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Currently wearing this manual wind designed and built in 2015
I have not done the GMTO but its existence pushed me to my own Genesee MTO - now just the long wait.
Don't believe everything you read on the internet dwlbu
The idea one should not wear a watch a night is a new one. In years gone by there were cocktail watches specially made for ladies to show off their diamonds and all the major watchmakers still make these little beauties. A discreet slimline watch is normal for a man and I choose to wear gold faced ones with a DJ.
I was married 25 years before getting a wedding ring. It is thin gold and a rounded square shape which I found most comfortable. If you are never going to take it off it needs to be something you forget you are wearing in my opinion.
As I mentioned earlier I am looking for a bracelet watch for my wife and many small women's watches by VC, Cartier etc are quartz. My wife would be very happy with a quartz watch but I worry that those older than a certain date may be difficult to get repaired/serviced whereas a mechanical one will always be able to be fixed. Am I right or wrong.
Yes I am - it came into my SF messages inbox. It is a classic! Here is part: "I am currently admitted to hospital suffering from lung cancer and Parkinson's disease. I have some funds deposited in a Bank here where I live, now in the moment I inherited from my late husband account the amount of $ 3.500.000. million, I know that i can trust you to use the funds for the divine project of charity, and i know that you have a good character and fear of God, my goal is to make...
Did anyone else get a Nigerian 419 Scam type letter in their inbox?
That's a beauty.
Why not a 5 door or estate that increases the choice on Autotrader almost tenfold. If you want to spoil the children with space there are VW Phaetons kicking around just under and over your target price.
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