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Received some Equus goodies today:Midnight blue bridle leather watch strap [[SPOILER]] Burgundy L&R with midnight blue liningThe L&R is definitely a seriously awesome belt, so substantial yet refined looking.Great work as usual, Charlie.
I'm listing a pair of BNIB first quality Allen Edmonds Jeffersons in brown shell cordovan, size 9D. These were offered by Allen Edmonds as "Web Gems" over a year ago on their website. I purchased them on impulse and never got around to actually wearing them. They have been tried on by me on carpet but have never been worn outside. Since I never did wear them after all this time, I've decided to sell them so they can hopefully be enjoyed by someone else. I'm asking for...
Received my St. Crispin's MTO a couple of days ago. I went with the single monk on the Riva last in CRU606. Per Gabriel's advice I went with the same size as what I take in Carmina and the fit is pretty good. I'm very pleased with it! Some quick i-pics: Try-on:
I got that jacket via Marc Etlin a few weeks ago. The tag indicates Tipo cut and 100% silk fabric. As best as I could tell, it's the same fabric as the NMWA single breasted version.
SS16 seems so far away though. I just started wearing the SS15 stuff on a regular basis a few weeks ago.
Will the Aloha shirts be online? I might be interested.
Maiden voyage today for my MTO chukkas:
Hey Mike, when I ordered, the size was shown as US9/EU41.5. You go by the US sizing for the orders right? I don't want to end up with a pair of EU41.5's.
It's bracken museum calf.
^They are on the 804 last.
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