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Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne So your suggestions are 1. Not to change anything 2. Not to change anything. Just keep it simple as TOJ.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Is SZ doing an article on ToJ? --- Before I submit a name, would like to know: should we avoid making any reference to the old ToJ name (e.g. using those letters in a new name). It's not a great name, but damn the logo is good I like TOJ logo. There's no reason to make a change. My suggestion is TOJ / Temple
Does anybody know when the ricards will be available again?
AllSaints up to 50% off. The quality is passable, but the cut of the shirts fits me perfectly.
Ouch, that's not very good customer service IMO. They should've let you know sooner.
Quote: Originally Posted by clark kent cross-post from the ToJ thread. my collared moto came today and i couldnt be happier ToJ Pbj Moma Moma's. Good stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by click here Might be a dumb question...for those buying the charcoal nubuck version, are you going to apply anything on the boots to protect the leather? I think it depends how badly you want the distressed...
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester expensive gap I like the simplicity of this fit. Very nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun People automatically associate DBSS with goth ninja, but it's not limited to that aesthetic. but yeah, you need a rail thin build for the balance to work. DBSS is actually known for its punk influenced aesthetic.
Clarks db is always a good entry level boot.
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