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Apologies in advance for a very dumb question... I have a new pair of borrelli pants that I really like -- fabric (lightweight cotton) and fit are exactly what I'm wanting, with one exception -- leg opening. They're cut fairly slim and the leg opening is just under 8". I'm perhaps planning to wear these exclusively as casual pants (and with sneakers) and I'd really like the opening to be wider (8.5"+), but in looking at the inside of the leg seams, there appears to be...
This ranks among my favorite threads. Equal parts craziness + funny sarcasm + insightful information.
You're right -- I totally missed that on their homepage. Some decent deals (I purchased one item) = sale item - minus VAT - minus discount code + $0 shipping.
That code seems to also include free shipping (at least to the US).
H&M. they're thin, cheap ($5.95), and come in a wide variety of colors and shapes (deep v-neck and very deep v-neck).
- 33 to 34 inch waist - 8.25 to 9 inch leg opening - flat front Any fabric. Prefer relatively conservative colors. Thanks.
Wow! those are nice... wish they were my size.
Post #14,000? Congrats!
You might want to ask the tailor to itemize the charges. On a recent trip to my tailor, I found that I was accidentally overcharged and they quickly corrected it. $200 seems a bit high. Without knowing more specifics, I would have guessed the price for your suit's work somewhere in the ballpark of $150 for a top notch tailor.
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