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Yeah, unfortunately there aren't many tailors (or any) that will do a custom shirt for under $100. Maybe in Hong Kong? But I digress. What I might suggest as an alternative to MTM and Bespoke is trying your hand at off-the-rack buttoned shirts and then getting them tailored. I know you had mentioned that you'd rather not do chains, but maybe this can get you closer to what you want. For instance, you could go shopping at J. Crew or Brooks Brothers. You might even want to...
I'll try to make it, but Thursdays are a little tricky for me.
I mean, I guess that's not a terrible excuse.
In! It's been a while, so it'd be great to see y'all.
A little late, but here are some images from the event. Thanks for coming out everyone!
Here's a shot of the alley. Great place to hang out before the event. There are also plenty of great places to eat along Telegraph, as Gus has pointed out.
Tru.You'll probably meet an employee named Henry who is equally as tall and equally as skinny.
Just a list (not exhaustive) of what the vendors they currently carry.
The guys at S&S have aren't just savvy in all things menswear, but they also have a great sense of humor, to boot (pun intended). Examples below
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