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PM'd on the BBBF OCBDs.
Update and price drop.
Very positive recent experience with both: velvel87 scruff Great communication + speedy shipping + plus terrific items.
Here are two mint condition items for sale: - Both have been purchased at retail in the past eighteen months (I can share an original receipt for the BB blazer) - Both are in mint condition -- the blazer has been worn four times, the suit has been worn once - Only minimal alterations have occurred -- the blazer's original sleeve length and the suit's pant length were tailored, nothing else. - Prices include shipping CONUS; payment via paypal. Brooks Brothers Golden...
this is in their weekly sales section? anyone tempted?
Tailoring questions: - if I need my tailor to shorten the length of a sport coat (not the sleeve, but the body, perhaps by about 3/4 inch), how big of job is that? and what might be a ballpark price? - for sleeve shortening -- assuming the cuff buttons are not functional and assuming the sleeve is overall fairly slim/tapered, what's the max length that a jacket's sleeves can be shortened (from the end, not from the shoulder)? Or is there no max (i.e., 3 or 4 inches is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brianpore Got an email with a free shipping code from Ralph Lauren good through June 19th. Not planing on using it, so figured I'd pass it along. Pretty sure it's a one time deal, but not positive JUNETHX8979 I got the same email and same code. It does state, "on all purchases through June 19", so it should work for as many orders as one makes.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Billy Reid store in Dallas Texas at the Northpark mall is moving on Monday. They have a bunch of items on deep discount because of this till Sunday. A rack of $700 sportscoats for $179 and $200 shirts for $59. Plus some selected pants for $69 and a small selection of shoes. Worth stoping buy if you live in the area. Never seen the brand this discounted. I got a fully canvased brown windowpain tweed sportscoat...
Quote: Originally Posted by newbie123 I apologize for the bump, please see post above. looks good. sleeves could maybe be a half inch shorter, but that's a nitpick and not totally clear.
I'd prefer a shorter placket with one less button.
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