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I hadn't even heard of him until recently. Anybody have any experience with his stuff? (thinking of making a buy)
The Frank Leder is sick. I personally appreciate the overt Deutsche Trad approach. The poacher theme is great. I'll be getting one of the blazers if I can find one.
I ordered mine in 4 but I'm thinking i might need a 3. I'm about 5'9, 140 lbs, pretty thin. I take a size 36 jacket in american sizing. What do you think I should get? 3 or 4?
And on top of that, what is the sizing on it like generally and is a 3 super small?
Why do so few [internet] stockists carry SS?
I have my ways! If it doesn't fit, I'll give you dibs for retail price if you like.
Hey Gang, I'm thinking about ordering a pair of Solvair "Hawkins" boot in black. Other than the stitching, does anyone know of a difference? They look a little less "beefy" which is what I want. A slightly slimmer profile. Any input about these?
I just ordered the Alpaca jacket ( ) in a size 4. I'm a skinny-ish guy and I'm about 5'9. When I called, the girl I talked to said a 3 might be too small. Reading through this post and by judging the model, a 4 might actually be too big on me. What do you guys think? Keep in mind that this is my first SS piece.
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