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I got that jacket via Marc Etlin a few weeks ago. The tag indicates Tipo cut and 100% silk fabric. As best as I could tell, it's the same fabric as the NMWA single breasted version.
SS16 seems so far away though. I just started wearing the SS15 stuff on a regular basis a few weeks ago.
Will the Aloha shirts be online? I might be interested.
Maiden voyage today for my MTO chukkas:
Hey Mike, when I ordered, the size was shown as US9/EU41.5. You go by the US sizing for the orders right? I don't want to end up with a pair of EU41.5's.
It's bracken museum calf.
^They are on the 804 last.
My Enzo Bonafe MTO chukkas arrived today. I'm very happy with how they turned out! Went with the millerighe sole so these can be worn more often.
I also wear BB Fitz 39 and Epaulet 40 jackets. Tipo in 48 fits me well.
Looks like EB must have done the bracken museum calf MTOs together. Mine are on the way as well:
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