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Thanks! I can't wait to get the Galways into the rotation. They are definitely worth the hype.
Haha! Not a race at all. I'm pretty sure I'm done now. Yes, I'm so happy with the shade of Doak of both the Galways and Dovers I've got.
^Thanks gents!
My Galways from the February Skoak pre-order arrived today. Fits great and looks so good. This gets me to three pairs of EGs. The other two:
Mike ran an Italian made model called "Marcello" a few years ago. They are nice but quite a bit slimmer than the Southwick jackets. If it is the Marcello you are looking at, your size might actually be one size up. Try searching this thread for Marcello for more information.
Received some Equus goodies today:Midnight blue bridle leather watch strap [[SPOILER]] Burgundy L&R with midnight blue liningThe L&R is definitely a seriously awesome belt, so substantial yet refined looking.Great work as usual, Charlie.
I'm listing a pair of BNIB first quality Allen Edmonds Jeffersons in brown shell cordovan, size 9D. These were offered by Allen Edmonds as "Web Gems" over a year ago on their website. I purchased them on impulse and never got around to actually wearing them. They have been tried on by me on carpet but have never been worn outside. Since I never did wear them after all this time, I've decided to sell them so they can hopefully be enjoyed by someone else. I'm asking for...
Received my St. Crispin's MTO a couple of days ago. I went with the single monk on the Riva last in CRU606. Per Gabriel's advice I went with the same size as what I take in Carmina and the fit is pretty good. I'm very pleased with it! Some quick i-pics: Try-on:
I got that jacket via Marc Etlin a few weeks ago. The tag indicates Tipo cut and 100% silk fabric. As best as I could tell, it's the same fabric as the NMWA single breasted version.
SS16 seems so far away though. I just started wearing the SS15 stuff on a regular basis a few weeks ago.
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