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Hey, been a member awhile, but never really posted much. I suck at buying shoes really hard, nearly everything I buy I send back and hate except Sperry boat shoes because I live on the beach. I really wanted a nice pair of wingtips because I like their classic look and it's a bit fancier than my normal use. I couldn't really find what I wanted, ended up suckered into a sale, and dislike the pair I bought. I got...
I work at LL Bean at the flagship-store in Maine, and also did some designing work for the Signature line/website two months ago. It's not really a big seller in the store itself, mainly because the store is aimed at hunting, fishing, and more "adult" clothing. There's only a tiny section on the second floor for Signature stuff. I been trying to get a coupon going for SF and SuFu for awhile.
$150 shipped US. (Lowest I'd go or I'll just hang on to it or re-gift it to a relative).
Well let's try $170 shipped to US.
Lookin for $200-300 J. Crew card.
I was given this for my birthday (Jan. 20th), while it's nice and has a lot of features, I just never use it. I've used it maybe twice in the whole month I've had it, and can't really see myself making more use of it. Plus Verizon now has iPhone, I may upgrade to that. Anyway, it's pretty much brand new. It came with a clear-lense protector, and a gummy back protector, so it's flawless condition. Comes with the charger, the original case, the gummy/lense case on the...
They're cool things, a bit clunky/large. Best of luck with your sale, but to be honest I seen these at flea markets for $10, and on Etsy for $20. I can't imagine one being worth your asking price though.
Received this months ago, but I never wore it. I work at a messy job, and I just couldn't bring myself to ruin it. It probably needs a more suitable clean owner than myself. It's new, never worn, never washed. P2P: 22" Shoulders: 18" Length: 30.5" Arm: 26" I paid over $100 (I think they were once around $200 even), I am asking for only $80USD shipped to US. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ypy1-6ua7s...y+M+%24178.jpg
Size 34, as I hear they fit for 36. S/S 10, F/W 10, or from sample sale. I prefer olive, but I'll take anything (Navy/Wool). Cheers. Paypal Ready.
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