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My Greenwoods by J Fitzpatrick and Dandy Shoe Care - "High End" Photos courtesy of Dandy Shoe Care
That story needs to be recorded somewhere. It really hit the nail on the head.
Perhaps the Japanese shoemakers should travel more if they are able to give such perfection first time. I have always found with bespoke, be it shoes or suits that the second item is a better fit than the first, perhaps because the maker has been able to see how you have worn the first one.
You are so right on buy-in from wives. My wife encouraged me in watch buying, saying I have all this jewellery to pass on to our daughter what about buying some watches to pass on to our son. Those PP adverts really work!
Watson's Bay, that's the other side of the harbour! Congratulations on the wedding. Fresco is pretty tough and probably more useful in Singapore and for travelling than the wool/linen/silk blend.
I know it is not a popular point of view here on TWAT but I agree with gopher. One gets tired of seeing the same thing from the same person time and time again on an almost daily basis. Its the new kops that make this thread interesting to me, hearing about the guy's excitement at his new purchase, seeing the box opening and wondering what beautiful new or vintage watch he has bought. Even the visits to watch shops and exhibitions with watches no ordinary mortal could...
Balmoral beach? How about a dark maroon coloured tie with the grey suit. I think your idea of a bespoke or MTM navy DB suit made in fresco or a wool/silk or wool/silk/linen blend is marvellous. Really. Fresco would be a great long term investment. Any more pushing required?
I hope nobody left their Audi at the Milton Keynes dealer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNwASMWJFW0
This may sound silly but have you tried either of them on. If so you will be in a better position to judge than most of us, I notice the description of the cotton suits coat is unstructured and the linen does not say anything. M&S do a nice lightweight blue suit in their Savile Row Inspired range which may be a slightly more formal alternative which comes with a waistcoat if you want one. I would not wear a fine weave cardigan.
Good choice.
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