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I was at MP3 this past Saturday and it was cool to see the FW16 stuff there. I try to stop in there once in a while as there always seems to be interesting Eidos stuff either in the sale room or on the regular display.The highlight of the FW16 stuff for me at MP3 is the shearling hunting jacket.@NickPollica, is this the same jacket as the one on pre-order from NMWA (modeled by Quinton below)? Regardless, it's a very cool piece. If I didn't grab the shearling car coat...
Was it a size 34? LOL! I guess I never use the rear pocket of these types of pants, so not a huge issue. I know I probably should have returned them out of principle, but they appear to be out of the size, so I decided to just keep them and maybe patch up the hole later.I checked out the white draw-string pants at Martin Patrick 3 this past weekend and examined those snap buttons. Some of them are beginning to tear at the bottom part of the snaps, so I think anyone who...
I got a pair of those draw-string pants from Saks that arrived with rear pocket button snap torn out. There was no online stock in my size to exchange and I liked the pants enough to keep them, but the way the button snap was attached is a terrible idea. The button is just waiting to be torn out if you actually use it.
I thought the pull tabs are a bit small to use as well. The boots are nice and comfortable though.Maiden voyage (with some G&L Walts):
^That's my experience with the Trapunto as well. I take a 48 in the Ragosta and when I tried the Trapunto that Martin Patrick 3 had (navy shantung, I think), 50 fit about the same.
My chest measures 39". I have 8 Lupo, 2 Robert, 1 Camica polos all in size M (the Lupo and Robert are in the "standard" polo fabric). I find them to fit well without being tight or loose. For me the Eidos polos are far and away the best polos I've tried so far. The fabrics are fantastic.I did order a waffle knit Camica polo from Nordstrom a few months ago that I had to return because the shoulder and arm measurement are too long, but I figure that was an isolated...
The Marcus collar is my favorite shirt collar right now (most of my shirts are Epaulet or Eidos). I just like the look a lot, and have no idea if it is Euro-dandyish/Metrosexual/Not-rugged.I'm wearing one today:Under Eidos cardigan
I was there today and they got their initial SS16 Eidos shipment. The stuff from the Eidos e-commerce site hasn't arrived yet.Got to try on the new field jacket design and I do like it. Not sure if I like it over the original version (of which I have 3), but if I was getting another Eidos FJ it would probably be the new version.
Haha! No kidding! I was there last week and all the stuff left from the website (SS15) have been moved to the sale room for some time at about 70-80% off.
I thought I was retired from shoe/sneaker buying until I saw the newsletter...doh!
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