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Mike -- are there other details about the Dartmouth's shape/cut that are different than the regular jacket? Specifically, I'm wondering if you made the armholes higher (or labels wider). Thanks!
Crazy this hasn't sold. If only it were a 38S.
Dumb question... Heldentenor, I'd like to order the same madder as you. However, the one time I ordered from Cappelli, the knot is just way too small (relative to my Vanda and Hober ties). When placing the group order, is there a way I can indicate "large tie knot" for a 3-fold construction, so that Patricio adjusts both the tie *shape* and interlining accordingly (like Vanda and Hober do)? Thanks.
Ben -- with the navy blue hopsack specifically, is there any chance of being able to do short/long sizes? Thanks.
Si. Yes.Mike -- it's worth shooting and presenting Harris Tweeds and other fall fabrics. Thanks.
The brown melange is an easy call for me. Thanks Ben.
Any of three below would be an easy call for me.Thanks.
No, they're half canvassed.
My henleys arrived yesterday too. White, burgundy and navy. So awesome.
In case you haven't noticed... Really great deal on the union jersey tees (tees and henleys) -- 3-packs for $52-$65 --
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