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I'm pretty sure I measured the same way, but it has been quite a while since I watched Greg's measurement videos so I perhaps I didn't measure exactly the same way. Seems like size 48 & 50 measured pretty similar based on some of the other posted measurements.
Looks like a lot of those indigo gingham shirts will have banded collars. I went for that configuration as well. It will be my first shirt with a banded collar. Looking forward to trying it out.
Hey Mike, will there be any S/S lightweight fabrics coming up in the afternoon? I love flannels and brushed twills as much as the next guy, but I already have more than enough right now, so it's hard to pull the trigger on most of the options so far. Thanks!
Obligatory popped collar shot of the Eidos field jacket: @justinkapur, your measurements seem strange compared to my size EU50. Mine measures: Pit-to-pit: 22" Shoulders: 19" Shoulder-to-sleeve: 26" Length (base of collar to hem): 29.75"
Recently arrived Chocolate Doyle and distressed Wilshires along with a Ben Sherman grey oxford shirt purchased a few years ago from Epaulet:
Couldn't get enough of the natty shell MacNeils since I received them last week. Wearing them again today.
Yes, I will definitely wear it with the collar popped a lot.I think you have some Epaulet jackets right? I tried a size 40R from EP under my size 50 field jacket and it did not peek out. I wasn't expecting to be able to fit a sport coat under it though, so it's a bonus that it can even accommodate one.
^Nice jacket Frank! That's the brown/black version right? I received my oatmeal Eidos field coat. Very pleased with it. I went with size 50 after consulting with Greg and I think it works great. I'm typically a US 39R or 40R but the LBM casentino coats from F/W 2013 in size 50 fit me well, so went with the 50 in Eidos. I was slightly concerned that it might be small, but I can get a sport coat under this field coat where I couldn't with the LBM, so it's all...
I think if you have the means, it would be good to own a pair of black bals for the rare occasions that you attend a formal event. If you are looking for a pair of sleeker black bals, affiliate vendor Skoaktiebolaget has some Carmina Rain lasted captoe bals that look great and cost the same as AE at MSRP even with shipping from Sweden (although their sizes are pretty limited right now). I rarely need to wear black bals and have just one pair for those occasions (maybe...
Not to turn this into a LWB debate, but as an owner of both a shell MacNeil and shell Alden LWB, I've always found myself thinking the MacNeil is the better looking shoe. But I also like my Alden LWB a lot, so it's not like I'm down on it or anything. I think the lasts used on these two LWBs are different enough that often people will like like over the other.
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