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I think you should let it stretch out to 34. I ordered a size 34 and it seemed small for a 34 until I remembered that CXL stretches. It now fits perfect after 2~3 wears. Of course, getting a 36 and cutting it to size would work too, and that would guard against it possibly not stretch enough for whatever reason.
^I have read somewhere before that a CXL belt should be expected to stretch by about an inch or so. I think these EP belts might be punched with that in mind as I compared it to another belt of the same size when I first got it, and the holes are offset by about 1 inch. I haven't measured yet, but I think the belt has stretched out after a couple of wears.
Well, I joined the horse hide Wyatt frenzy and ordered a large. I was hoping to have Mike sell me on it by answering my question from a few days ago, but I guess it got buried. You guys who have it already, as well as the pictures on the EP site, sold me on it anyway. LOL! Hopefully the sizing works out and I'll like it as much as I expect to like it. Like @Steel28, I guess I'm also in shock after Wyatt kopping. Haha!
Have you tried on the Wyatt in person before? I ask because I bought a suede Eisenhower in size L based on your comments earlier in this thread. Size L is my typical EPNY shirt size, and the Eisenhower in L fit very well. Based on the online measurements, it seems that the size L Waytt is smaller than size L Eisenhower, which makes me wonder why you went with size M in the Wyatt. Thanks.
Hey Mike, I've always found the Wyatt to be a great looking jacket, but I haven't been able to get past its price tag since I've never spent so much on a single piece of outerwear. Maybe you've already explained before, but could you discuss why the Wyatt should be considered a good value and what you consider to be the "competition" for it? Thanks.
My size 39 chambray Doyles finally arrived yesterday (the order started out as a pair of G&L Safari Wilshires, so I've waited for a long time). As expected, it fit larger than my size 40 olive Doyles, so I nuked it per Mike's instructions. It now fits slightly smaller than the olive Doyle, so I'm happy. Thanks for posting the chambray Doyle nuking tip Mike!
I've found the MH71 to fit similar to the Rain last, with similar width and instep space. Here are my shoe sizes:Alden Barrie: 8.5DAE 108 & 65: 9DCarmina Rain/Forest/Inca: UK8G&G MH71 and TG71: 8.5EOf these, the MH71 and Rain feel the most similar to me on foot.
I was wearing my old Epaulet natrual CXL belt yesterday, and it's pretty much done as it has been split in a couple of spots for a while now. Grabbed the new one right away as I've been waiting for the replacement. Hopefully it will last much longer. (which it should, since it is not glued to a lining)
Cross-post from the G&G thread: Maiden voyage of the Hatch grain Hoves from Skoak:
^Thanks! Maiden voyage with the hatch grain Hoves today. I'm finding these to be slightly bigger than a pair of MH71 Fairmonts I have, with slight heel slip as Ironist found a couple of weeks ago. I think this will subside once the double sole breaks in a bit though.
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