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I think that answers your own question,Get the larger pair and adjust the fit via the thickness of your socks or by adding inserts/insoles - heel, half length or full length.
Stroll on. Would not be a problem for me.
Oh, then yes. You can see the logo where it meets the vibram sole.
Sounds pretty typical for a nylon strap. Post images of the custom leather once you get it made.
A number of custom made straps have been posted to this thread in the past. As indicated, best to find a cobbler or someone used to working with leather - saddle/tack maker, etc. Just found an example of custom strap on the first page of this thread Moving away from a leather strap. Filson make a nylon strap for some of their bags, it may be possible to buy one of these. There are also some less dressy solutions, such as op/tech's SOS (Save on Shoulders) straps.
First off, fantastic write up.When using the shoulder strap do you wear it across the body or just hanging from one shoulder ?When I am in Road Warrior mode with a full 258 then wearing across the body is easier and less painful for me. Maybe not a neat looking as off one shoulder, but certainly more comfortable.As the Filson thin strap and pad that is prone to slip can be annoying at times, some folks also replace the strap with something wider to spread the weight.
Not wishing to appear rude or repetitive here, but all that is required is to cut down the long strap and to punch some additional holes. My local cobbler charges US$8 for this to new customers and somewhat less for those of us that frequent him more often.
I will wager that it not end well if the OP buys off the shelf RMW.
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