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I guess it's unfortunate that the SF MTO/GMTO appears to be over, but I'm happy to have taken advantage of the offer at some point during its run. I still put in a lot of wear and enjoy the 3 SF MTO pairs I've ordered, despite having more or less moved on to the next tier of footwear (G&G, EG, Vass, etc). The MTOs at sale price have always struck me as pretty insane, so I'm not really surprised that they had to pull the plug on that. I suppose the number of re-makes...
I'd say McGregor is pretty versatile. Lexington and its variants is good too, if you want them to go with jeans and chinos to more casual trousers. For suits I'd go with oxfords such as McAllisters, Fifth Aves, etc.If your budget allows, I'd recommend Epaulet for chinos and trousers. Visit their SF affiliate thread to learn more if you wish. I'm fairly biased toward Epaulet though, since probably 90% of my pants are from them.
Hey Mike, I'm not sure if you've gone into the specifics of why the current GAT is a radically better product than the old Italian made ones, but I'd be interested to learn the reasons.One thing I think I prefer from the old version, purely based on pictures, is the sleeker looking side profile:
I'm wearing that exact shoe-belt combo today too. Pretty sweet!
Whatever you guys end up ordering, please double or triple the order size so that they don't sell out in 2 nanoseconds and I might have a shot at one!Moleskin sounds pretty good.
Paid for my two pairs of Couro Cromos. Get those bad boyz in a box and shipped out!
I take a KW polo in size Large and find the Lupo polo in M to fit very well. I think the Lupo polo is slightly more fitted for me, but both work well. For reference my shoulders measure 17.5" and chest is 39". I machine wash the Lupo polos in cold water and hang dry. I don't think they shrunk noticeably.
Kopped the speckled New RC. I can't seem to resist anything with speckles. I've been happy withe the leg opening of the previous version, so I'm not sure how I'd like the more tapered new version. Hopefully it will work well for me.
I have a 100% linen Inglese shirt from last year that I machine washed and hung dry. I didn't observe any issues with it. I also do the same with all my other 100% linen shirts (Niche, Brooks Bros, Epaulet, etc) with no issues.
I put some 54" brown hiker's heavy duty boot laces from ShoeLacesExpress.com on mine. They seem to stand up well to those speed hooks and I think they look fine on the boots.
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