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You could score the leather sole with a knife or key.Alternatively, look at getting some Topys (a thin rubber sole) applied. Cheap and easy to apply and replace once worn through.
I have used it many times. Apply it when you want your boots to be water resistant-proof. Be sure to wipe off any excess and then after a few days hit with polish if you want some shine, otherwise burnish with a brush
Or use tried and trusted products in the correct manner.
A new store in San Francisco ... ... I need to hide my wallet.
Obenaufs LP
Sam rules as for shoes really. There is no absolute need to so, but there is no harm in doing so.
JR soles are high end, so see if they do a cheaper alternative. Consider also looking for other cobblers to see what price they charge. The last pair of leather soled boots I had resoled was around $80 which included new heels. Once resoled think about getting a Topy thin rubber sole applied over the leather. These usually run around $40 and are hard wearing and cheaper to replace than a full leather resole.
Not a common problem methinks. Maybe contact Wolverine to see what they have say about the situation.Wolverine 1Ks can indeed by resoled with a commando sole. Have a look back through this thread and you will find examples.
With just 5 bags, I feel relatively normal
I have used other scotchguard products on my briefcases without problems.
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