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My sport coat arrived yesterday. No shipping notification. Heavyweight charcoal cashmere. Holy crap it's awesome. Packaging is impressive. Name label inside jacket a pleasant surprise.Wish I had ordered one or two more.
Mike or Dylan -- can you comment on the difference between the onyx hopsack and charcoal hopsack? Thanks.
Just curious... the sleeves aren't too long for you?
If anyone can provide a chest measurement (armpit-to-armpit) for either a size 15 or 15.5, it'd be much appreciated. Thank you!
For anyone who owns the white grain trainers (either tennis or sport), can you share any thoughts on how much you enjoy them, when you wear them, etc.? I'm tempted, and I own the tennis trainers in a few other colors/leathers... just haven't previously owned shoes with a grain leather quite like this. Thanks!
Mike/Sam -- Yes, please tell us more about that "Kale & Khaki Cross Hatch Flannel" fabric. Looks interesting.Thanks!
I've been wondering about this as well. I first noticed it about 48 hours ago.
Mike -- can you comment on overall fit and last differences between the FC High and the Tennis High? I understand we should take the same size in both. It's just hard to choose one over the other without first putting them on my feet.Thanks.
Stop making me buy more sneakers I don't need... haha. Great to see a couple pairs in my size.Thanks.
I've had some luck in recent years with a couple different no-show socks from Nordstrom. One was a wool no-show from Tretorn that no longer seems to be available anywhere online. The other is this Calvin Klein sock that Nordstrom still sells. They've held up well, are comfortable and shaped well (truly no-show), no issues with the heel grip, and the material contains no...
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