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Consider returning them or asking for partial refund. Nordstrom has excellent return policies as we have been told on this forum, but they really should not be selling items that have a damaged box and missing contents, no matter how minor.If indeed these are returns, then Nordstrom should have refused the return as the item as it looks to be an abuse of their return policy. Did the boots show signs of wear when you received them ?
I mainly use a good leather oil/conditioner and then some polish. Just before the wet & cold season some Obenaufs LP for added protection.
A simple cable tie (AKA zip tie) can also be used with no need to drill holes into the leather on the buckle side. The 'head' of the zip tie just about fits into the prong groove cut into the leather on the buckle side and will not fit back up through the hole in the other side.
Talking of straps, has anyone got a modification that will prevent the two halves of a leather strap from unbuckling ? I was taking some photos at the weekend and hit the end of a roll - yep 35mm camera - and knelt down to change the film, putting my 232 field bag on the ground. When I got up the two halves of the leather strap had managed to unbuckle themselves, which could have been a disaster if it had happened when I was wearing the bag, as it contained my digital...
Generally speaking smaller retailers will have lower overheads than RMW, thus they can sell them with less profit margin.
This seems to be one of those threads that upon entering some people leave common sense and the ability to read at the door.
Linseed oil does indeed have a distinctive aroma. The boiled dries faster than the raw, due to the solvent. I used raw on my SMLE stock (once a day for a week, once a week for a month, once a month for a year and now once a year) but eventually switched to boiled.The manufacturer tins are, by and large, touch-up amounts and are quite uneconomical for rewaxing large areas. DIY is a good way to go.FYI - They recommend melting waxes gently using something like a bain-maire...
New Filson store in NYC may get/have them first.From http://www.filson.com/filson-life/2014/05/filson-new-york/http://www.filson.com/magnumIAP
Makes you wonder why waxed cotton replaced oil cloth for clothing back in the 20th century.Did you use raw linseed oil or boiled ?Boiled generally contains a solvent that allows it to dry faster than raw, not sure how that would react or remain with heating to mix with waxes.
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