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Not true
I may be splitting hairs here, but rebranded has connotations that the item is manufactured by Filson, but is sold under another brand name to address different market segments, etc.So far we have seen homages or 'inspired by', but no out and out fakes. Let me define fakes as items that bear the Filson name but were not made by them or under license from them.
What's a bbbf ?Does the bbbf bear the Filson name/label ?Do you have images of this wee beastie ?I believe that people have indicated that some collabs seem to be of a softer/thinner material.
Some will say yes and some will say that you also need the boot oil.The way that I read the obenauf website is that you should be OK with just using LP as it plays the same roles as the oil - protects, preserves and restores. The boot oil may be easier to apply and can be used for touch ups between application of the LP.
Could I ask what makes you think they are not legit Filson goods ?
Ah, OK.Some people use them and others don't. I've never used them on my boots and haven't had an issue.
It will darken the leather a little. I wouldn't worry about using it on black leather.
You could probably use saddle soap, but no big deal in my book. Just start using whatever you want to start treating them with.
No need to store with a shoe horn at all.
I agree that we have yet to see a fake Filson 256/257. There are, err, homages of a very similar design - e.g. the chap who was recently looking to trade his bag for one in a different colour was producing bags based heavily on the 258 - but these are generally easily to discern from the real thing and do not bear the Filson brand name.
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