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Does anyone know how the Eidos HJ's boiled wool compares to the boiled wool Oliver Spencer jacket from a few years ago? Is it much heavier or similar? @gdl203 Greg, for the Hunting Jacket, is it accurate to assume the heavier the listed weight of the material, the warmer it is?
I have that coat from Bloomingdales. In terms of weight, the coat feels lighter than it looks, but is warm enough to handle Minnesota winters. It's the one I use during the coldest days. I wear size 48 in most Eidos jackets and size 48 fits me more or less like how it looks on the Bloomingdales model. The current sale price is insane. If you have a need for a good winter coat and your size is available, I don't think you can go wrong with this one.
Thanks for the reply Greg. Now please excuse me while I do battle with my wallet (& closet space)....
Well, I guess I meant holes besides those already present.
I need another piece of outerwear like I need multiple holes in my head, but that NR Bumfreezer is really tempting. I think most everyone here is looking at the group 2 fabrics, but could @gdl203 maybe sell me (and perhaps others) on the group 1 fabrics? The price is certainly attractive, but are there any other reasons to choose group 1 over group 2 fabrics?
I'm curious to know if you found the sleeves on this Eidos overcoat to be extremely slim. I bought what I thought was the same model Eidos SB overcoat from Saks and went with my usual size 48. I have the NMWA casentino ulster coat in size 48 and it was fairly roomy but is the type of fit I wanted. The Saks SB overcoat is fine in the shoulder width and body but the sleeves are extremely slim and makes it a bit difficult to wear over sport coats. I'm wondering this is...
I'm 33 in walts and my one pair of Rota (corduroy) in size 50 fits pretty much the same. Not sure about the rise, but I don't think it was significantly different from the walts.
I have this shirt, and it does feel smaller than usual. I usually take EP shirt size L, and the Koi shirt in L felt more like a slightly bigger M to me. This worked out well for me since I'm kind of between M & L.I think it looks fine on you, but perhaps you are sacrificing some comfort/mobility for a slim fit?
Headed out to 0 degree plus windchill today in 4 layers of Eidos (Robert polo, Lupo shacket, suede fishing vest, & Ragosta coat). Is it enough???
Oy! I just ordered one of those henleys from Nordstrom in my typical Eidos Medium (or 48 in Eidos tailoring). Looks like it will most likely have to go back. Oh well.
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