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Hoping perhaps some pre-2010 vintage made by Greenfield? Wishful thinking... Southwick made correct?
Trubalance last question. I think I know the answer (which is, 'no, don't try it') but wanted to confirm. I'm a solid US 8.5D-9D in most every shoe (call it a 8.65D). I don't currently own any Aldens. The only somewhat obscure reference point that some here might get is that in the Grenson Masterpiece (91 last - fairly sleek, but not overly so) for Paul Stuart (went nuts back during the Ron Rider/Paul Stuart Extravaganza a couple of years ago), wearing thin Pantherella...
Thanks AAS. Been curious about the W1000's for a bit. Grabbed a pair of Addison's in tan. If they don't strike me when they show up, I'll offer them up here.
I've always been against my dogs wearing clothes. That thing might just change my mind. Fur coat for the dog is like an Aston Martin stroller for the kid (yes, it is coming out and reasonably priced vs. what you'd expect). Unnecessary and stealth luxury. Nice find RD10.
I want those GG Windsors (8 US/7UK/41). If I'm an 8.5D US/ 41.5 EU, guessing they'd be too snug? Let me know if I'm mistaken.
Thanks guys. if I make it over later today and if there is anything to report, I will. While in town, anything else worth a stop through sale wise? I'm staying dangerously close to Paul Stuart.
Red D et al... any idea if this (the Saks FA sale) is still going and if there are any measly scraps left?
That really sucks. Hope you get it resolved. Is this an example of the type of crap that happens with just Italy (never really understood why most sellers won't send to Italy) or was this on the US side that could have happened with any package from any country?
No luck in So Cal "we no sell suits meester". Sorry I couldn't help out.
Curiosity is too great. It can't be... Will try to hunt them down on out here on the West Coast. If I track down the Green/Brown/Rainbow in a 40R I'd be glad to help. If I'm normally a 40R, you'd suggest I grab a 38?
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