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It wasn't a car related vacation was it?
Your only chance to buy a watch worn on the moon an it is not even an Omega: "The watch worn by Commander Dave Scott during the Apollo 15 moon mission is set to go to auction this October. The sale of a timepiece worn by an astronaut is a rare occurrence as the standard Omega chronographs issued to the select dozen spacemen who have stepped foot on the Moon have all been officially owned by NASA, making them government property, and are now housed within government-owned...
plus Date numbers Bi-metallic watches Lazy typography The limited number of really TWAT approved watches - RO, Nautilus, Sub, GMT, Reverso Buying for investment
Not often enough.
If you can let the grandparents help - do. We really enjoy our grand children - but not for too long!
DLJr Congratulations to all. It sound like you are right and you already have the watch to celebrate the birth of your baby girl. What about getting one for your child instead?
I'd say f**k it and wear the suit that tells who you are and not try and fit in with the creatives. If that is the blue one so be it. Are captoes necessary - if you would be uncomfortable in something less formal stick with them. Do you need a wedding tie perhaps not. I assume at sometime in the evening you will have your jacket and tie off and be on the dance-floor so do not be too formal.
There was a discussion in another forum on lighting saying "Why are there no classic LED light fittings?". Apart from the discussion of how long does a product have to have been around before it can be considered a classic was the question of new technology. Can one compose a new riff on old technology which mechanical wristwatches are? It is easier early in a technology's implementation which is why the Rolex Oyster, Cartier Tank and JLC Reverso etc remain classics...
I suspect the reason the fonts used in the 70's and earlier were more individual, even bespoke, was because computer aided design did not exist then. I remember working in a drawing office on a drawing board on paper (or acrylic) with a pen or pencil. If I go into our drawing office now there is not a pen to be seen and even final designs rarely make it to paper but are spirited around the world electronically. Also I believe some of the most objectionable fonts...
I see your point regarding the typeface within the window. I misunderstood and thought it was the window itself you had a problem with which to me looks OK though with my eyesight date windows are generally useless.
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