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Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Knocked Up was very good. some think it's better than 40 Year Old Virgin, others not. I don't think it's as good either, but it's still damn good and funny. Some great one liners....the "brokeback mountain" scene they cut out was really funny (it's on youtube somewhere). Saw "The Host" (korean) on was good, not as great as reviews claimed. It'd been touted as "the best monster movie ever made". eh,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron I can't stop listening to LCD Soundsystem's new record. I also saw them last weekend at the El Rey. Awesome show - go see them if you have a chance. yeah saw em in seattle a little while ago. incredible show. and yes, sound of silver is an amazingly good album
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel well, I agree. I mean, it ain't Young Jeezy or anything. Mr. Jeezy and USDA will have the shelf life of Colgate made in China toothpaste. what do you mean you agree? you fuckin spelled both of their names wrong, what is there to agree with?
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 I have red hair and chicks are all over me. same. red hair's where it's at.
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast There are not one, but 2 smoking hot blondes working behind the Scandinavian Airlines counter here. Oh man they are sweet. Great eye candy. Pictures to follow when my camera gets back from the shop JB niiiice
Quote: Originally Posted by calvin1663 listening to (love this band): even song - gomez omg, yes. in our gun is definitely one of my favorite albums ever.
why does everyone feel like they benefit from her going to jail? why is it a good thing? what did she do to you? sure, she probly deserves to be in there but the whole hating on paris thing has gotten really old.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheHoff And they paid $800,000 for it! This is one of the worst examples of "professional" graphic design used on a global scale that I've ever seen. yeah, i dont know. this is hideous.
i know what a maid is. he can't rotate sheets himself?
whatever, desert eagles look the coolest.
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