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Here were the details on the tie I got (note: I copied NOBD's construction, but size and color were different)... - color = fina #35. David had sent me a few swatches so that I could compare the color and compare the fina vs. grossa. the grossa I'd characterize as closer to a typical grenadine (e.g., Kent Wang), while the fina seems a little lighter and more unique. If you'd like to see pics on the fina #35, let me know. - size = 3.15 width and 55 length - construction...
Reevolving -- before answering, I want to say thanks for the Adblock suggestion. Visiting SF is now a 100x better experience. I just got my first Hober. Not sure if I'll ever be able to go back to other options. I copied NOBD's construction, but opted for the dark purple/black fina color. I hope he doesn't mind me re-posting his pic (better than I can take):
Great deals on the AS shoes. I've really been wanting to have a pair of shoes with dainite soles. Hopefully the ones I ordered fit well.
You might want to try sizing down in your neck size (when starting out, some of us initially think our neck measurement is bigger than it actually should be). The CT tailored shirts are about the slimmest in the waist that I've found and you can see from their measurements that just a half size difference in neck size can translate to a noticeable difference in waist measurement.
Nice jacket!
Thanks for the insights. ^ and yes, you're right, the body length of this jacket is shorter (in addition to it being slimmer). for the 48eu/38us, the boc measurement is just 28.25 inches. (fortunately, I'm short.)
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I've read this and a few other threads about Raffaelle Caruso, but I wanted to see if anyone would like to enlighten me on a RC sports coat I recently bought off Yoox. It seems to be the Raffaele Caruso model and not Sartoria Parma. Does anything seem particularly bad/good about it? There are a couple things I've noticed that I'm not sure are normal: - the tag/hook at the top of the inside of the jacket is just plain navy (i.e., it doesn't say "made in italy") - the...
Most of the blazers and sports coats on Yoox are listed as having "buttoned cuffs" -- although that seems to mean non functional buttonholes in the vast majority of cases (which is normal; Yoox just uses weird/non-specific wording). I'm guessing your SC falls into this category, i.e., non functional, faux buttonholes. This is generally a good thing, since it makes the length of the sleeves very easy for your tailor to alter. I'm not sure if it's possible to turn faux...
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