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I would not touch a white waistcoat with black tie but if you like the look go for it.
Yes that really p....d me off both here and at the other place.
I looked at CM for the first time in many months and was surprised to see the number of Official Affiliate Threads. Still I suppose the site needs to earn a buck or two.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I had looked at the A7 when choosing the BMW and but for the garage welching on a deal would have chosen it then. Alternatives to the Ghibli were the Merc E class estate hybrid (crappy engine, low cost interior and I hated driving on electric as I was worried I would hit someone), Audi A6 Allroad (solid but poor value), Range Rover Sport (new version is great but interior felt tiny for its size), I did not consider another BMW as the 7 was not a good drive and all BMWs...
Is not the slide rule based on log tables which go back to ancient Greece if I am not mistaken?
I am surprised that some of you think you know why I bought my car. I have had it now for 6 months - trouble free. It has 4 usable seats, a decent sized boot, looks great, goes as fast as is legal and decent. It is not a sports car, I have a child seat in the back. My previous car was a 7 series and this does a similar job better for me.
A talented craftsman is learning all the time and though I thought my first effort at walking stick making was good (which it was in some ways and by the book) and my tutor was good enough to say the same I realised pretty soon that it was heavy and unrefined. It may be that the student has such ugly feet that he will never be able to make a beautiful pair of shoes for himself no matter how well made they are which is not in dispute whereas he would be easily capable of...
Having Aguero and Costa in my team has not bought me much success so far this season.
You are correct. I would never consider wearing patent shoes of whatever type and have a number of bespoke shoes. Personally I prefer a very well polished loafer (such as the Fitzpatrick Laurelhurst or Cleverley Rothchild) with DJ but understand that for a business function an Oxford or Derby may be appropriate.
New Posts  All Forums: