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Mike -- are the Couro Cromo sneakers arriving this week? Can't wait!! Thanks.
It looks like 38 people ended up going in for the Knox boot. When I ordered mine, I noticed that the "% funded" increased by 10% (it ended at 380% funded). One month turnaround for that volume seems quick... we'll see. http://taylorstitch.com/products/rancourt-for-taylor-stitch-knox-boot
I guess I've missed this in Ben's past updates. What are the details on new suits?I've been on the fence with ordering a Classico II (I'm between sizes), so I could be best off waiting.
I copped these. Just too much good going on to pass them up -- tough wearing waterproof suede highlighted by Michigan Planner + lactae cricket sole.
Is it possible to order 31 Rudys? The form allows it, but I can't recall if I've seen the Rudy fit in a size 31.Thanks.
I'm probably not the best person to comment on leather quality. I tried the brown suede, not the more typical white, black, navy, or grey leather.
They're a pretty good value. Unfortunately, the sizing didn't work out for me. I'm usually between a size 8 and 8.5 with sneakers and KW's 8 was a bit too small for me. With no half sizes, I was out of luck. But you shouldn't hesitate to try them out.In terms of quality and fit, I've become a huge fan of epaulet's new line of trainers. Made in Portugal of high quality materials for around $225. Although, it also took me a couple orders to get my sizing right (sizing...
I emailed Luxire awhile back about this fabric, but hadn't heard back. I'm trying to get a sense for... Is it more appropriate as a casual shirt or dress shirt?MGoCrimson -- any commentary would be appreciated. Thanks.
I've been debating pulling the trigger on one of these two fabrics/sportcoats.Ben and others -- are there any in-real-life or other additional pics of these two? Would be helpful and appreciated.Thank you.
The Saddle Couro Cromo looks perfect. I wasn't part of the shell pre-order, so I'll be excited when these become available.Mike -- any comment on the timing of the new sport trainer (i.e., not the tennis trainer)? Thanks.
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