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You have to think about the balance of the pack if you are carrying it for any length of time. If you have a big heavy tripod, like me, then putting on the side of the pack could be a bit of a pain after a while. My preference is to have heavy items at the top of the sack, so I'd consider putting the tripod there, but that could impact the ability to get into and out of the top pocket.
Decent full size tripods tend to be big, heavy and/or unwieldy, so hanging one off a back pack without dedicated loops could be interesting. Should be possible to jury rig something using things such as carabiners and some velco straps and attaching to the straps of the backpack. Either that or go to a cobbler and ask them to attach straps to the bag for you.Maybe consider a tripod strap?
Could you (or a cobbler) not have cut the longer strap down to a suitable length and then punched some more holes in it ?
Can't you chaps work it out from the dimensions given on the Filson website ? Find something of a similar size and try it on do some test packing.Using the search functionality of the forum and plugging in such searches as 'duffle contents' and 'duffle small medium' should give you posts where people list what they have fit into their bags.Subjective answers as to what looks big/small on someone really can never be truly be answered on an internet forum, even with pictures.
If you are unhappy with them, then return them.
Personally, I do not think it matters what good quality brand you use.Edit - I also find that using a bar of wax is easier to apply to a bag in measured quantities versus the paste of the Filson oil finish wax.
Renovateur and mink oil ?Mink oil is considered to be a conditioner. Saphir renovateur is mink oil based and is a cleaner and conditioner. So, go easy with the separate mink oil if you use the renovateur.You would typically clean, condition and then polish your boots. Use a cloth/brush to get off all dirt and dust, then use the renovateur and finally the bordeaux polish. If the leather doesn't look dry then you can skip the renavateur.
If you scuff them, feel they need a polish or they look a bit dry and shabby. There is no strict rule as to how frequently you should polish footwear and it will also depend on what sort of a finish you want on your boots. Some folks will polish after every wear, some every couple of weeks, some every couple of months, some will never polish only condition. You just have to find the regimen that works for you.
I was interested in the camera field bag as I like the full size mouth vs the 232 opening.However, not enough to make me upgrade.VS
Dark olive, the new (magnum) black.
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