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When you figure it out, please hit me up
kill your friend
Quote: Originally Posted by ckessani authentics look much better imo. Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne Don't think either are worth it imo, pretty ugly silhouettes Quote: Originally Posted by SeanathonHuff The Vans Authentics are a good, conservative choice... but I feel they're played out A lot of people without fashion sense wear them. In other words, I see a lot of Vans Authentics...
Debating on whether or not these are worth ~$100 rather than just getting some Authentics for $40
Maniak90 LOLd
Quote: Originally Posted by transient It really depends on the silhouette you're after. You can definitely size up on any cut till it doesn't suffocate you anymore. NS is a good slim jean when you size appropriately. PS will appear skinny because it tapers. I'm going for the 30 NS. If it's too big I'll go 31 PS or just give up on APC and try N&F or something
If the waist/thighs/legs of a 30 PS are SLIGHTLY too tight, would I be better off going for a 30 NS or a 31 PS for a better slim fit and less skinny
Whiiiiiiiite Power
Looking for a newish condition APC New Standard in size 30, or a newish condition Naked & Famous Weird Guy in 31
Id go NS 30 ^^
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