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Price drop to $80 shipped
A bit more than I'd spend on an RLBL, but it is a navy staple in a 38r. (not affiliated, just passing along to fellow rlbl fans)
I definitely saw that on ebay! thanks so much for the insight, I didn't want to lowball him too badly as that starting price was ridiculously high. That peak glenplaid was pretty nice. Man I love the Styleforum community.
Have a James Perse zip up jacket in Size 1 or Small/Medium for sale. It's cotton, double layered with an interior terry cloth lining for maximum softness. Retail was $195, asking $95 shipped within lower 48. - $80 shipped Great jacket, good for layering on cool nights. Cleaning out my closet and honestly this fits a little big on me. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
Hi Everyone, Making some room in the closet and selling my JCREW Ludlow Dark Navy Suit in 36S and 30 x 30 pants. Have not made any alterations and worn just a few times. Below is the link to the jcrew description Asking $500 shipped via USPS Priority anywhere in the cont US. Thanks and feel free to pm with any specific questions.
May actually have my 36s jcrew ludlow in navy (very dark) for sale with 30x30 classic pants for sale. Is the 36s too big for you too?
There's a 36r/s grey ludlow on ebay right now (no affiliation) - not sure if you'd want a darker one for interviews. gluck!
Anyone have any 38S RLBL avail?
I snoozed and a few slipped by me on ebay for under $5. I actually got my 38r charcoal off gilt a while back. However, they haven't been on there since haha. A 38s in navy would be ideal - wish me luck!
Price drop to $500
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