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The shirt is actually not all that slim in my opinion. The hem is also pretty long. Longer than most of my other shirts, in fact. My shoulders measure 17.5" and my chest 39". I bought the 15.75/40 size and I'm happy with the fit. I dislike tight fitting shirts and this shirt is definitely not tight on me. The sleeves might be a tick long (I usually wear 34" sleeves) but not bad. Bloomingdale's appears to have a good return policy, so you might just want to try it to...
I ordered a few Eidos pieces from Bloomingdale's and the charcoal donegal workshirt and jacquard overshirt came it. I think they are great and a total steal at the sale prices. The donegal workshirt material is basically the same type of cloth another SF vendor calls "speckled chambray". Those shirts almost always sell out within a few days at full price ($100~$140-ish) after initial drop, so I'm not sure what's going on with these Eidos shirts making it to deep...
Mike, I've always wondered what's the difference between the Veneto "Technical Sportcoat" and the other 2 (Cadet Blue and Dove Grey). The only thing I could gather from the descriptions is that the Technical Sportcoat has fillings inside? The price difference between the two is more than double, so I've always been curious but don't think it's been discussed.
I appreciate the information guys. I'm leaning toward 8.5E. Should be pulling the trigger soon.
Gabriel suggested 8F or 8.5E, leaning toward 8F for me because the 82 last is a little longer than the Carmina lasts in the "equivalent" size. I do think 8.5E is probably the safer choice since it's a boot. I've personally found that I haven't had issues with boots being slightly big, but I can't deal with boots/shoes that are too tight.BTW, if I pull the trigger on the Galway, it would be the second pair of EG's I pre-ordered (already pre-ordered a pair of Shanklins)...
Thanks you gentlemen, I appreciate the advice. Very helpful.@Steel28 Gabriel was a little concerned that 8.5E might be a bit long for me, but based on your experience, it seems like it shouldn't be an issue.
I'm thinking hard about doing the Galway pre-order and have obtained sizing advice from Skoak. Can anyone here also tell me how you sized the EG 82 last in relation to G&G MH71 and Carmina Rain or Forest lasts? I measure US9D on Brannock and the G&G MH71 in 8.5E is a near perfect fit for me. Thanks!
I applied one coat of natural Saphir cordovan cream on my natty shell MacNeils. It didn't seem to darken it. But I kind of expect the natty shell to end up close to something like walnut shell, so I'm not all that concerned about darkening. I'm probably applying the cream about once a year unless there are scratches that needs to be taken out.
The shell sneakers look pretty awesome, but I'll be happy with the chrome leather version on pre-order.Mike, good to finally talk to you today after first becoming a customer several years ago. It would be awesome if you guys ever do make it out to MN for a trunk show one of these days. And I was thinking that visiting Epaulet NY someday is definitely on my bucket list. I mean, about 90% of my shirts and 95% of my pants are from you guys. LOL!
That's what I thought too. The Ashland "summer oxford". I love that shirt!
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