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I thought the pull tabs are a bit small to use as well. The boots are nice and comfortable though.Maiden voyage (with some G&L Walts):
^That's my experience with the Trapunto as well. I take a 48 in the Ragosta and when I tried the Trapunto that Martin Patrick 3 had (navy shantung, I think), 50 fit about the same.
My chest measures 39". I have 8 Lupo, 2 Robert, 1 Camica polos all in size M (the Lupo and Robert are in the "standard" polo fabric). I find them to fit well without being tight or loose. For me the Eidos polos are far and away the best polos I've tried so far. The fabrics are fantastic.I did order a waffle knit Camica polo from Nordstrom a few months ago that I had to return because the shoulder and arm measurement are too long, but I figure that was an isolated...
The Marcus collar is my favorite shirt collar right now (most of my shirts are Epaulet or Eidos). I just like the look a lot, and have no idea if it is Euro-dandyish/Metrosexual/Not-rugged.I'm wearing one today:Under Eidos cardigan
I was there today and they got their initial SS16 Eidos shipment. The stuff from the Eidos e-commerce site hasn't arrived yet.Got to try on the new field jacket design and I do like it. Not sure if I like it over the original version (of which I have 3), but if I was getting another Eidos FJ it would probably be the new version.
Haha! No kidding! I was there last week and all the stuff left from the website (SS15) have been moved to the sale room for some time at about 70-80% off.
I thought I was retired from shoe/sneaker buying until I saw the newsletter...doh!
I got this raglan sleeve raincoat from Saks online. I typically wear size 48 in Eidos, but they only had a 50 left at the time at an irresistible price, so I took a chance on it. I figured with the raglan sleeve and internal waist drawstring it should at least fit OK. It turned out to be fine, especially with a thick sweater/cardigan underneath, which I normally wear in the winter anyway. Size 48 might have looked slightly better on me, but I've been very happy with...
Ordered the brown heavy wool HJ with an hour and change left before the deadline. I've more than doubled the number of F/W outerwear this winter (well past a dozen now). Hopefully this is it for a long while.
I have a burgundy LS Lupo polo from this season (Bloomingdale's) and several from last season (Haberdash), all size M. When I wore the burgundy one, it felt the same as the others. I just now measured the pit-to-pit dimension and they are 20" from both seasons. So at least I did not experience the shrinkage others have posted about regarding the LS Lupo polos.
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