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Without Cost my week would have been truly dire.
But gem set watches are great value second hand.
The new series is off to a good star I think 2 out of 3 with good plots so far. I assume I has not been broadcast yet in the USA so I will not spoil anything
Too busy for me when reduced to real size it is much less legible, and the 14 to 17 are on a different arc.This one is more my thing.
UPS have been sitting on my shoes for a week, hopefully now resolved.
I know what you mean. I bet on Man U with their great run of fixtures and look where it has got me.
Porsche 911 owners are a little too fanatical for me. I sometimes think that if Helios offered his chariot made of gold and able to cross the world in half a day to a 911 owner he would say "No thanks, it does not handle like a 911."Of course Helios's son was Phaeton but that's another story.
Just picked up the Ravennas from the sample sale - Can't wait to try therm on.
Adam Not many first posts are as articulate as yours. Welcome.
Certain parts of this model have been sun affected.
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