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Received the Bonafe Norvegese wingtip bluchers yesterday. They fit roomier than the wholecuts I have on the same 946 last, but should be fine with some thicker socks. The double sole is pretty substantial gives it a bit of a gunboaty feel even though it's on a pretty sleek last. Interesting shoes for sure.Some quick pics: [[SPOILER]]
^Looks like a very good fit to me.
Cool looking Dovers, Roger!
Haha, not sure if I'll be able to do it, but will try to post one at some point.
The FF shirts finally arrived for me. They look pretty good and the gingham shirts feels especially great. The Schott bubble jacket I kopped from the Instagram sale arrived too. The fit is correct but it kind of feels like wearing one of those sumo wrestling suits (or how Aaron Rodgers might have felt after being "pumped up " by Hans and Fraz), LOL! Should be a warm jacket to use for dog walks in the winter, which is more or less what I thought I'd use it for.
I would agree with that assessment for Roger to go with 8.5. I have the Bonafe 946 wholecut in size 8 and to me it feels fairly close to Rain last in the same size. The Bonafe is slightly narrower in the toe box area, but not significantly for me. The rest of the shoe seems fairly similar to Rain.We'll see how those Norvegese wingtip derbys turn out next week.
I do like that model, but I'm tapped out for footwear in the foreseeable future (just pulled the trigger on the Bonafe wingtip derby), so I won't be able to do it.
^The cotton-cashmere "old gold" color is a fairly light khaki/tan color. Here is a picture of it I took during the summer (the shoes are cognac shell cordovan for reference):
I also find myself wishing that overhead shots were available when browsing Skoab's pictures.
I think it's the Schott "Bubble jacket", which probably isn't all that slim looking. But, if that's what it is, Schott wants $820 for it, so I believe we got a deal. I plan to walk my dog in it during the winter, so I'm ok with it looking Michelin man-ish.
New Posts  All Forums: