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Whoa, that jacket looks really awesome. Didn't even know I wanted something like that. Is it true to size compared to other Eidos jackets/shirts?EDIT: Just realized that the jacket was in the lookbook all along. Maybe it's due the way it's styled there, but I never really paid much attention to it. Great looking piece! (as are pretty much every Eidos pieces I've seen)
Thanks man! I figure I'd try to get an order in relatively early to hopefully beat the rush that will surely lengthen the 8-10 week MTO leadtime. I've never really looked closely at St Crispin's before, since I wasn't in the market for $1500+ shoes. But I couldn't resist the Skoak price. They certainly make some great looking shoes.
I admire those red devil chukkas, but there's no way I could do red shoes. I did take the plunge on my first pair of St Crispin's via MTO. Hopefully no fitting issues with my seemingly average shaped feet. Specs: 107 single monk CRU606 upper Vibram half sole Dark brown reddish sole edge Wrestled with the decision on whether to have the rubber half sole and ended up deciding that I'd want to be able to wear these year round (we get about 5 months of snow). Looking...
I mounted my recently acquired PAM 560 on the Metta Catherina strap I got from Charlie last year. I original got it for the PAM 312, but I think it works even better with the slightly thinner 560. The strap had been stored away for a few months as I cycle through various straps in my collection. I'm glad to have it back on a watch worthy of it. With 560 With 312
That was me breaking in the pair of Dovers. Very happy to have finally purchased my grail shoe from a fellow countryman. The store is even nicer than I had imagined and it was a pleasure visiting with Robin and his staff. Anyone visiting or living in Taiwan who is remotely interested in fine footwear and/or leather goods should definitely pay them a visit.Thanks for a great experience Robin!
I also have that shacket purchased from Stanley Korshak. I can see where you guys are coming from, thinking that it is a poor job of pattern matching (mine is exactly the same way as the one pictured above), but I honestly haven't noticed that until T4Phage pointed it out in this thread. I'm thinking that the pocket flaps are meant to stand out from the rest of the shirt, but I guess only Antonio can confirm that. In any case, even if those are indeed seconds, that's...
My favorite of the spring drops are from Eidos. Specifically the navy hemp field coat. I also copped a pair of Sal trousers and a sport coat. If Greg carried some Lupo polos, I'd probably kopp some of those too. Of course, there are lots of other great stuff as well. Pretty outstanding selection for S/S for sure.
Looking good!
Thanks man. It was actually one size bigger (41) than my normal size (40), but that's all they had left and I figure I could either live with it or try to fry it a bit for some shrinkage. Luckily it was only a smidge bigger than my normal size and hot wash/dry seemed to do the trick.
Wearing the Lupo shirt jacket today. I can't seem to get enough of the Lupo collar.
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