I want a fabric that's both fairly substantial and soft, but it seems a bit difficult to differentiate your various flannel shirt fabrics. Thank you!
I'd say midweight. It's about the best feeling cotton I've encountered.
Yeah, these tees are beyond fantastic. If you're on the fence, don't hesitate to buy a few.I washed cold, tumbled dry low, and wore for a day and here's how the measurements changed:- chest remained unchanged- length shortened between 0.5 and 1 inch
The wool-cash navy check was my pick as well. It seemed most subdued/conservative of the patterns. I've missed out on the previous FFs, so I was happy to treat myself this time... just way too good an offer to pass up, especially being able to select an odd size and odd length (my one other Epaulet sportcoat is an MTO in the Weller, so I have a good idea of getting my fit right).
Gorgeous coat! And a great seller too.
Wow! Fantastic stuff (wish there was a bit more in size 38).
^ when scrolling over them, all sizes seem available. Perhaps it's just a glitch when they pushed the pages live.
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