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Thanks Stylexchangemtl! Actually, that just happens whenever I take pictures of my face! JK ... I hear you. I couldn't get the regular black bar thing to work for some reason this AM. Thanks for your comment.
Schott and jeans into work.
Hi guys. Could someone please tell me the length of the shoelaces on the G hi tops? I'm trying to order a pair of colored laces to get here when my kicks arrive! Thank you in advance!
I take your point, LA Guy. And I genuinely appreciate your sang froid. But no one's in touch with Roman. That is because, as he told one of his former employees, and I quote, 'The phone is off the hook. Don't call me. I have guns, and I have dogs. You can tell others that.' You gotta feel bad for this American small business owner! It's a shame that all he was lacking was some sound business sense! I wish he would have made it! But the phone's been off the hook for a long...
The internet is no respecter of persons. It doesn't matter if you're a millionaire or a bum on this thread, or its owner or some Joe. What matters is your point. I'm aware that LA Guy can block me and ... I'll miss out on postings about clothing. That said, I apologize for the heat, as it was out of line. I should have cooled off first. But if your response is 'he's the forum owner' then all I would say is: Doesn't that entail a greater responsibility? I can reprimand...
Well since you don't know anything about the situation let me clue you in: Roman is both. Doubt me? Why don't you use google and check out the posts by Roman's former employees (they left) over at Proboards Lawless forum. Until then you should probably shut up since tens of thousands of dollars of people's money has been stolen through his continual lies and deception. This sounds mean, but on this forum, talking about LD when you don't know about it -- it's like defending...
8 months in and no denim for me. Personally, I think the shittiest part of LD is actually deleting comments in their IG -- it reveals the heart of the business and its leadership. Actions don't lie in business: RA runs him company in a way that effectively operates off the abuse his customers and his employees are willing to take. He takes what he needs with false promises and then, for all intents and purposes, drops you or feeds you lines ... you are not a priority....
Hi, sorry to be dense, but I can't see the difference in the eyelets between Rancourt and G/CP. How are the Rancourts 'exposed'? Thanks!
Hi are these still up for sale? Thanks.
Hello all, I'm trying to narrow down my search for an English Country boot. I'm stuck between Tricker's Burford in Espresso and The AS Holborn in black. I know they're rather different, but what I'd like is a simple dark boot that will wear well and take some abuse over the years (rain and walking to and from work mainly). Could anyone give me their feedback on these models? Thanks in advance.   
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