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- 33 to 34 inch waist - 8.25 to 9 inch leg opening - flat front Any fabric. Prefer relatively conservative colors. Thanks.
Wow! those are nice... wish they were my size.
Post #14,000? Congrats!
You might want to ask the tailor to itemize the charges. On a recent trip to my tailor, I found that I was accidentally overcharged and they quickly corrected it. $200 seems a bit high. Without knowing more specifics, I would have guessed the price for your suit's work somewhere in the ballpark of $150 for a top notch tailor.
Did a new version of this fit battle make it over to our new version of the forum? Did I miss a conclusion?
I recently purchased these during a sale at onthefly. They're great pants, made in the USA, but unfortunately, they just don't work me. Here are the details: $145 retail, price is $44 shipped CONUS (just looking to get back what I paid) - new with tags - standard fit (M2, see product page link) - flat front - product pages can be found here and here - color is listed as "nautical navy". it could be described as having some indigo/purple hue. this group shot has it...
I actually came close to visiting Ibiza during a Europe trip ten years ago... but I heard one too many stories about an over-the-top/crazy/weird party scene. Were they true?
Per this thread, it's the Dark Chocolate Grenadine Garza Fina. There are some other very nice pics of that tie on the following page.
Here were the details on the tie I got (note: I copied NOBD's construction, but size and color were different)... - color = fina #35. David had sent me a few swatches so that I could compare the color and compare the fina vs. grossa. the grossa I'd characterize as closer to a typical grenadine (e.g., Kent Wang), while the fina seems a little lighter and more unique. If you'd like to see pics on the fina #35, let me know. - size = 3.15 width and 55 length - construction...
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