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Arauerbach - What about something like The Foxx showed in this post http://www.styleforum.net/t/275650/the-state-of-black-tie-your-observations/2900_50#post_7208923 I think it would go well with your dress. You have posted in a forum where many of the members have a very fixed idea about black tie but there are also some of us who have more flexible views. Another alternative for him could be a velvet jacket. I would go for stylish look for him after all your dress is...
Why would you want to dress the same as your grandfather? This harks back to the concept that styles do not change when they are changing all the time. If people feel safe dressing according to a uniform so be it.You will be horrified to hear that my evening suit is made from black Thai silk has a shawl collar and flapped hacking pockets and that I wear a plain silk shirt with buttons and leather Albert style loafers and no cummerbund!. What a slob
Oh no
Strange how two people can look at the same picture and have different opinions. To me the sleeves are fine but the neck is too big.
I like foxx's look - I think it stems from being a child of the 60s when we thought there were no rules and we could do everything better than our fathers rather than being a child of the 50's believing our fathers and grandfathers knew best and we had to follow them.
Archibald is a little traditional. I was in the wedding party at a casual lakeside wedding recently and wore a floral tie, your mass of dots tie is not to my taste but if you and your partner like it that's the main thing. He is right in not matching tie and square, I wore a silk square with a paisley print on complementary colours to the tie stuffed in a more casual manner. The shoes you have chosenseem neither formal nor casual I would go for a suede similar to the...
Unless it's on the beach or if he tells you not to wear one wear a tie. Either suit is fine I would stick to a white shirt. Point collar for a wedding. Loafers are fine but wear socks for a wedding. And not some heavy weight boat shoe sized loafer but a slim dress one if you have to.
Sometimes today with 3 piece suits they lengthen the waistcoat to make up for the modern style of "hipster" trousers. If you are getting a 3 piece they look best with a shorter waistcoat which means a higher rise trouser which may look less fashionable if worn as a two piece. Just something to consider.
Is no frills offloading some of his collection? Or is this just an opportunity for him to get more? "Join us in the New York galleries from 7 - 9 June for this exhibition offering a remarkable selection of wristwatches by Patek Phillip from a visionary private collection, featuring a ground-breaking group of pieces commissioned in titanium. Leading the group is a Patek Philippe Ref. 5001 in Titanium, a magnificent, unique and previously unknown double dialed wristwatch...
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