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I was wearing my old Epaulet natrual CXL belt yesterday, and it's pretty much done as it has been split in a couple of spots for a while now. Grabbed the new one right away as I've been waiting for the replacement. Hopefully it will last much longer. (which it should, since it is not glued to a lining)
Cross-post from the G&G thread: Maiden voyage of the Hatch grain Hoves from Skoak:
^Thanks! Maiden voyage with the hatch grain Hoves today. I'm finding these to be slightly bigger than a pair of MH71 Fairmonts I have, with slight heel slip as Ironist found a couple of weeks ago. I think this will subside once the double sole breaks in a bit though.
Another pair of hatch grain Hove has landed. It's the second pair of MH71's I have now, and it confirms that this is perhaps the best fitting last for me of all lasts I've been lucky enough to try. The hatch grain looks great, and I think I'm going to enjoy wearing these a lot. [[SPOILER]]
I take UK8 in Rain, Forest, and Inca lasts and find them all to fit pretty well (meaning they are comfortable without any excessive tightness or looseness). I had a pair of Alden Plaza lasted boots sized at 9D. I think the Alden boots felt pretty similar to my Rain lasted shoes. I also have a pair of Neumoks at 9D that felt a little bit tight in width that I stretched out with a shoe stretcher and now feels comfortable. So based on my experience, I would guess that you...
I think I'll wear it with some jeans the first time, but I imagine it will work fine with a number of Rivet Chinos I have (coffee G&L, french blue ducks, navy canvas, various khaki colors). It's kind of a dark rust orange color, so it seems like it will be very wearable in the fall and winter.
I received my first EPLA shirt today, the paprika oxford. I was getting a little concerned about sizing after reading the feedback in this thread in the last few days, but EP's sizing advice turned out to be spot on for me. I'm somewhat in between EPNY Medium and Large, and usually buy EPNY shirts in Large. The EPLA shirt in Large fits a little bit slimmer than EPNY Large, but not as slim on me as EPNY Medium. Assuming that shrinkage is indeed already taken care of...
^^^Gentlemen, I appreciate the comments regarding the galosh oxford. Now to figure out if the trigger should be pulled or not...
I find myself interested in this Galosh Oxford too: However, I'm not sure how much I'd be able to wear them. How casual can they go? I almost never get to wear suits, and rarely even get to wear sport coats outside of going to church on Sundays. Would it be acceptable to wear dressier cotton chinos with these?
Received the Vass Alt Wiens from the psycho markdown sale. Pretty sweet! (also got one of those olive suede Eisenhowers, which are downright insane) I happened to be wearing some Rivet Chinos while trying them on today (although these days I seem to be wearing EP pants about 9.8 out of 10 days): By the way Mike, are you guys going to stop carrying Carmina and Vass going forward? Judging from the markdowns and lack of new deliveries in a while, seems like you guys...
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