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any discount for ordering multiple?
Hey Guys, Thinking about getting one of the following 3 Filson bags, a. Medium Duffle #222 b. Large Duffle #223 c. Outfitter Bag - Large #238 (don't know if anyone owns or has seen one in person?) Will be using this on a daily basis, i do muay thai/kickboxing training after work and on weekends as well and need a large bag between the equipment/change of clothes/etc Think the medium duffle would just be big enough and large of course will be more than enough but also...
can you post additional pics of the trickers in daytime lighting?
how does turnbull and asser shirts compare to RLBL in terms of quality and fit? i am a 14.5 in RLBL and find that they fit me pretty well. there are some on ebay now, but have no idea if they would fit me
pics are tiny, can't really make out whats what
the rlpl is barrel or french cuff?
check pm please
check pm
these are US sizes? just wanted to make sure
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