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Price dropss
Purchased on these forums some time ago, tried on once for fit but it's not really my thing. Made of 2 vintage sweaters, a great and wearable piece of Margiela. Tried on a total of 3 times by myself and the previous owner for fit pics, never worn for an extended period of time. New without tags. Tagged a size 3, will fit a 46/48. Handmade in France at the Margiela atelier. Pics taken from previous owners thread, shitty cell phone pictures available upon request. I...
robgotsastaplerr is a fantastic seller . Very knowledgeable and helpful!
too cool, so any help then?
Done..thanks for help!
I'm thinking of getting these Margiela sandals , and am wondering if I would be able to resole them in the future? From the pics you can see from the description that the sole is leather with rubber on the heel. Any knowledge would be really appreciated. Thanks.
Looking for Dior Mondays Off in a sz 29. PM me.
whats the tagged size on this?
Doesn't have to be brand new, will pay a good price if in decent condition. I know there are variations in finish, I'm ideally looking for lighter ones that look like this. Thanks allot.
I'd cop if you kept your wallet on the right side. Good luck on the sale!
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