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Nice to see some well worn boots for a change.You cleaned them up yet, so we can see a before and after photo comparison ?
Relatively immediate discomfort is not good. Size up, such that you have the choice to wear different thicknesses of socks. Remember that your feet are going to swell a little bit through the day, so factor this in when determining how much to size up.
The heel pad can be glued back in place. Contact adhesive should work. You could always replace it with something that works better - gel, etc.
The $149.99 price has the words 'VIP Price' next to it. I'm guessing you need to create an account and be logged in to get that price. Did you create an account or use the express checkout that does not require you to create an account ?
There used to be an RWM store in NYC, but it closed earlier this year. It was meant to be reopening, but not sure if it has or not. Other than that I am not sure there is anything. I'm pretty sure that most folks in the US order their boots online from Australian sellers.
If they only carry D fitting, you will at least be able to assess those and get a feel for the lengthes. You could always order a couple of pairs of boots via Nordstrom, who have a good return policy.
Getting a D, when you are at a minimum an E fitting sounds wrong to me.Why not go to a retailer and try on various sizes and widths ?http://dms.wolverineworldwide.com/SearchResults.aspx?locale=1033&country=US&store=WBOT&city=washington®ion=DC&attr=53
Once glued, they trim and buff on a wheel. Edge dressing can be applied if required.
See here for Crane's boots with Raptors - http://www.styleforum.net/t/163864/wolverine-1000-mile-boot-review/345#post_4146554
1.5mm of tread might just save the day, as it is 1.5mm of tread that the dress soles do not have.I have Red Wing GT boots that have the same type of sole. Vibram do lug half-soles with a similar commando tread that are 5.3mm, so even more tread to save the day, but less, err, dressy than the dress sole.
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