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I actually prefer the W215 version of the CL with the twin headlamps.
A similar look to their McAfee 3 tie Derby.
And any Yummy Mummy in London would not be seen on the Kings Road or Sloane Street in anything less than a Range Rover.
Saving the pennies for another watch?
Finn - I usually agree with you but of the two monstrosities, which are the Cayenne and Q7, I would have to say I think the Q7 better suits it function. I find the Cayenne and Panamera to be two of the ugliest cars on the market.
It never hurt Porsche.
Well still no blog action in the shop as far as I can see. I think the blog attracted people to the shop and not the reverse so it seems a strange commercial decision to me.
I am going to keep banging this gong as I know the 98% of people who hire their DJ for the odd occasion they need one would look better in suit like photo 4 above rather than 1 and 3 which is the usual mess, bow tie or not..
I know I am in the minority in this thread but the stilted and repressed costume worn 80 years ago is not the example we should be following. I suspect the disappearance of the bow tie will be the first brick in the wall to be removed followed by all that shiny material. I am all for a formal style just not one that my grandfather born when Queen Victoria was on the throne would have worn.
You do not like them? It's showbiz!
New Posts  All Forums: