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Such sad new for Derby and Spurs supporters today of the death of David Mackay.
Congrats Keith T from another GRUT fan.
Your picture of the Explorer II on the orange strap is the first time I have ever seen that watch look good. Great.
Winter tyres and wheels?
Jag or MB? Until you have tested them both there is no decision to be made. As I have not tested either I cannot help. You seem to be looking for a powerful front engined two seater sports car so could add the Aston Martin Vantage or if you really want to spend some cash the Ferrari 599 or if you can wait the Maserati Alfieri or Nissan GTR if badges do not matter to you.
Not like watches
You are right in London it is S class > 7 Series > A8. In Mayfair and Belgravia Rolls Royce and Bentley outnumber them all. I am always disappointed when a limousine service turns up with an E class it seems wrong but still better than the American vehicles the hen nights parties are so fond of.
The Phaeton, which was the best car I have ever owned, was a comparative flop in Europe too and only kept in production by Chinese sales. VW group were only able to make the design a success by sticking a Bentley badge on the front of the W12 and a bit more wood and leather inside (although the Phaeton was available with beautifully inlaid marquetry) and selling it as the Continental and Flying spur at twice the price. People are strange Those that bought the 5 series...
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