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Why not a 5 door or estate that increases the choice on Autotrader almost tenfold. If you want to spoil the children with space there are VW Phaetons kicking around just under and over your target price.
I know I'm late to this but how come nobody mentioned the Citroen DS - remember this was released in 1955!My uncle used to have a succession of the Safari version in the 60s and 70s.
Thanks Dino. Yes she is willing to go pre-owned as she has found the current Cartier bracelet watches not to her taste. She likes the rectangular integrated look of the Cartier Francaise rather than the larger face of most round watches even if on a bracelet. Diamonds on the bezel are certainly not a deal-breaker.
A question. My wife is looking for a gold watch and she prefers a bracelet. Currently the ones that have caught her eye are the Cartier Tank Francaise and the Boucheron Reflet. She will almost certainly buy quartz. Any alternative suggestions?
Still watching.
The sillk shirt is from Budd a standard item is their evening wear selection. The DJ is bespoke from Carr Son and Woor (a London tailor which no longer exists who made suits for LBJ) in black Thai silk with satin silk facing and braid, I believe Gianni Agnelli had a similar taste for silk DJs.I would not present my own point of view as a rule, in my opinion is that there are too many rules which people try to apply to black tie.
I suppose my point of view is if you are going to wear black tie do it the way you think best and for me that includes a silk shirt, silk tie, silk DJ and trousers (the only unusual items) and silk socks.
I suppose I regard the display of bare flesh at the ankle in the same way you regard the display of shirt at the waist.I do find though with a properly made and fitting DJ that there is no white triangle at the waist.
I agree not as important as a bow tie - about the same level as a cummerbund.
I do, others may not.
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