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Just a comment. I was at a wedding recently the dress code was suits for the men. All men wore suits, most plain dark blue or grey. One or two wore pin-stripe or chalk-stripe and as has been mentioned here before it looked as if they had just worn their work clothes to the wedding. Even the few more exciting coloured or patterned suits looked better.
So sad
I have used Foster and Son for a number of bespoke shoes and been very happy with them. Others swear by Cleverley and Gaziano and Girling
Almost any bespoke shoemaker is more affordable than JL but none are really affordable in the everyday sense of the word. Nick Templeman is probably as affordable as a proper bespoke maker can be.
I have a GRUT like Keith T's but in stainless steel. Does that mean I will not be getting a Tank Louis Cartier in the future. No. But if and when I do I will keep my Reverso, I do not see them as substitutes for each other.
Cartier Louis Cartier Tank XL 40.40mm x 34.92mm x 5.1mm Grand Reverso Ultra Thin 46.8mm x 27.4mm x 7.3mm As Dino has said your chances of finding one like his are thin and a guilloche dial is available on the GRUT if that matters. As has been said many times try them on and see which suits you.
Sorry to hear your sad news ramuan. May he rest in peace.
I suspect there are Tesla fans and people who are interested in care who own a Tesla. Having owned Porsche, Maserati, Caterham, etc I am a car person who will own a Tesla and a Land Rover Defender and an Audi TT. I am with Thrift and SirR lets celebrate cars whatever they are
Chalk up another one to Mr Musk I've just ordered an S. Please don't hate me. It was quicker than my Ghibli and quieter and tax-wise in the UK it was a no-brainer. Though some will suggest I have lost my brain no doubt.
At a lower price point I have had a custom watch made by Garrick, mine was their original watch the Shaftesbury but they now produce a higher spec watch the Portsmouth in conjunction with Andreas Strehler at £18,000.http://www.garrick.co.uk/the-portsmouth/It is not my style but they are good people to work with to produce something to your own design.Other makers outside the big Swiss who may be able to help include Voutilainen and Sarpaneva.
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