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I think Walnut shell is a pretty versatile color. Mine (MTO Kenilworth) seems to be a little darker than walnut calfskin, and I wear them with a number of different colored chinos. The bigger question is whether or not the Dalton fit you well.
I own shell versions of the Patriot and LHS (Brooks Brothers unlined version). I find the build quality to be about the same for both (pretty good), but where the LHS is close to a perfect fit for me at size 8.5D (general consensus is to size down 0.5 on Van last), the Patriot in 9D is a little tight across the instep. It does fit as well as the LHS everywhere else, and I suspect that non-shell versions of the Patriot would loosen up more around the instep.I would...
Me too. The only shoes I've ever sold were two pairs of boots with all eyelets (out of 30 plus pairs). I just did not enjoy putting them on at all. Indy boots with the speedhooks worked much better for me. It's good in a way since there are a lot of all eyelet boots I find attractive but would not get because I don't want to deal with putting them on.
...Got the hole punched on the Metta Catharina, and I think I might have made it a bit too snug. It's wearable, but hopefully it will loosen just a little bit down the road. I'll get used to it either way though. A few a little less crappy i-pics: Good work, as always, Charlie!
Well, my long awaited Metta Catharina strap has arrived. I think it looks great and as Charlie mentioned before, it has a very distinct smell. I think it kind of smells like some smoked beef jerkey...LOL! I decided to take on the hair raising task of punching the hole on this strap. It's nothing I haven't done before, but this is far and away the most expensive strap I've ever laid my hands on, so the pressure will be high to get the hole punched in the right...
Haha, I think I saw those shell boots available on the site for a solid 30 seconds! Not close to my size though, so no need to hustle through the checkout for them...
While I understand that increasing costs resulted in AE price increases, I do wish they increased the workmanship and materials such as the threads used for stitching uppers. If they could step up the quality and workmanship, I'd even accept a greater increase in price. The lack of better workmanship is what never got me all that interested in the Independence collection. Seems like the upcharge for the Independence collection was 100% attributed to materials and a...
It was a good run for the SF MTO program while it lasted. I'm glad to have gotten 3 useful pairs of custom shoes out of the deal. In honor of the SF MTO program, here are the 3 pairs I've commissioned: Brown CXL Lexington Snuff suede Mora 2.0 Walnut shell Kenilworth
The chambray Doyle is looking pretty good. Does your incoming delivery include odd sizes such as the size 39 I ordered???
I would say they are pretty much TTS. I'm a pretty consistent US9D and equivalent (Vass P2=42, AS 724=8F, Carmina Rain/Forest/Inca=UK8, G&G MH/TG=8.5E) and size 9 fits pretty well, maybe very slightly loose, which for me is desirable in a boat shoe.
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