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The "mocha mix" trainers arrived today. Fit is pretty much spot on, and looks as good in person as it did online (the pics sold them for me). I haven't worn sneakers for quite some time now, but will get these going very soon.
I think I'd have zero orders from NMWA if I had to justify my purchases, LOL! (I'm a small timer in these parts, with only about a dozen orders. But my order list does include that field jacket in oatmeal/brown placed today...)
I don't think they are. I took a 38 in LBM 1911 cotton SC, but 40 in Vittorio. I originally ordered the LBM 1911 in 40, which is my usual size, and found it to be too big. I think the online measurements for the Vittorio is pretty accurate and ordered the Vittorio based on that info.
I have several pairs of AE rib casual socks that I wear in the fall/winter when I needed thicker socks. I find them to work pretty well and have been durable.
Actually, I pretty much never get to wear suits and wear a tie and SC at most once a week (basically to church). Most of the shoes I have bought are suitable for business-causual wear, but when you get far past 15+ pairs, I don't think there's any rational justification anyway.
I ordered one of those watch caps as well. I had planned to get another winter hat this year, so it happened to be something I needed anyway, but it's unreal how much this thread has taken out of my wallet.
I too started my shoe addiction in 2011 with a pair of burgundy shell Bradleys. (...hmm, what's up with 2011??) Now I have lost count (or more accurately, afraid to count) on how many pairs of shoes I own (very close to 40, I think), including at least 15 pairs of AEs. Difficult to imagine that before the Bradleys, I basically bought one pair of cheap/ugly shoes from DSW per year and wore them until it wore out. The Bradleys kind of led me to SF and thus revamping my...
Mostly Epaulet today:Vittorio brown windowpane sport coatEP pocket squareAshland blue herringbone twill shirtWalt grape flannelEP navy calfskin beltCarmina midnight blue monks [[SPOILER]]
I'm wearing the EPLA paprika overdye oxford today. I'd say the weight is similar to the EPNY oxford shirts I own. Maybe not exactly the same, but fairly close in my estimation.
Thanks for the reply. It sounds like we might have similar physical measurements (though I suspect you're taller) but have different preference in fit. I wear size 40R in Caine/Weller/etc, but ordered an FF SC in 39R that fit fine too. I can wear size M in EPNY shirts, but do not like the slightly tight chest fit, so I've switched to size L a couple of years ago and have been happy with how they look and feel. Maybe size L in Wyatt is right for me after all.
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