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I think sometimes ignoring is just hard. Specially if he make fun of you in front of many friends. I never faced such thing in my life before. So, I simply don't know the right way to act.
By the way, I know why he made sarcasm of me. I live in a part of this world where style and look and being gentle does not exist.(to be fair, barely exists). But I'm here to ask how to deal with it. In other word, what it you were me, what would you do?
Since this is a style forum where everyone here care and love to look good, and where it all started for me to care about my self, I think my topic is in the right place. How to deal with friends who teases you and make fun of your cloth? Carefully, I started out tp choose what to dress and what not to, and how to keep with good fashion taste(Not too fancy) 1 year ago. And stopped wearing typical college guy cloth(T-Shirt and jeans) style. Everyone noticed how good and...
Trousers and chinos looks great feom the photos. And Made in USA!
Hello everyone! I started wearing slim fit Casual pants from GAP, 2 months ago and they looks great on me. So, from the fact that I have never worn a casual pants before I'm posting this. seeking for your advice. what do you think? Good brands for slim fits casual pants? Note: Price range 60-150$
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