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LOL! This is probably one of the reasons why it was so difficult to score these Ends today. Forget pictures, just click Add to Cart and race through checkout!I don't have a picture of the smokey blue, but I actually saw when it was up for a few seconds. If I recall correctly, it reminded me of Air Force Blue flannel. At least when I saw it I was thinking I already have something similar, which was the Air Force Blue.Edit: I guess I remembered correctly. It does look...
There is no time for questions on any of the fabrics today, even these flannels that are supposedly not "ends". You had to act FAST!
Got the chocolate little check flannel. I was looking to score some brown winter weight pants, so mission accomplished today. Was intrigued by the khaki flannel, but it is of course sold out as I typed this...
Haha, I'm probably more amateur when it comes to this type of stuff. I usually need to deliberate for a while before pulling the trigger on purchases, so I guess I don't do well in this type of rapid fire setting.
It appears that I have no shot at scoring any pants today. I actually saw the pics for the dark camel flannel and probably could use a pair of Walts in that fabric. But by the time I even clicked on the pull-down menu it was gone.
Maybe the key to scoring some pents today is to wait until some of you guys tap out in the morning then pounce in the afternoon. Either that or some of you will literally end up with over a dozen pairs today... BTW, how many pairs of Walts should one person reasonably own? I think I'm either very close to 20 pairs or over...
Getting ready to go on Pants Safari today in the Hazel Garand (and EP navy moleskin overshirt).
Hmm...that means I probably should have ordered at the MN trunk show (local to me) this past weekend instead of pre-ordering from the Boston store last week (their show is today). Oh well, what's another 3 weeks when it comes to MTO shoes? I just hope that they comes out correctly the first time.
Wearing the Enzo Jodhpurs today. Love them so hard!
I've used neutral Saphir cordovan cream on my walnut shell at the rate of about one application per year. Frequent brushing the rest of the time and some Alden Leather Defender once in a while.
New Posts  All Forums: