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^^ Those AS Miller boots are impressive!
^ those look great!
Question on fit... If I have a low instep and narrow heel, i.e., my foot is somewhat low volume in the heel and lacing areas, would either the F or New Peter last work well for me? Thanks!
Is this the regular brown vegano calf leather they use for most rtw shoes (denoted as "dark brown" at the armoury and their web shop), or is this a special/different calf that you requested via MTO?
I like, but epaulet doesn't carry anything in my size (7.5; their shoe offerings seem to start at size 8). The shoemart has a really good option, also in natural chromexcel, but it's on the trubalance last, which seems much too wide for a narrow to medium foot.http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_indy_oxford_natural_chrome_excel/pvc-ald-mxsc-40022_ald_m_indy_oxford.htmlhttp://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_9501_natural_chrome_excel/pvc-ald-mxsc-9501_ald_m_9501.html
I'm in a similar boat as PiperSon and my preferences (and pickiness) are similar. Parker has pointed things in a good direction, but I'd love to hear more suggestions.btw, I recently asked Oak Street if they have an MTO offering, but unfortunately the answer is "no".
Great choices!Grenadines from L to R? dark navy fina, dark chocolate grossa, dark or slate blue grossa?
^ I'm the same size in AE PAs (7.5D) and Alcudia 6.5 is perfect for me.
Sorry to tease all those Simpson fans out there, but this pic is a good illustration of Alcudia's awesome shape (perfect for me in terms of both looks and fit). That's Simpson on the left and Alcudia on the right.Cheers.
Great suit!
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