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This.Perhaps it's largely due to a decline in overall traffic (both sellers and buyers) as folks become used to the new platform. But regardless, the urgency factor has disappeared.
PM sent.
Not a fan of PF. I recently tried one of their shirts (slim fit). The biggest issue is it seems like 100% of their shirts have pockets... and they are huge... they wrap all the way around to nearly under the arm pit (looking almost comical). That was true on both the 14.5 and 15.5 sizes I tried.
I'm a big Santoni fan. I'd guess that shoe trees and good care should minimize the issue.
Bump to a great seller. I just received the navy raw silk tie. It's spectacular. I was initially hesitant as I own another recent Bloomingdales house brand tie that isn't too impressive (inexpensive, made in China). However, the tag on this one says, "hand sewn. made in USA." the quality and color are really amazing.
The new site feels heavy and slow. Perhaps some bugs are still being resolved, and there are surely major improvements with the new site (some usability, design, web technologies/architecture). However, on the Web, nothing trumps speed (and being lightweight).
Bump for a good seller. Got my shirt last week.
They seem to randomly insert "buttoned cuffs" into the product description of sport coats. In some cases, you can see in the close-up images that the buttons are actually functional. But it also seems as though they'll include "buttoned cuffs" within the description of the vast majority (e.g., 80%) of sport coats and suits. Their shipping and return policies are good, so I'd recommend rolling the dice.
PM sent on #4.
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