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I reckon even I could work on one of these.
Congratulations Belligero and family
It's black tie requested - I wonder how many will bother to wear it.
You will find plenty of photos of well respected individuals wearing just what you are proposing. Go ahead and save the money and you will still be among the best dressed. Just shine the shoes well! FYI one of my evening shirts is a plain silk one with buttons.
While I can admire the craftsmanship of the Breguet and other such watches I do not see beauty in them. It seems to me a little beauty seeps away every time you add a sub-dial.
I remember that although it is a similar size in plan to the GRUT it is quite a bit thicker. How does it wear?
Was that the Watch Club one? Very nice.
Beautiful. And I do not just mean the morning dress. To have looked as cool as you do in such heat is very impressive. Your groomsmen/ushers show great style as well. I've only just noticed the last white tie picture. Great too.
Sounds like a great idea acconrad. No problem if your groomsmen get their tuxes from a different brand provided the colours match and this side of the Atlantic it does not matter if your groomsmen's tuxes do not all match. It looks as if they have bought them not hired them.
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