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Yes, they are the tan medium wales. I think the color is somewhere between pictures on the site than my picture above. I was standing in a shaded area so I guess the colors were a bit muted. I think they are really not all that "gold" looking in most situations. It's a fairly regular tan color in my estimation.
So I went to Martin Patrick 3 to check out their Eidos collection today after reading the above post and getting the store name from Antonio. He's not kidding, MP3 indeed has a very nice collection of Eidos (the store is really cool to boot). Lots of nice SCs and shirts. Even had a couple of the legendary brown linen glenplaid field jackets that sold out in about 2 nanoseconds at NMWA (in my size too, but I already lucked into the navy hemp version so didn't pick it...
A lot of NMWA today: Eidos field jacket Stephan Schneider Fahrenheit shirt jacket Rota corduroy trousers Also wearing Eidos shirt. I kind of wonder why NMWA isn't carrying Eidos shirts. I think they are great.
I sized down from my F/W size of 50 to 48 for the navy hemp FJ. Based on the posted measurements, I might be able to fit in a 46. But I'm happy with the fit in the 48. I haven't tried SC's layered under it yet, but shirt jackets such as the Stephan Schneider Fahrenheit fits well under it for me.
Received the Field of Gold silk/cotton and Blue Grape linen/cotton Rivet Chino Ends today. Both have "dry clean only" tags in them. I'm fairly certain that I can wash the linen/cotton, but how about the silk/cotton? Can it be washed or is it really dry clean only? Regardless, they are very nice and should be great once the weather warms up.
There's Eidos in Minneapolis? Please PM me as well. Thanks.
^I don't have those gloves, but personally I don't let my automatic watches get near anything that I know is magnetic.
Haha, did you decide to keep the short sleeve polo? It seems like they ship directly out of the stores and these are errors made by whomever assembled the order. They actually include the card of the person who supposedly did the packing so I guess we could report it to Bloomingdale's. I just ended up liking the mistakenly shipped stuff and decided to keep them.
Thanks man! Everything I got from Bloomingdale's were from their website. The last two orders I placed they actually sent me the wrong item, sending me a full button front shirt instead of a popover (completely different fabric too) and a short sleeve polo instead of a long sleeve. I kept both mistakes as they are pretty awesome. Both items were not online at all, so maybe someone screwed up picking the order at one of the stores or something.
^I haven't thought about shortening the sleeves because in the winter I kind of like having long-ish sleeves in my outerwear to keep my hands warmer. Also, I figure if the folds bothered me (it hasn't so far), I'd just unbutton and turn up the cuff. I do agree that it would look better with the sleeves hanging clean. Maybe I'd get it altered down the road.
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