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[[SPOILER]] Those are 2 year old Levante pictures so it may look different but I would say it is for mums who are tired of their x5s.
Foster and Sons also visits Beverley Hills
Dino - I am sorry you took my reply in a way I did not mean it and if I have caused any offence I apologise. Perhaps I did not word my self properly but while I like watches I see them as a luxury purchase like bespoke shoes or suits which unlike cars do not provide more functionality the more they cost.
I'm not sure how you attribute great value to any watch costing more than a Swatch. From there on up it is just a discretionary purchase to flatter ones ego, or impress ones friends, family and TWAT acquaintances. They are not an investment (in almost every case) and the cost of raw materials bears no relation to the cost of the watch.How do you value personality or prestige?I know what you are saying Dino I just do not accept your argument.
A good article http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2015/04/21/what-should-the-groom-wear-tuxedo-lounge-morning-or-nehru-suit/
DL - I used the Porter and Harding blue Thornproof Donegal 62261 and it make a very wearable jacket probably one of my most worn.
That video of girls on the Aventador was from London and in the summer when the Middle Eastern and Russian owners of much of central London come to play it is supercar nirvana. That does not stop people from pawing them.
I cannot claim to know the area but 37 degrees in North Sourthwark has a good reputation, and that is a part of town which is on the up or up already. Clapham sounds like a long trek to Canary Wharf but the relocation agent may know something I do not and Greenwich though lovely is a little out of it. All of the places I mention are "South of the River" which of course means where dragons live and are off my and most cabbies maps As a left field alternative some time...
Where abouts in town there are plenty of gyms. Not so much hot yoga if I remember it got bad press as a the easiest environment to spread bacteria and viruses.
Thanks DLJr
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