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Stick with the 38S. something about the arms/shoulders of the 36S make it look way off.
PM sent.
Desktop/laptop experience has been fine. But the mobile experience is still almost unbearable (e.g., on an iphone). This site is image heavy and heavy in general (likely due to its underlying web technology/architecture), which makes scrolling on a small screen not so doable.
Kent Wang and Howard Yount are both good sources for Marcoliani socks.
great shirt. and fantastic price. (but yeah, those measurements are sort of on the big side.)
great pair of pants. if they measured a little bigger (33"), i'd take them.
Really nice jacket. Wish it was my size.
PM sent.
This.Perhaps it's largely due to a decline in overall traffic (both sellers and buyers) as folks become used to the new platform. But regardless, the urgency factor has disappeared.
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