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But the snowflake is what we call in the UK a Marmite design (Marmite being a yeast extract spread on toast that people either love or hate).
I suppose this makes my point. You love fine watches but the beater watch you had for 25 years never got worn. You preferred to wear a good watch though maybe not your finest one on a daily basis.It really just shows that we are all different and trying to apply logic to our decisions about cars and watches etc is fruitless.
But if you have a supercar in the garage and you enjoy driving surely you can afford more than a beaten up 200,000 mile old car for every day driving, a small BMW or Mini or whatever else takes your fancy.
Swatch On the car front I have never understood the classic car and daily beater system. There seems a dichotomy, if you love cars why are you driving a rubbish car every day, if you don't love cars then classic cars area volatile investment and not something that should take up a significant proportion of your portfolio.
As you see in black and my photography it is difficult to distinguish from other fabrics
It exists and was not uncommon in the 60's. My own DJ is silk Dupioni in black.
Cool vibe from those watches mimo
There are plenty of Zenith dress watches around. This was my first vintage buy and I still have it
To me those are spot on formal loafers. I use a black J Fitzpatrick Laurelhurst which is very similar with a discrete medallion for black tie and black Crockett and Jones Kemptons (no longer made) with a morning coat. Morning-dress is an alternative for bdavro that has not been proposed and is equally appropriate.
If you like the G & G and Cleverley aesthetic I would choose Foster and Son or JLP over JLSJ.
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