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This ranks among my favorite threads. Equal parts craziness + funny sarcasm + insightful information.
You're right -- I totally missed that on their homepage. Some decent deals (I purchased one item) = sale item - minus VAT - minus discount code + $0 shipping.
That code seems to also include free shipping (at least to the US).
H&M. they're thin, cheap ($5.95), and come in a wide variety of colors and shapes (deep v-neck and very deep v-neck).
- 33 to 34 inch waist - 8.25 to 9 inch leg opening - flat front Any fabric. Prefer relatively conservative colors. Thanks.
Wow! those are nice... wish they were my size.
Post #14,000? Congrats!
You might want to ask the tailor to itemize the charges. On a recent trip to my tailor, I found that I was accidentally overcharged and they quickly corrected it. $200 seems a bit high. Without knowing more specifics, I would have guessed the price for your suit's work somewhere in the ballpark of $150 for a top notch tailor.
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