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Wow! Fantastic stuff (wish there was a bit more in size 38).
^ when scrolling over them, all sizes seem available. Perhaps it's just a glitch when they pushed the pages live.
+1. My dark havanna is at the top of my rotation.
Not possible.
^ Nice! I'm not sure if I've ever seen a PTB from Carmina. I nearly ordered one MTO from Betty earlier in the year (it would have been cordovan #8 on the forest last). Fortunately for my wallet, Paul & friends doesn't stock my size (6.5 uk).
Kent Wang has some great quality ones by Marcoliani (in white and khaki). I also wear the under armour ones. http://www.kentwang.com/socks/marcoliani-loafer-khaki.html
Same experience for me at clubmonaco. If you apply your voucher, the sale discount goes from 30% to 12%.Any suggestions/fixes?
Received my Thorogood horsehide boots today (ordered from the new site last week). The comfort right out of the box is amazing. I suppose it's the gel/poron insole. Really fantastic.
^ Thanks. Although, I meant to aim my question at the new indigo oxford shirts. TS' email this morning did a good job describing them.
I'd likely be interested in a brown, size L.
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