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Quote: Originally Posted by thexfactor I just bought the coupon and it was the same coupon code i bought from KROSS a month ago. ThexFactor and I have been working on this issue, contacting Indochino and attempting to contact Kross. I wish Kross would reply.
It appears that thexfacor and I have been sold the same Groupon code by Kross. I no longer needed the Groupon, so I put it up for sell. Once he received it, he realized that it was the same as one which he had already purchased. We have contacted each other as well as Indochino and Paypal to resolve the issue. Unfortunately the original seller "Kross" is nowhere to be found.
I recently got my hands on a navy BB blazer and the fabric is marked as "Brooks Blend", what's that and do you have any clue when it may have been made?
Style Check Nantucket Reds with Navy Indochino Blazer, blue oxford, and bow tie with Sperrys. Would this be ok for an afternoon Birthday party?
I don't even think women should wear capris.
I don't know about spraying it with vinegar - but you could try hanging it in the closet - door shut - with a bowl of vinegar. I know that this works when removing odors from cars.
Yes, Yes, Yes. I'll never forget my Grandfather's old seersucker blazer that he'd had for years - it looked about a size too small. It was probably 10 years old though - but eventually it'll shrink.
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