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I would say they are pretty much TTS. I'm a pretty consistent US9D and equivalent (Vass P2=42, AS 724=8F, Carmina Rain/Forest/Inca=UK8, G&G MH/TG=8.5E) and size 9 fits pretty well, maybe very slightly loose, which for me is desirable in a boat shoe.
I grabbed a pair of the Heschung Mustang boat shoes and a Drake's pocket square from the sale. Bought the Heschung at size 9 (my Brannock size is 9D) per Greg's recommendation and they fit very well. I've never owned any shoes with ripple soles before and I think these are pretty cool. The leather feels similar to Chromexcel, which is a personal favorite of mine. I can see why people passed on these at the retail price, since it's hard for many to spend that much on...
I'd totally rock it, but I think it might be too bold for me to sneak it past my wife....LOL!
I think I end up wearing tan colored shoes fairly often when I wear my plum rivets (my favorite pairing is navy suede though). What don't you like about this combination? FWIW, I think it looks fine.
Marcello and FF Walts today:
I once bought a Marina Militare (I'm not sure if it was Parnis or not) not too long after I first got into watches. I thought it looked good and was worth the $100 or so I paid for it, but it died on me after about a week. The seller replaced it for me and I think it ran fine before I ended up selling it. The best thing I can say about it was that it confirmed that I really liked the Panerai style, which eventually led me to buying a real Panerai. I think I read...
Yeah, I think the natural welt makes these look more casual than their balmoral/wholecut-ness would suggest. I think these are more or less rule-breaker shoes, but so far I feel like they are pretty versatile and have enjoyed wearing them with a range of cotton and cotton/linen (which is what I'm wearing today) trousers I have.
Wearing my Bonafes today. Loving them so far.
I find them to fit the same (I believe they are all supposed to be same fit, just have different features), but because Napolis don't have shoulder padding, the sleeves end up being relatively longer on the Napoli than the other types (Weller, Caine, etc.) for me. So if the Napoli's sleeves fits you perfectly without alteration, it's possible that the Weller could be a little bit shorter due to the space taken up by the shoulder padding. For me, I can wear size 40 Caine,...
My entry: Camoshita white & sage green stripe shirt. Cantarelli blue linen & wool sport coat. Alfred Sargent Cambridge. G. Inglese linen shirt. Lightening Bolt tropical garden aloha shirt.
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