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Do not poke a sleeping tiger - you know what will happen if he reads it.
In my opinion the Quattroporte and Rapide are both beautiful cars much preferable to the Levante and whatever SUV Aston eventually produces.
Firstly remember that at many auction houses to the auction price you bid will be added 25% buyers commission. Secondly there will be another auction next week/month so set your price and stick to it. If you cannot make it to the auction you can bid online, by phone or by commission. Of these I prefer commission you just give your maximum bid to the auction house and forget about it. I always worry if I bid online that it will be for the wrong item or that the auctioneer...
David Duggan is well respected - I think the one that gets the criticism is the one with a Rolex for every year since Noah.
15450ST or 15400ST? Both available locally and almost affordable
That's a bit rich! We often talk about Submariners in fact Kermit or Hulk has been a recent topic and the date v no date is always cropping up.crdb - with regard to typefaces traffic signs in the UK use Transport
Was it the same man who went for both red suede shoes?
I have just ordered a jacket in the Finmeresco Mock Leno and will be able to report in a few months time. It is an open weave and so required a similar coloured lining which somewhat negates its tropical/summer purpose. I was looking for a travel blazer so I hope it will turn out as intended.
Currently wearing this manual wind designed and built in 2015
I have not done the GMTO but its existence pushed me to my own Genesee MTO - now just the long wait.
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