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^Awesome! Thanks for the pics. Now I wait impatiently for mine to arrive...
^I'd like to see some real life pics of those hatch grain Hoves as well. I just pulled the trigger on a pair today.
I think the recommendation by Epaulet on the webpage is pretty solid (Barrie 8.5D = Vass 42). I have a pair of size 42 Vass in P2 last. Compared to Barrie 8.5D shoes, it is a little more roomy in the toe box, but not enough to size down. Feels kind of like Alden Truebalance 8.5D to me.
I don't have those chukkas, but recently bought a pair of string loafers on the same Xim last from Epaulet. The sizing advice on their webpage is pretty spot on, so I would imagine it's the same for these chukkas.I guess if you plan to wear them in the fall/winter, the pebble grain version makes more sense since it has a rubber sole. I'd pick up a pair if I don't already have enough too many chukka boots as the price is insane right now.
Hey Mike, just out of curiosity, will it be possible to fall off the "Top Customer" list if one's purchase volume drops out of the top 100 in the future? Or will you just add more people to the list down the road?I now own enough Epaulet clothing to seemingly last a few lifetimes, so my volume is bound to go down at some point. Maybe it would be good for me if I fall off the list, LOL! (Vass, Barrett SC, and Eisenhower ordered thanks to the sale)
Hey Mike, on the double sided FF Rivets, can we assume that the first color listed is the outer color? Meaning the Pine-British Khaki is green on the outside?
I think Walnut shell is a pretty versatile color. Mine (MTO Kenilworth) seems to be a little darker than walnut calfskin, and I wear them with a number of different colored chinos. The bigger question is whether or not the Dalton fit you well.
I own shell versions of the Patriot and LHS (Brooks Brothers unlined version). I find the build quality to be about the same for both (pretty good), but where the LHS is close to a perfect fit for me at size 8.5D (general consensus is to size down 0.5 on Van last), the Patriot in 9D is a little tight across the instep. It does fit as well as the LHS everywhere else, and I suspect that non-shell versions of the Patriot would loosen up more around the instep.I would...
Me too. The only shoes I've ever sold were two pairs of boots with all eyelets (out of 30 plus pairs). I just did not enjoy putting them on at all. Indy boots with the speedhooks worked much better for me. It's good in a way since there are a lot of all eyelet boots I find attractive but would not get because I don't want to deal with putting them on.
...Got the hole punched on the Metta Catharina, and I think I might have made it a bit too snug. It's wearable, but hopefully it will loosen just a little bit down the road. I'll get used to it either way though. A few a little less crappy i-pics: Good work, as always, Charlie!
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