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Style 220 (small), 222 (medium), 223 (large) and 224 (extra large) feature in the 2011 catalogues.
I've just looked back through a 2011 catalogue and the only things that are listed as 'solid brass' are zippers (NB - not all zippers are described as solid brass). Everything else is described in such terms as 'brass', 'brass-plated nickel hardware', 'antique brass finish' or 'heavy duty brass'. Would be interested in people have older catalogues or adverts to see if the descriptions have changed over time.
Images of the handle.
In my case it's just the fibres of the back side of leather being roughed up or coming adrift from the finish and appears in areas of high stress and wear, particularly sideways flexing.
By way of comparison. Images of my handle at a closer distance And a couple of the strap, with some pilling near the end shorter section Long section of the strap
No, it is still plenty strong. This bag does time as a camera bag and I often hang it on fences and trees using a carabiner that is passed through the handle, such that all the weight is held by a relatively small area of the handle.All leather has been treated with Obenaufs HDLP and oil throughout the years.
This piling on the reverse of some of the leather is not new. I have a 4+ year old 232 medium field bag that shows this piling on the back of the handle, which in my case has seen a lot of stress and flexing as I use it almost as much as the shoulder strap. Image of label has had brighness & contrast adjusted to make it easier to read, but is far closer to actual colour than the handle shot
Can't even count on the pre-70 apparently as ap10046 shows a 240 bag.
Filson sell spare shoulder straps for their luggage, which may help ensure a close match of materials
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