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I can think of plenty of other things I'd prefer to spend a hundred grand on but I take your point.
I take your point mimo about design language and a coherent brand look. It is a double edged sword however - dull glacial design evolution seems to work well commercially, witness Porsche, Audi, Rolex, Montblanc (pens), the two button single-breasted suit, the cap toe shoe etc. There is though a place for design experimentation, but as in fashion so with watches the experiments are usually messes. I think with Patek - for most of their range with complications people...
I pulled up beside a Mansory Cyrus yesterday - Google it - an Aston Martin gaudily tarted up for the Middle Eastern Market at great expense, gold threaded carbon fibre, gold plated wheels, air scoops going nowhere.
Mid table mediocrity
+1 If it is the only possibility sleeve garters work.
+1As has been mentioned in a recent post the photos on the auction house website though useful do not always show the watches size and proportions, all watches whatever their size will fill the picture frame. It is definitely worth going to the viewings, Many auction houses will send you a PDF condition report on the watch/es you want to bid on which provides more information than the short catalogue listing. .Unless it is a grail watch the safest thing to do is to keep...
The Nautilus 4700 is 26mm and 10 year old examples are available
Code:Avoiding the tax man may also have something to do with it.Lovely pictures BTW
Very pretty. Classical.
+1Go AD - "Because she's worth it". If you go the grey route she may wonder why you do not think she is worth buying from an AD.
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