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I also change my tennis trainer lacing exactly like this.
^ I'm a member of the Team Saddle as well. Arrived on Monday, but haven't put them on yet as they look too pretty/perfect.
^ Big fan of both options above for future Sport Trainers: - all-alabaster calfskin - unfinished horsehide
Mike -- thanks for the additional sizing advice with the sport trainers. One more question on them... What additional colors do you expect to carry between now and the fall? While I'm tempted by the loden, I'd definitely like to see navy and perhaps a mocha/brown. Thanks.
I don't have any action pics, but I just posted some comparison pics here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/362365/the-quintessential-dress-shoe-black-cap-toe-oxford/690#post_7876313
^ Sure. Here you go. I've included three new pairs here -- all just out of box, no conditioner or wax yet. Apologies for the amateurish pic quality. From top/back to bottom/front: Yanko (915 last), Herring Charles II (AS 109 last), Carmina (Forest last). From lower left to top right: Yanko (915 last), Herring Charles II (AS 109 last), Carmina (Forest last). From upper right, clockwise: Yanko (915 last), Herring Charles II (AS 109 last), Carmina (Forest...
got the natural duck canvas. thanks.
I have the 732 on the forest last (black cap toe oxford). It has a good amount of room in the forefoot and toe area (although, it's perhaps the shortest/stubbiest of Carmina's common lasts). I'd imagine it should work well for you.
Received two new pairs of black cap toes this week: Herring's Charles II -- built on Alfred Sargent's 109 last, these have a wonderful narrow waist. (approx. $370 shipped.) Yanko -- on their 915 last. Below is my post from the Yanko thread. (approx. $270 shipped.) I received my first pair of Yanko shoes. Ordered from shoeparadis and shoes were delivered about ten days after order placed (DHL to US). I'm really impressed by the 915 last. It makes sense why...
^ Yup, I read the website copy. Just wasn't sure whether these are 100% identical in sizing or if they lean a small percentage in one direction (smaller, bigger) relative to the tennis trainers.
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