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Thanks Mike! I need another shirt like I need some holes in my head, but it looks like I'll probably be down for a couple of these EFFs. BTW, wearing the saddle couro cromo sneakers for the first time. These really look pretty friggin gorgeous in person.
I require a size 34 waistband. Kyle suggested size 50 for me on the Travis shorts.
Hey Mike, how light/heavy are the first set of $130 fabrics? Specifically the Dark Sand Glen Plaid. Thanks.
^I'm not Charlie, but having owned way more watch straps than one should reasonably have (and just placed an order for a bridle leather strap from Equus), I think the best way to determine the strap size is to measure your existing strap and determine what you want based on that. Charlie can make the two sides at any length, so you're not limited to 125/75 or 130/80. It could be 130/75, 125/80, 135/70, or whatever you want, within reason. A couple of variables to watch...
Thanks! Happy to be in the Shanklin club!
You know, I really thought it felt like a linen/cotton blend. Shows how much I know about fabrics... Good to know that they are indeed the same fabric though. Whatever it is, I love it.
^That's too bad about the chambray popover. I got the same one from Haberdash in size M (tagged 40/15.75), and the fit is nearly perfect for me (size 40/15.75 Eidos shirt sleeves are usually a tad long for me). It's my favorite shirt right now. So much so I also ordered the full placket version from Gentry (they do state that it's 100% cotton instead of cotton/linen, but it looks the same) during their Memorial Day sale.
Hey Mike, I have a question regarding the Individualized EFF coming up tomorrow. What happens if we only end up ordering 1 shirt? Having participated in past EFF rounds for shirts and trousers, I find that wanting to purchase 2 pieces and being quick enough to purchase 2 pieces that you want are very different things. What if we are just not quick enough to secure the 2nd shirt before it's gone? Does the price of the 1st shirt go up or does it get cancelled? Thanks.
Yes, they are coffee suede.
EG Shanklin today (x-post from Skoak thread)
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