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I think it depends on your chest measurement. My chest measures 39" and I found the BB ESF in 15.5-34 to be a bit tight in the chest area. The arm holes felt too high. This is about the same as Epaulet shirt size M for me. I can wear both BB ESF 15.5-34 & EP size M, but dislike the slight tightness I feel in the chest area, so I opt for EP size L. I've been very happy with size L in all "Epaulet" shirt cuts (New England, Gitman, Individualized).If BB ESF 15.5-34 fits...
*SOLD* I have three pairs of original Epaulet Rivet Chinos for sale. These are the original type with the metal button fly and have been out of production for several years now. These were probably a little undersized for me when I bought them and have been wore very sparingly as a result. They haven't fit me for the last two years or so, and have been sitting in storage, so I've decided to sell them. Details on each pair below. 1. Rivet Chino clay canvas (8 oz),...
Inaugural wear for the HH Sport Trainers. Matched with a natural cowhide belt that I haven't worn much.
Received the NE wheat donegal overshirt today. I sized down to M from my usual EP shirt size of L, and I think the fit is fine. The shoulders are probably a tad wide, but I guess that's fine for this type of outerwear. Should be a good layering piece in the winter. Wearing it over the full EP kit today: Gitman EFF shirt, western print CXL belt, speckled duck canvas Rivets.
I wear size 33 in Rivet Chino (old and new) and Garand. I don't have big thighs so there's more than enough room for me in either shape. The Garand feels a little looser at the waist, and without having done actual measurements, it feels like there's more thigh room in the Garand than the Rivet Chino.Hope that helps a little bit.
I think Mike had mentioned the ballpark price for the overshirt sometime in the past, so it's not much of a shock to me. I agree that it seems pricey at first glance, but given that it is a wool shirt/jacket made by New England Shirt Co, I think the price is where it should be. I grabbed a beige one since I've been eyeing that fabric/color, but I sized down from my typical size L EP shirts based on the measurements and how it looked on Dylan. Seems kind of off on him. ...
Not sure if it's just me, but I wear size 33 Rivets, Walts and Garands, and I find the Garand's rise to be much closer to the Walt than Rivet (both old and new).
Received the Pablo flannel MTO from Individualized this week. This is some seriously thick flannel. Should be pretty good for midwest winter. Also pictured are EP natural CXL belt and olive G&L Rivet Chinos.
A couple more bad lighting pics of new Eidos arrival. This time the field coat cardigan. I took a chance with size L (normally M in most Eidos items sized S-M-L) as that's what Haberdash had. I think it worked out pretty well.
Being more or less an Eidos homer, I was interested in the Kimber x Eidos collection when I learned of it. While I like many of the welted styles, I already own most of those styles in other brands, and really could not justify getting them. The sneakers are a different story. I thought the navy Aperture sneakers looked interesting, but the pictures on Bloomingdales looked a bit bloated at first glance. I decided to try them anyway and am glad I did. Christian Kimber's...
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