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If you want a tweed jacket made to measure what about Mears. http://bespokemears.co.uk/
If you are referring to my suit it is made from Dugdale's 8711 in their Formal Wear bunch IIRC.
Oh yes. Berluti, LV et al.
What about designer hiking boots
For out of place dressing this must be the classic post http://www.cutterandtailor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=198
There are some watches at the Sotheby's sale in Hong Kong that may suit RFX45 including a rose gold Moser and VCs. http://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/2014/important-watches-hk0532.html
It is just my impression but the old and the young are given more license as to what they wear at functions and the middle aged are the ones who have to fit in. As a child of the 60's this idea that we all have to look the same has never appealed to me.
Why wouldn't you take them at face value.If people are confused it is not their fault it is the fault of the watch companies.Perhaps I got out of bed the wrong side this morning.
Another disastrous week. No captain to pull the rabbit out of the hat this week.
Is it me or is this thread getting less and less open to non TWAT approved watches. About half an dozen watch brands and elicit fawning approval and most others grudging acceptance or outright hostility. These are profit making companies and there is as little sense in the fan mentality for companies as there is for football clubs or pop stars.
New Posts  All Forums: