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On the JLC Boutique front I went into the Boutique in London looking for a coloured faced Reverso. It was only after trying all them and many others that I decided to buy there and then the bog standard, without second hand, GRUT. As is often said try them all on and buy the one that sings to you.
It just goes to show Sator does not know everything.
Academic white tie is common in Scandinavia and Finland for PhD ceremonies. If you are awarded a Nobel prize be prepared to wear white tie too.
Great rigs magnus. My own preference is not to fasten the coat of my morning dress and perhaps the buttoning point on yours is higher than ideal.
No you do not need a cummerbund with that.
It could be worn as a dinner jacket if you found the trousers to go with it. Unfortunately only velvet jackets and the more outré coloured and patterned DJs can be worn with any old black tie trouser. So yes it is an orphan.
There are fashion brands who try and ones who are just in it for the cash just like their sunglasses and perfume etc. As Blaugrana has said Hermes is one of the good guys. Montblanc and Cartier are a couple of other brands known for other products who make their own watches, Cartier especially has a real history in wrist-watches perhaps the greatest but I think if you go for Nomos they are not in your sights. The Slim de Hermes is at the top of your range price wise...
Show 2 of TG was definitely better than show 1. I hope they find their feet as it could work out if they spread the load around and do not have too much of Chris Evans whose descriptive powers are weak. In the old TG they used to make derogatory comments about each others fancy cars. CE seems much to keen to show off his garage of supercars and the rest should start ribbing him. I am interested in the F pace though it showed well and in the showroom it has the space...
You've got to like the look of the watch before you start and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. By asking the question you have indicated you are after more than just looks, perhaps "authenticity", perhaps "quality" whatever the reason you are buying a watch from a watchmaker not a fashion designer which means something to people interested in watches. How much cash do you have? Is buying a relatively expensive watch going to mean you cannot buy something else? If...
I would look under coatings - one such a W Bill 21531 (to 21534) comes from a set with a Donegal type fleck hough the picture of the swatch for the black and white one does not show it clearly.
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