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mw313 -- Thanks for the past few replies here. Thorough and insightful.I recently considered purchases from several of the newer companies you highlighted --, Cobbler Union, J Fitzpatrick. However, in the end, I've been sticking with Carminas. Skoak is an incredible resource and has a great selection and pricing. I've also found current pricing as low as $300-$325 shipped (Carmina's webstore, quality-shop), which just seems too good to pass up relative...
Does anyone know if the shorts' fly is functional (e.g., zip) or not?Thanks.
Inca looks great! Can anyone comment on fit/sizing of Inca vs. Robert?
Dumb question... when a last is described as "symmetric", what exactly does that mean?Thanks!
Don't forget about Alcudia! I own a couple Alcudias and I'm pretty sure they're primarily the same last as the Simpson and only differ in the toe shape.
I recently placed my first order with Skoaktiebolaget. It's been a few years since I last purchased a pair of Carminas, so I'm excited to see how these turn out. One question I'm a little curious about as I'm thinking of placing another order once I see how the fit of this last (Forest) works out... For Carminas that were in stock before the price changes at the end of February, what changed exactly? For example, were base Carmina models 2,800 SEK and now they're 2,880...
Mike -- are the Couro Cromo sneakers arriving this week? Can't wait!! Thanks.
It looks like 38 people ended up going in for the Knox boot. When I ordered mine, I noticed that the "% funded" increased by 10% (it ended at 380% funded). One month turnaround for that volume seems quick... we'll see.
I guess I've missed this in Ben's past updates. What are the details on new suits?I've been on the fence with ordering a Classico II (I'm between sizes), so I could be best off waiting.
I copped these. Just too much good going on to pass them up -- tough wearing waterproof suede highlighted by Michigan Planner + lactae cricket sole.
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