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Filson do not offer rewaxing of their twill luggage. I only rewax the informal bags, the formal briefcase get sprayed with Scotchguard.My 232 has been rewaxed a couple of times now and there is some sheen where the bag repeatedly rubs against itself and other things, which I can see some people not liking. On the other hand rewaxing does help darken the faded material and does help with water repellency.
There are many styles of boots that come in different shapes - toe shape could be important for you. Additionally, look for a boot that comes in the wider "H" fitting.
You could apply some conditioner or boot oil to the leather just in case it is a little dry. There is absolutely no harm in polishing the boots before wear.There are many brands of insoles out there -. FWIW I mainly use Dr Scholl's and superfeet - so take a trip down to a local stockist and see what you think will work.
Yep, Thanks for the link
Are there any other pages available as scans ?I'd be interested in seeing any older catalogues.Thanks
That sole in rain, wet leaves, snow, ice and slush would have been a liability. Commando lugged sole, the deeper the lugs the better, are a far better choice.My winter boots are zug grain Trickers with a commando sole. Bullet proof and easy to care for.
Style 220 (small), 222 (medium), 223 (large) and 224 (extra large) feature in the 2011 catalogues.
I've just looked back through a 2011 catalogue and the only things that are listed as 'solid brass' are zippers (NB - not all zippers are described as solid brass). Everything else is described in such terms as 'brass', 'brass-plated nickel hardware', 'antique brass finish' or 'heavy duty brass'. Would be interested in people have older catalogues or adverts to see if the descriptions have changed over time.
Images of the handle.
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