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My Brannock size is 9D and I take 9D in both the 5 and 8 last. I think the heel area is slightly wider on the 5 last and the rest of the shoe feels about the same.
The brown suede Strands are perfectly fine for the warmer months in my opinion. I have a couple pairs of suede shoes in a similar color that I will have in my spring/summer rotation.
I'm a large. From Mike's post today, it appears that mediums haven't been shipped yet.
I received the FF shirts today, and after trying them on I would say I'm very happy with the fit. The arms might indeed be a bit bigger than the previous Epaulet shirts, but I'm not certain (did not measure) and they do not bother me as-is. The shoulders even seem to be a little bit narrower, which works great for me as the standard EP shirts in Large usually have shoulders slightly wider than ideal for me. So I won't have to "fry" them in the dryer after all,...
Haha, I won't do anything too drastic with the dryer. I think Mike had mentioned something about "frying" stuff in the dryer and I thought that was kind of a funny expression. Here's hoping that the shirt won't be unacceptably oversized compared to the previous EP fit.
This is a bit concerning, since the standard Epaulet Large is already on the slightly large side for me. I'm expecting my FF shirts today, so I guess we'll see. Perhaps a hot wash and frying them in the dryer would shrink them down a bit more?
Got the coffee G&L rivet chino back from the tailor yesterday and wore them out today. The G&L military twill is some seriously nice fabric. Got me thinking about perhaps getting it in another color now.
I don't know if there's a consensus or not, but for me, the 108 last sizing is the same as the 65 last. I find the forefoot of both lasts to feel about the same in size 9D, while the 65 last has a slightly wider feeling heel area. Based on my experience, I consider the 108 last to be the best fitting AE last for me, followed by the 65 and 333 last. I'm happy with how both the 108 and 65 last fits me in 9D.For reference, here are the shoes in each last I own:65...
The Mora 2.0 is not part of the Italian collection. I don't really know how the Italian collection fits, but since they are supposed to be more snug, it's possible that you may need a 9.5D in the Mora 2.0. I described the 108 last having a slightly narrower heel compared to the 65 last to offer a comparison. Since you don't appear to have any experience with the 65 last, it isn't going to help you much until you've tried on some of the AE lasts.I'd go with the...
Do you know your size in any other AE lasts? I take a 9D in just about every AE last, but find the 108 last (I own the Mora 2.0 and Clark Street) to be perhaps the best fitting. I also wear 9D in the 65 last, but it feels like the heel area is a little bit wider than the 108. The forefoot area feels about the same to me.
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