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8 months in and no denim for me. Personally, I think the shittiest part of LD is actually deleting comments in their IG -- it reveals the heart of the business and its leadership. Actions don't lie in business: RA runs him company in a way that effectively operates off the abuse his customers and his employees are willing to take. He takes what he needs with false promises and then, for all intents and purposes, drops you or feeds you lines ... you are not a priority....
Hi, sorry to be dense, but I can't see the difference in the eyelets between Rancourt and G/CP. How are the Rancourts 'exposed'? Thanks!
Hi are these still up for sale? Thanks.
Hello all, I'm trying to narrow down my search for an English Country boot. I'm stuck between Tricker's Burford in Espresso and The AS Holborn in black. I know they're rather different, but what I'd like is a simple dark boot that will wear well and take some abuse over the years (rain and walking to and from work mainly). Could anyone give me their feedback on these models? Thanks in advance.   
About to pull the trigger on some Burfords from Pediwear. Trying to decide between Antique Marron and Espresso. I'll be wearing them to work (I'm a university lecturer) with cords, moleskins, blazer. I'm leaning a little more toward Espresso, as I have darker features and it'll be a little more formal. What do you reckon?
Thanks. The Stow or Burford.
Hello gents, I've noticed that some on the forum have discussed a Tricker's sale which happens or used to happen once twice a year. Could anyone let me know when this is likely to happen (if it still does)? Cheers.
Hello, this is a great thread. Would any of you mind posting some pics of the Stow being worn? I'm considering ordering some but can't seem to find many pics of how they look on the leg (profie, front view, etc.). Many thanks in advance.
Again, thanks to everyone for advice, and especially CTBrummie for the pics and counsel. Do please post other pics if you have time -- much appreciated. I'm looking at Tricker's, which look excellent, but the soles also look quite immense. I came across the Hoggs Rannoch and Clencarse boots at a decent price point. With the velt. construction on the former too. Could anyone please give their thoughts and or experience on these or similar boots, or should I steer...
CTBrummie, thanks for your advice and pics. I'm a pretty slim build, but have wider shoulders for my size -- my jacket is a 38" short, and I wear a 30" 30" trouser. Would you mind expanding on why you prefer the Tricker's, even to C&J? You have a very nice collection there.
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