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Is it possible to order 31 Rudys? The form allows it, but I can't recall if I've seen the Rudy fit in a size 31.Thanks.
I'm probably not the best person to comment on leather quality. I tried the brown suede, not the more typical white, black, navy, or grey leather.
They're a pretty good value. Unfortunately, the sizing didn't work out for me. I'm usually between a size 8 and 8.5 with sneakers and KW's 8 was a bit too small for me. With no half sizes, I was out of luck. But you shouldn't hesitate to try them out.In terms of quality and fit, I've become a huge fan of epaulet's new line of trainers. Made in Portugal of high quality materials for around $225. Although, it also took me a couple orders to get my sizing right (sizing...
I emailed Luxire awhile back about this fabric, but hadn't heard back. I'm trying to get a sense for... Is it more appropriate as a casual shirt or dress shirt?MGoCrimson -- any commentary would be appreciated. Thanks.
I've been debating pulling the trigger on one of these two fabrics/sportcoats.Ben and others -- are there any in-real-life or other additional pics of these two? Would be helpful and appreciated.Thank you.
The Saddle Couro Cromo looks perfect. I wasn't part of the shell pre-order, so I'll be excited when these become available.Mike -- any comment on the timing of the new sport trainer (i.e., not the tennis trainer)? Thanks.
When is the first run of the new sport trainers expected to be available? I really love the overall design changes (I couldn't quite pull the trigger on your prior sport trainers).
Same question here. Those jeans look fantastic. Any advice on the denim and providing measurements (or other specifications) would be appreciated. Thanks.
It's definitely navy and not black. I had the same concern before ordering. Sorry I don't have pics, but IRL it looks a hair more like true navy vs. what you see on the site.
For a good winter shirt fabric (casual), I'd recommend this flannel -- Theresa had recommended it about a month back and I just received it. Nice thickness and softness. This is the second flannel I've received, and now that I have my fit down, I'm about to order a couple more flannels.
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