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Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Billy Reid store in Dallas Texas at the Northpark mall is moving on Monday. They have a bunch of items on deep discount because of this till Sunday. A rack of $700 sportscoats for $179 and $200 shirts for $59. Plus some selected pants for $69 and a small selection of shoes. Worth stoping buy if you live in the area. Never seen the brand this discounted. I got a fully canvased brown windowpain tweed sportscoat...
Quote: Originally Posted by newbie123 I apologize for the bump, please see post above. looks good. sleeves could maybe be a half inch shorter, but that's a nitpick and not totally clear.
I'd prefer a shorter placket with one less button.
First off, I'm not sure what this type of leather/design is called -- a lighter colored shoe where the area near the toe is much darker than the rest of the shoe. I bought this pair of Gucci lace-ups and I like them, but I'm wondering... Does the leather's color pattern make them look too trendy or too distinct to wear with a suit or in business settings? The pair that I have shows a little more contrast than you'll notice in the pic below. here's the product...
Quote: Originally Posted by hst Has the F&F event started? I don't see it on BB's website yet. the f&f sale has indeed started (although, it's not mentioned on the homepage). the promo code is 05FRIEND.
Quote: Originally Posted by scott anderson I am a member and thank you for considering my Blazer. If you're concerned about your size, please call our 800 number. We have live 24/7 US telephone operators who will actually patch you directly to me. After a brief conversation, I'll be able to let you know what size you are. Feel free to spend more, but I think you'll be very satisfied with our Blazer. Because we ship factory direct to you, we don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I'm starting to put together the next run of polos. I would appreciate your input on: Other colors you would like Is anyone interested in a XXL? 1st choice -- light grey or medium grey 2nd choice -- green
I have zero knowledge about VAT and taxes, but... One key question here seems to be, "does CT systematically charge one type of customer more than another type of customer?" It seems like the answer is perhaps "no". I bought some recent shirts (tailored fit) and they are now listed as 39 usd on the US site and 29.95 pounds on the UK site. It seems to be that -- depending on the particular product and the current promotions -- prices can fluctuate a bit. I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by Larson McCord what should a lining be made of and what difference does it make? Of the little research I've done on typical jacket linings (e.g., acetate, rayon, etc.), I thought polyester is the only one that doesn't breathe. I sometimes have to wear a suit in 90 or 100 degree weather, so it seems like this should be a consideration. Am I wrong?
Tailoring/alteration question -- if I want to move the buttons of a shirt sleeves' cuffs (i.e., unsewn and then moved about a half inch), is that an easy job? How much should I expect to pay per shirt?
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