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Si. Yes.Mike -- it's worth shooting and presenting Harris Tweeds and other fall fabrics. Thanks.
The brown melange is an easy call for me. Thanks Ben.
Any of three below would be an easy call for me.Thanks.
No, they're half canvassed.
My henleys arrived yesterday too. White, burgundy and navy. So awesome.
In case you haven't noticed... Really great deal on the union jersey tees (tees and henleys) -- 3-packs for $52-$65 -- http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale.
Mike -- I'd prefer the 1160/grey.
Yeah, 9.5 sounds right to me based on everything you've outlined.
For anyone who is a size 9... http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale/products/fc-high-trainer-couro-cromo-steerhide-saddle-navy. I'm surprised no one has kopped them at that price the past couple days.
Mike -- yeah, if you can make the all alabaster as a 3rd colorway, I'll be in. I have your alabaster tennis trainers and they're my favorite sneakers.Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: